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1996Tomographic dynamic imaging and system identification with partially sampled noisy radio-active signalLau, CH; Feng, DD; Lun, PKD ; Siu, WC 
2003Graph-based energy-minimization segmentation and PCA applied to internal carotid extraction in neurological PETParker, B; Feng, D
2003Temporal compression for dynamic positron emission tomography via principal component analysis in the sinogram domainChen, Z; Parker, B; Feng, D
2004Hierarchical elastic registration of human brain images based on wavelet decompositionWang, X; Feng, DD
2004An objective evaluation framework for segmentation techniques of functional positron emission tomography studiesKim, J; Feng, D; Cai, W; Eberl, S
2004An automated elastic image registration method for CT and MR brain imagesLaw, W; Feng, DD; Wong, KP; Wang, X
2005A DICOM-RT based ePR radiation therapy information system for managing brain tumor patientsLiu, BJ; Law, M; Huang, HK; Zee, CS; Chan, L 
2006A DICOM-RT Based ePR radiation therapy information system for decision-support of brain tumor patientsLaw, M; Liu, B; Huang, HK; Zee, CS; Chan, L 
2006A tele-cognitive rehabilitation platform for persons with brain injuriesSoong, WYL; Man, DWK 
2007A knowledge-based imaging informatics approach to managing patients treated with proton beam therapyLiu, B; Huang, HK; Law, YY; Document, J; Gertych, A
2008Genetic algorithm-based PCA eigenvector selection and weighting for automated identification of dementia using FDG-PET imagingXia, Y; Wen, L; Eberl, S; Fulham, MJ; Feng, DD
2008Segmentation of brain structures using PET-CT imagesXia, Y; Wen, L; Eberl, S; Fulham, MJ; Feng, DD
2008Segmentation of dual modality brain PET/CT images using the MAP-MRF modelXia, Y; Wen, L; Eberl, S; Fulham, MJ; Feng, DD
2009Segmentation of brain PET-CT images based on adaptive use of complementary informationXia, Y; Wen, L; Eberl, S; Fulham, M; Feng, D
25-Feb-2009L-DOPA neurotoxicity is mediated by up-regulation of DMT1 - IRE expressionDu, F; Qian, ZM; Zhu, L; Wu, XM; Yung, WH; Tsim, TY; Ke, Y
2011Magnetic resonance-based soft tissue elasticity measurementHuang, YP; Zheng, YP 
2011Generalized regional disorder-sensitive-weighting scheme for 3D neuroimaging retrievalLiu, S; Cai, W; Wen, L; Eberl, S; Fulham, M; Feng, D
2012A Chan dietary intervention enhances executive functions and anterior cingulate activity in autism spectrum disorders : a randomized controlled trialChan, AS; Sze, SL; Han, YMY; Cheung, MC
29-Jun-2012Orienting attention modulates pain perception : an ERP studyChan, SCC ; Chan, CCH ; Kwan, ASK; Ting, KH; Chui, TY
15-Aug-2012Distinct neural activity associated with focused-attention meditation and loving-kindness meditationLee, TMC; Leung, MK; Hou, WK; Tang, JCY; Yin, J; So, KF; Lee, CF; Chan, CCH