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1999The diffusion of quality in Australian manufacturingMandal, P; Shah, K; Love, PED; Li, H 
2002Effect of clothing pressure on the tightness sensation of girdlesChan, AP; Fan, J
2002An effectiveness-centred approach to maintenance management : a case studyPun, KF; Chin, KS; Chow, MF; Lau, HCW
2006Second-order nonlinear trajectory smoother for position control of linear switched reluctance motorWang, J; Tsang, KM ; Cheung, NC 
2006The effectiveness of a stroke education group on persons with stroke and their caregiversLouie, SWS; Liu, PKK; Man, DWK 
Dec-2009The effectiveness and active ingredients of mutual support groups for family caregivers of people with psychotic disorders : a literature reviewChien, WT ; Norman, I
2010Contractors' competition strategies in bidding : Hong Kong studyTan, Y; Shen, L; Langston, C
Apr-2011促进学习评估中的反馈的效能及其提升策略Zhu, X 
2013Unilateral neglect in stroke : a comparative studyChan, DYW; Man, DWK 
2013Development of simplified prediction model for internally cooled/heated liquid desiccant dehumidification systemQi, R; Lu, L ; Yang, H 
2014To evaluate the effects of a simplified hand washing improvement program in schoolchildren with mild intellectual disability : a pilot studyLee, RLT ; Lee, PH 
2014Effectiveness of computerized risk assessment system on enhancing workers' occupational health and attitudes towards occupational healthHo, WY; Sung, CYY; Yu, QH; Chan, CCH