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2000Challenges and constraints of hospitality and tourism education in ChinaLam, T; Xiao, H
2002Development of professional system in the construction industry of ChinaChan, EHW ; Chan, ATS
2002A lived experience of dualism between the natural and human science paradigms in nursingChan, EA 
May-2003Improvement of classroom teaching of electromagnetics by means of an electronic bookCheng, KWE ; Xue, X; Kwok, KF; Cheung, TK
2004A critical review and evaluation of teaching methods of strategic management in tourism and hospitality schoolsOkumus, F; Wong, K
2005Diversity in optometric education within and across china : challenges for harmonisationWoo, GC
2005In pursuit of contemporary content for courses on strategic management in tourism and hospitality schoolsOkumus, F; Wong, KKF
2006Effects of an education programme on family participation in the rehabilitation of children with developmental disabilityWong, SY; Lai, AC; Martinson, I; Wong, TKS
2006Business planning for the vocational education and training in Hong KongChan , CYP; Chan, SF; Chan, K; Ip, WC
2006An analytic knowledge network process for construction entrepreneurship educationChen, Z; Li, H ; Kong, SCW; Xu, Q
2006The effectiveness of a stroke education group on persons with stroke and their caregiversLouie, SWS; Liu, PKK; Man, DWK 
2007The quest for western social work knowledge : literature in the USA and practice in ChinaYan, MC; Tsui, MS 
2007Improving curriculum theory and design for teaching law to non-lawyers in built environment educationMorris, RJ
2007A content analysis of strategic management syllabi in tourism and hospitality schoolsOkumus, F; Wong, KKF
2007Use of Bloom's taxonomic complexity in online multiple choice tests in geomatics educationIz, HB ; Fok, HS
2007Learning experiences and outcomes of culturally and linguistically diverse students at the University of Queensland : a preliminary studyJohnson, H; Ip, D ; Chui, E
2009The motivations and added values of embarking on postgraduate professional education : evidences from the maritime industryNg, AKY; Koo, AC ; Ho, WCJ
2009Development of a web database portfolio system with PACS connectivity for undergraduate health education and continuing professional developmentNg, CKC; White, P ; McKay, JC
2009Are we teaching strategic management right?Okumus, F; Wong, KKF; Altinay, L
2009Filling the gap in programming instruction : a text-enhanced graphical programming environment for junior high studentsCheung, JCY; Ngai, G ; Chan, SCF ; Lau, WWY
2009Examining the effect of self-image congruence, relative to education and networking, on conference evaluation through its competing models and moderating effectLee, JS; Back, KJ
2009Nursing students' knowledge, attitude and readiness to work for clients with sexual health concernsKong, SKF ; Wu, LH ; Loke, AY 
2010An international survey on advanced practice nursing education, practice, and regulationPulcini, J; Jelic, M; Gul, R; Loke, AY 
2010Building operation and maintenance : education needs in Hong KongLai, JHK 
Jan-2010Interprofessional education : the interface of nursing and social workChan, EA ; Pang, MC ; Ching, SYS ; Lam Yeung, KSS 
2011The credibility crisis in IS : a global stakeholder perspectiveLooney, CA; Firth, D; Koch, H; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D; Hsieh, JJPA; Soh, C; Valacich, JS; Whitley, E
Feb-2011Building information modelling for tertiary construction education in Hong KongWong, KDA ; Wong, FKW ; Nadeem, A
2013Designing i*CATch : a multipurpose, education-friendly construction kit for physical and wearable computingNgai, G ; Chan, SCF ; Leong, HV ; Ng, VTY 
Mar-2013Attitudes in the management of patients with dementia : comparison in doctors with and without special trainingLiu, YWJ ; Lai, KYC ; Dai, D; Ting, S; Choi, K
2014The effect of a structured adolescent health summer programme : a quasi-experimental interventionLee, RL ; Hayter, M
2014Do travel agency jobs appeal to university students? A case of tourism management students in Hong KongLo, AS ; Mak, B ; Chen, Y
2014Gender differences in the academic and clinical performances of undergraduate nursing students : a systematic reviewChan, ZCY ; Chan, YT; Lui, CW; Yu, HZ; Law, YF; Cheung, KL; Hung, KK; Kei, SH; Yu, KH; Woo, WM; Lam, CT
Mar-2014The credibility crisis in IS : a global stakeholder perspectiveLooney, CA; Firth, D; Koch, H; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D; Hsieh, JJPA; Soh, C; Valacich, JS; Whitley, EA
2016Glocalisation and English language education in Chinese contextRai, L; Deng, C