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3-Aug-2009Thermo-optic properties of epitaxial Sr₀.₆Ba₀.₄Nb₂O₆ waveguides and their application as optical modulatorLiu, WC; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH
22-Nov-2010Enhanced ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties in doped lead-free (Bi₀. ₅Na₀. ₅) ₀. ₉ ₄ Ba₀. ₀ ₆ TiO ₃ thin filmsWang, DY; Chan, NY; Li, S; Choy, SH; Tian, HY; Chan, HLW 
Feb-2011An integrated microfluidic chip with 40 MHz lead-free transducer for fluid analysisLee, STF; Lam, KS; Lei, L; Zhang, X ; Chan, HLW