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1998香港语文教学与标准汉语Shi, DT 
2003On the difficulty of popularizing putonghua in Hong Kong : from teachers, students to syllabus周柏胜; Liu, Y 
2006The stratification of english loanwords in CantoneseBauer, RS
2006A syntactic analysis of the discontinuous construction of function words in CantoneseTang, SW
2006Syntactic properties of sin(先)in Cantonese interrogativesTang, SW
2008On"syntax-semantics mismatches"and a parametric analysis of nominalizationTang, SW
2009The sentence final particle 住 and the discontinuous constructions in CantoneseTang, SW
2009Can Cantonese rhymes be used in the assessment of hemispheric dominance for language?Chan, ST; Tang, SW; Lee, WK; Tang, KW; Lo, SS; Kwong, KK
2009Sentiment classification of online Cantonese reviews by supervised machine learning approachesZhang, Z; Ye, Q; Li, Y; Law, R 
2009The evolution of the English-language speech community in Hong KongEvans, S 
2009The syntax of two approximatives in Cantonese : discontinuous constructions formed with zai6Tang, SW
2010Inclusion of the outsider - grammaticalization of the verbal particle maai in CantoneseChor, W
2010Language in transitional Hong Kong : perspectives from the public and private sectorsEvans, S 
2011Disentangling the meanings of two Cantonese evidential particlesWakefield, JC
Jul-2011Whatchamacallit-type expressions in Cantonese : analyzing mat, matje, meje, and meYap, FH ; Chor, W; Lam, M 
Dec-2011利用語料庫分析廣州話“唔知”與其相關之負面感情態度語句 ──否定、不定及情態間之關係Wong, TS; Yang, Y; Yap, FH 
2012The use of reported speech by court interpreters in Hong KongCheung, AKF 
Jun-2012From classifier to stance marker : on the diachronic development of Cantonese go³Wong, TS; Yap, FH 
2013Non-native accents and simultaneous interpreting quality perceptionsCheung, AKF 
Jan-2013Rapid large scale intra-nationality language shift in Hong Kong 1949-1974So, DWC; Lau, CF
16-Jan-2013An ERP study of good production vis-a`-vis poor perception of tones in Cantonese : implications for top-down speech processingLaw, SP; Fung, RSY ; Kung, C
May-2013On the the grammaticalization of stative verbs into continuative markers : the case of Malay asyik ‘desire’ and Cantonese gwaazyu ‘keep thinking about'Yap, FH ; Chan, ASL; Wong, TS
2015Scapegoating the interpreter for listeners' dissatisfaction with their level of understanding : an experimental studyCheung, AKF
Sep-2015Cumulative effects of phonetic context on speech perceptionZhang, C ; Peng, G; Wang, X; Wang, WSY