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2002Modelling and analysis of strategic supply chain management systemsYu, Zhenxin
2005Successful strategies in supply chain management
2007The impacts of cross-docking operation on supply chain managementTang, Shaolong
2007Optimization of replenishment strategy for a VMI-based apparel supply chainDong, Aihua
2007Institutionalisation of ERP extension for collaborative engineering and logistics services in aircraft maintenance industryLeung, Tim-shing
2007A virtual warehouse system for production logisticsFung, Sui-hei
2007Co-ordinated supply chain management and optimal control problemsLee, Yu-chung Eugene
2009Just-in-time logisticsLai, KH ; Cheng, TCE 
2010Innovative quick response programs in logistics and supply chain management
2011A supply chain collaborative model : integrating the design, operation and measurement stages of supply chainLam, Chi-yung
2011Socially responsible supplier development and organizational performance : evidence from China manufacturersLu, Xiaoang
2011A real time intelligent resource management system for facilitating inbound operations in manufacturingPoon, Tak-chun
2011Supply chain coordination under uncertainty
2012Tourism supply chain managementSong, H 
2014Fashion supply chain management using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)Technologies
2014Fashion retail supply chain management : a systems optimization approachChoi, TM 
2015Sustainable fashion supply chain management : from sourcing to retailing
2015Supplier integration, green sustainability initiatives, and financial performances of fashion enterprises under global financial crisisLi, Wing Yan