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2002Framework of success criteria for Design/build projectsChan, A ; Scott, D; Lam, E
2002Robust sensor fault diagnosis and validation in HVAC systemsWang, S ; Wang, JB
2002Proposed fire safety ranking system EB-FSRS for existing high-rise nonresidential buildings in Hong KongChow, WK 
2002Magnetic shielding by large metallic structure in modern buildingsXu, L; Du, YP ; Fu, ZC
2003A preliminary survey of lightning protection practices in Hong Kong buildingsDu, Y ; Lau, KM
2003Review on fire safety objectives and application for airport terminalsChow, WK ; Ng, MY
2004Is the development control legal framework conducive to a sustainable dense urban development in Hong Kong?Chan, EHW ; Yung, EHK
2004Establish concrete placing rates using quality control records from Hong Kong building construction projectsLu, M; Anson, M
2005Hazard of thermal radiation from a hot smoke layer in enclosures to an evacueeWong, LT 
2006Analysis of lightning-induced impulse magnetic fields in the building with an insulated down conductorDu, YP ; Zhou, QB
Apr-2006Numerical study of three-dimensional flows around two identical square cylinders in staggered arrangementsNiu, J ; Zhu, Z
2007Positioning and tracking construction vehicles in highly dense urban areas and building construction sitesLu, M; Chen, W; Shen, X; Lam, HC; Liu, J
2007Role of ventilation in airborne transmission of infectious agents in the built environment - a multidisciplinary systematic reviewLi, Y; Leung, GM; Tang, JW; Yang, X; Chao, CYH; Lin, JZ; Lu, JW; Nielsen, PV; Niu, J ; Qian, H; Sleigh, AC; Su, H; Sundell, J; Wong, TW; Yuen, PL
2009Lightning-induced magnetic fields in a building with large metallic platesDu, Y ; Chen, M ; Zhou, Q
2009A statistical method for selection of sequences of coincident weather parameters for design cooling load calculationsChen, T; Yu, Z
2009Building energy research in Hong Kong : a reviewMa, Z; Wang, S 
2010Influence of building structures on the lightning return stroke currentDu, Y ; Chen, ML 
2010A RTS-based method for direct and consistent calculating intermittent peak cooling loadsChen, T; Cui, M
2011Vibration-based monitoring of civil infrastructure : challenges and successesBrownjohn, JMW; de Stefano , A; Xu, YL ; Wenzel, H; Aktan, AE
2012Interactive building load management for smart gridXue, X; Wang, S 
2012Energy implications for water supply tanks in high-rise buildingsCheung, CT; Mui, KW ; Wong, LT 
2013Energy efficiency of elevated water supply tanks for high-rise buildingsCheung, CT; Mui, KW ; Wong, LT 
2013CFD simulation of flow and dispersion around an isolated building : effect of inhomogeneous ABL and near-wall treatmentAi, ZT; Mak, CM 
2013Mandatory reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings : a survey of the stakeholders in Hong KongLai, JHK 
Jan-2014Overview of the development and implementation of the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) in Hong KongChan, DWM ; Hung, HTW; Chan, APC ; Lo, TKK
2015Field monitoring and analysis of the influence of shield tunnelling for the Hangzhou Metro on existing buildingsWei, G; Ye, Q; Yu, X
2015Large-eddy Simulation of flow and dispersion around an isolated building: Analysis of influencing factorsAi, ZT; Mak, CM