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2003Performance study of hierarchical video-on-demand (VoD) systems for layered videos in broadcast environmentPoon, WF; Lo, KT 
2005Connected k-hop clustering in ad hoc networksYang, S; Wu, J; Cao, J 
2006Extended multipoint relays to determine connected dominating sets in MANETsWu, J; Lou, W ; Dai, F
2007Performance study of large-scale video streaming services in highly heterogeneous environmentHo, K; Poon, W; Lo, KT 
27-May-2007An energy-efficient framework for multirate query in wireless sensor networksChen, Y; Xu, M; Wang, HM; Leong, HV ; Cao, J ; Chan, KCC ; Chan, ATS 
2008An analytical model for broadcasting by self pruning in wireless ad hoc networksHuang, Y; Liu, B; Tao, X; Cao, J ; Jin, B
2008Video transmission scheduling for peer-to-peer live streaming systemsLi, Y; Li, Z; Chiang, M; Robert, C
2014Towards online shortest path computationU, LH; Zhao, HJ; Yiu, ML ; Li, Y; Gong, Z