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Oct-2004Computerized tongue diagnosis based on Bayesian networksPang, B; Zhang, DD ; Li, N; Wang, K
2005Computer aided tongue diagnosis systemZhang, HZ; Wang, KQ; Zhang, D ; Pang, B; Huang, B
2010Assessment of catastrophic risk using bayesian network constructed from domain knowledge and spatial dataLi, L; Wang, J; Leung, H ; Jiang, C
2013An intelligent chiller fault detection and diagnosis methodology using Bayesian belief networkZhao, Y; Xiao, F ; Wang, S 
2014Bayesian network based FDD strategy for variable air volume terminalsXiao, F ; Zhao, Y; Wen, J; Wang, S 
2015Diagnostic Bayesian networks for diagnosing air handling units faults - Part II: Faults in coils and sensorsZhao, Y; Wen, J; Wang, S