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2002Effectiveness of using carbon nanotubes as nano-reinforcements for advanced composite structuresLau, K ; Hui, D
2002The revolutionary creation of new advanced materials - Carbon nanotube compositesLau, AKT ; Hui, D
2002Failure mechanisms of carbon nanotube/epoxy composites pretreated in different temperature environmentsLau, K ; Shi, S 
2002Molecular dynamic simulations on tensile mechanical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes with and without hydrogen storageZhou, LG; Shi, SQ 
2003Atomic adsorption of catalyst metals on Stone-Wales defects in carbon nanotubesMeng, FY; Zhou, LG; Shi, S ; Yang, R
2003Micro-hardness and flexural properties of randomly-oriented carbon nanotube compositesLau, KT ; Shi, SQ ; Zhou, LM ; Cheng, HM
15-Jun-2003Probing local electric field distribution of nanotube arrays using electrostatic force microscopyBa, L; Shu, J; Lu, Z; Li, J; Lei, W; Wang, B; Li, WS
11-Aug-2003Formation energy of Stone–Wales defects in carbon nanotubesZhou, LG; Shi, SQ 
2004Formation of carbon nanotubes in silicon-coated alumina nanoreactorLu, M; Wang, Z; Li, HL; Guo, XY; Lau, KT 
2004On the effective elastic moduli of carbon nanotubes for nanocomposite structuresLau, KT ; Chipara, M; Ling, HY; Hui, D
10-Dec-2004Formation of sp³ bonding in nanoindented carbon nanotubes and graphiteGuo, W; Zhu, CZ; Yu, TX; Woo, CH; Zhang, B; Dai, YT
2005Thermal and mechanical properties of single-walled carbon nanotube bundle-reinforced epoxy nanocomposites : the role of solvent for nanotube dispersionLau, KT ; Lu, M; Lam, CK; Cheung, HY; Sheng, FL; Li, HL
2005Self-organizing alignment of carbon nanotubes in thermoplastic polyurethaneChen, W; Tao, X 
2005Decoration of carbon nanotubes with chitosanLiu, Y; Tang, J; Chen, X; Xin, JH 
2006Cobalt hydroxide colloidal particles precipitation on nanoclay layers for the formation of novel nanocomposites of carbon nanotubes/nanoclayLau, KT ; Lu, M; Qi, JQ; Zhao, DD; Cheung, HY; Lam, CK; Li, HL
2006Size effect of X-shaped carbon nanotube junctionsMeng, FY; Shi, SQ ; Xu, DS; Yang, R
2006Enhancement of Vicker's hardness of nanoclay-supported nanotube reinforced novel polymer compositesLu, M; Lau, KT ; Tam, WY; Liao, K
2006Ionic peapods from carbon nanotubes and phosphotungstic acidFei, B ; Lu, H; Chen, W; Xin, JH 
2006A wet-chemical route for the decoration of CNTs with silver nanoparticlesLiu, Y; Tang, J; Chen, X; Chen, W; Pang, GKH; Xin, JH 
2006Carbon nanotube seeded sol-gel synthesis of silica nanoparticle assembliesLiu, Y; Tang, J; Chen, X; Wang, R; Pang, GKH; Zhang, Y; Xin, JH 
14-Jan-2006Surface reconstructions and stability of X-shaped carbon nanotube junctionMeng, FY; Shi, SQ ; Xu, DS; Chan, CT
13-Mar-2006Memory effects of carbon nanotubes as charge storage nodes for floating gate memory applicationsLu, XB; Dai, J 
2007Improvement in performance of organic light-emitting devices by inclusion of multi-wall carbon nanotubesWang, GF; Tao, XM ; Chen, W; Wang, RX; Yang, A
2007Fabrication and tribological properties of polymer-carbon nanotubes nanocompositesYang, Z; Shi, SQ 
2007Electrically conductive yarns based on PVA/carbon nanotubesXue, P; Park, KH; Tao, XM ; Chen, W; Cheng, XY
15-May-2007Thermal conductivity of an ultrathin carbon nanotube with an X-shaped junctionMeng, FY; Ogata, S; Xu, DS; Shibutani, Y; Shi, SQ 
24-Sep-2007Room temperature gas sensing properties of SnO₂/multiwall-carbon-nanotube composite nanofibersYang, A; Tao, X ; Wang, R; Lee, SC ; Surya, C 
2008Carbon nanotubes for space and bio-engineering applicationsLau, KT ; Cheung, HY; Lu, J; Yin, YS; Hui, D; Li, HL
2008Interactions between transition metals and defective carbon nanotubesZhuang, HL; Zheng, GP ; Soh, AK
12-May-2008Enhanced mechanical strength and ductility of metal-repaired defective carbon nanotubes : a density functional studyZheng, G ; Zhuang, HL
2009Easy synthesis of carbon nanotubes with polypyrrole nanotubes as the carbon precursorShang, S ; Yang, X; Tao, Xm 
14-Dec-2009Nanotube nucleation versus carbon-catalyst adhesion—probed by molecular dynamics simulationsRibas, MA; Ding, F ; Balbuena, PB; Yakobson, BI
2010Fabrication and characterization of HA-ZrO2-MWCNT ceramic compositesMeng, YH; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Uskokovic, PS
2010Functionalization of carbon nanotubes with biodegradable supramolecular polypseudorotaxanes from grafted-poly(ε-caprolactone) and α-cyclodextrinsYang, Y; Tsui, CP ; Tang, CY ; Qiu, S; Zhao, Q; Cheng, X; Sun, Z; Li, RKY; Xie, X
2010A continuum model of the Van der Waals interface for determining the critical diameter of nanopumps and its application to analysis of the vibration and stability of nanopump systemsKuang, YD; Shi, SQ ; Chan, PKL; Chen, CY
May-2010Carbon nanotube composites for glucose biosensor incorporated with reverse iontophoresis function for noninvasive glucose monitoringSun, TP; Shieh, HL; Ching, CTS; Yao, YD; Huang, SH; Liu, CM; Liu, WH; Chen, CY
15-Jul-2010Formation mechanism of peapod-derived double-walled carbon nanotubesDing, F ; Xu, Z; Yakobson, BI; Young, RJ; Kinloch, IA; Cui, S; Deng, L; Puech, P; Monthioux, M
2011Sensing behaviors of polymer/carbon nanotubes composites prepared in reversed microemulsion polymerizationLi, Z; Li, Q; Shang, S ; Li, L; Yang, X; Yu, X; Yan, G
2011Highly sensitive glucose biosensors based on organic electrochemical transistors using platinum gate electrodes modified with enzyme and nanomaterialsTang, H; Yan, F ; Lin, P; Xu, J; Chan, HLW 
Sep-2011Nanotherapeutics in angiogenesis : synthesis and in vivo assessment of drug efficacy and biocompatibility in zebrafish embryosCheng, J; Gu, YJ; Wang, Y; Cheng, SH; Wong, WT 
7-Oct-2011Threshold barrier of carbon nanotube growthYuan, Q; Hu, H ; Ding, F 
2012Tunable carbon nanotube ionic polymer actuators that are operable in dry conditionsYip, J ; Ding, F ; Yick, KL ; Yuen, CWM; Lee, TT; Choy, WH
2012Watt-level high power passively mode-locked Nd:LuVO 4 laser with carbon nanotube saturable absorber at 1.34 μmWang, YG; Chen, HR; Hsieh, WF; Tsang, YH 
201220 W high-power picosecond single-walled carbon nanotube based MOPA laser systemZhang, L; Wang, YG; Yu, HJ; Sun, W; Yang, YY; Han, ZH; Qu, Y; Hou, W; Li, JM; Lin, XC; Tsang, Y 
7-May-2012Controllable transport of water through nanochannel by rachet-like mechanismLu, H; Nie, X; Wu, F; Zhou, X; Kou, J; Xu, Y; Liu, Y 
15-Jun-2012Efficient defect healing in catalytic carbon nanotube growthYuan, Q; Xu, Z; Yakobson, BI; Ding, F 
2013In situ formation of Ti alloy/TiC porous composites by rapid microwave sintering of Ti6Al4V/MWCNTs powderTang, CY ; Wong, CT; Zhang, LN; Choy, MT; Chow, TW; Chan, KC ; Yue, TM ; Chen, Q
2013The generation of dissipative solitons in an all-fiber passively mode-locked laser based on semiconduct type of carbon nanotubes absorberLiu, X; Wang, Y; Li, X; Wang, Y; Zhao, W; Hu, X; Zhang, W; Wang, H; Yang, Z; Shen, D; Li, C; Chen, G; Tsang, YH 
2013A dopamine electrochemical sensor based on molecularly imprinted poly(acrylamidophenylboronic acid) filmHong, S; Lee, LYS ; So, MH; Wong, KY 
2013Improvement of carbon nanotubes dispersion by chitosan salt and its application in silicone rubberShang, S ; Gan, L; Yuen, MCW
2013Sonication effect on the mechanical properties of MWCNTs reinforced natural rubberTarawneh, MA; Ahmad, SHJ; EhNoum, S; Lau, KT 
14-Apr-2013Pull-out simulations of a capped carbon nanotube in carbon nanotube-reinforced nanocompositesLi, Y; Liu, S; Hu, N; Han, X; Zhou, L ; Ning, H; Wu, L; L; Yamamoto, G; Chang, C; Hashida, T; Atobe, S; Fukunaga, H
2014Strong mechanical coupling between the carbon nanotube and the inner streaming water flowKuang, YD; Shi, SQ 
2015How a zigzag carbon nanotube growsYuan, Q; Ding, F 
2015Preparation and Transport Performances of High-Density, Aligned Carbon Nanotube MembranesZhang, L; Zhao, B; Jiang, C; Yang, J; Zheng, G 
2016Interwall friction and sliding behavior of centimeters long double-walled carbon nanotubesZhang, R; Ning, Z; Xu, Z; Zhang, Y; Xie, H; Ding, F ; Chen, Q; Zhang, Q; Qian, W; Cui, Y; Wei, F
2016A new strategy for designing high-performance sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) polymer electrolyte membranes using inorganic proton conductor-functionalized carbon nanotubesGong, C; Zheng, X; Liu, H; Wang, G; Cheng, F; Zheng, G; Wen, S; Law, WC ; Tsui, CP ; Tang, CY 
2016The great reduction of a carbon nanotube's mechanical performance by a few topological defectsZhu, L; Wang, J; Ding, F