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1997Identifying potential barriers to total quality management using principal component analysis and correspondence analysisNgai, EWT ; Cheng, TCE 
2001Government Intervention in the Australasian meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions industry (MICE)Bauer, T; Lambert, J; Hutchison, J
2002Building energy efficiency and the remuneration of operation and maintenance personnelYik, FWH; Lee, WL ; Ng, CK
2003Barriers to creativity in the Hotel Industry – perspectives of managers and supervisorsWong, CK; Pang, L
2004Traveling with a disability : more than an access issueYau, MKS; Mckercher, B ; Packer, TL
2005Barriers to returning to work for people with spinal cord injuries : a focus group studyChan, SKK; Man, DWK 
2006Web-based learning : an empirical analysisGunasekaran, A; Ngai, EWT 
2006Prevalence of influenza vaccination and correlates of intention to be vaccinated among Hong Kong ChineseMok, E ; Yeung, SH; Chan, MF
2007Effect of low temperature plasma on different wool dyeing systemsKan, CW 
2008Barriers to EMS in the hotel industryChan, ESW 
Jun-2009Barriers to e-commerce policy in logistics : an exploratory study of the Pearl River Delta, ChinaNg, JJM
2011Medical tourism development in Hong Kong : an assessment of the barriersHeung, VCS; Kucukusta, D ; Song, H 
2011Implementing environmental management systems in small- and medium-sized hotels : obstaclesChan, ESW 
2011Barriers to implement green strategy in the process of developing real estate projectsZhang, XL; Shen, LY; Wu, YZ; Qi, GY
2012Barriers to implement extensive green roof systems : a Hong Kong studyZhang, X; Shen, L; Tam, VWY; Lee, WWY
2012Application of low waste technologies for design and construction : a case study in Hong KongZhang, X; Wu, Y; Shen, L
2014Supply chain-based barriers for truck-engine remanufacturing in ChinaZhu, Q; Sarkis, J; Lai, KH 
2015Barriers to effective implementation of ethical codes in construction organizations: An empirical investigationOladinrin, TO; Ho, CMF 
2015Reprint of "Supply chain-based barriers for truck-engine remanufacturing in China"Zhu, Q; Sarkis, J; Lai, KH 
2015Empirical study to determine fragmentation of construction projectsAlashwal, AM; Fong, PSW 
2015Major barriers to off-site construction : the developer's perspective in ChinaMao, C; Shen, QP ; Pan, W; Ye, KH
2016A review on the effects of physical built environment attributes on enhancing walking and cycling activity levels within residential neighborhoodsWang, Y; Chau, CK ; Ng, WY; Leung, TM