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2002The home care experience as perceived by the caregivers of Chinese dialysis patientsLuk, WSC
2003Family experience caring for terminally ill patients with cancer in Hong KongMok, E ; Chan, F; Chan, V; Yeung, E
2010The coping with caregiving group program for Chinese caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease in Hong KongAu, A ; Li, S; Lee, K; Leung, P; Pan, PC; Thompson, L; Gallagher-Thompson, D
Mar-2010The schizophrenia care management program for family caregivers of Chinese patients with schizophreniaChien, WT ; Lee, IYM
2013Development and validation of perceived rehabilitation require questionnaires for caregivers of people with schizophreniaLi, D; Li, SMY; Tsang, HWH ; Wong, AHH; Fung, KMT; Tsui, MCM; Chung, RCK; Yiu, MGC; Tam, KL; Lee, GTH