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2000An evaluation of three tangential breast irradiation techniques in Hong KongLaw, MY; Cheung, FW; Wu, VW ; Tsang, VW; Kwan, RW; Cheng, JY; Wong, FK
2015Negative and positive life changes following treatment completion: Chinese breast cancer survivors’ perspectivesCheng, H; Sit, JWH; Cheng, KKF
Oct-2002No effect of a high-fat diet on promotion of sex hormone-induced prostate and mammary carcinogenesis in the Noble rat modelLeung, G; Benzie, IFF ; Cheung, A; Tsao, SW; Wong, YC
2013A randomized, controlled trial of acupuncture self-needling as maintenance therapy for cancer-related fatigue after therapist-delivered acupunctureMolassiotis, A ; Bardy, J; Finnegan-John, J; Mackereth, P; Ryder, WD; Filshie, F; Ream, E; Eaton, D; Richardson, A
2009Reframing : psychological adjustment of Chinese women at the beginning of the breast cancer experienceChing, SSY ; Martinson, IM; Wong, TKS
2014A semi-automated 3-d annotation method for breast ultrasound imaging : system development and feasibility study on phantomsJiang, WW; Li, AH; Zheng, YP 
2008Soy isoflavones and their bone protective effectsZhang, Y; Chen, WF; Lai, WP; Wong, MS 
2000Yuehchukene, a bis-indole alkaloid, and cyclophosphamide are active in breast cancer in vitroLeung, TWT; Cheng, G; Chui, CH; Ho, SKW; Lau, FY; Tjong, JKJ; Poon, TCC; Tang, JCO ; Tse, WCP; Cheng, KF; Kong, YC
Oct-2008乳腺癌患者首次手术后抑郁与应对方式社会支持相关性研究Zeng, YL; Dai, YL; Wong, KYA