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1996Fast system identification algorithm for non-uniformly sampled noisy biomedical signalWong, KP; Feng, DD; Siu, WC 
1998Non-invasive quantification of physiological processes with dynamic PET using blind deconvolutionLau, CH; Lun, PKD ; Feng, DD
2002Analysis of Hopf bifurcation in parallel-connected boost converters via averaged modelsIu, HHC; Tse, CKM ; Pjevalica, V; Lai, YM 
2004Mean-shift based mixture model for face detection in color imageChow , TY; Lam, KM 
2005General multifractional Fourier transform method based on the generalized permutation matrix groupRan, Q; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC; Wang, Q
2006Advanced small-signal security assessment tools for power systemsChung, CY ; Wong, KP
2006A comparison of various adaptation methods for speaker verification with limited enrollment dataMak, MW ; Hsiao, R; Mak, B
2006Probabilistic PSS design using differential evolutionWang, Z; Chung, CY ; Wong, KP; Tse, CT; Wang, KW; Zhang, JF
2007Robust PSS design under multioperating conditions using canonical particle swarm optimizationWang, Z; Chung, CY ; Wong, KP; Tse, CT; Wang, KW
2009Region-based eigentransformation for face image hallucinationHu, Y; Shen, T; Lam, KM 
15-Feb-2010Backaction of a charge detector on a double quantum dotOuyang, S; Lam, CH ; You, JQ
Dec-2010Onset of double-diffusive convection in a rectangular cavity with stress-free upper boundaryChen, ZW; Zhan, JM; Li, YS ; Nie, YH
Sep-2012An analytic criterion for generalized synchronization in unidirectionally coupled systems based on the auxiliary system approachWong, WKC ; Zhen, B; Xu, J; Wang, Z