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15-Feb-2003Amplification and compression of ultrashort fundamental solitons in an erbium-doped nonlinear amplifying fiber loop mirrorCao, WH; Wai, PKA 
1-Aug-2003Fiber Bragg grating for spectral phase optical code-division multiple-access encoding and decodingFang, X; Wang, D ; Li, S
2004Restoration of halftoned color-quantized images using projection onto convex setsFung, YH; Chan, YH 
2004A parent search method in peer-to-peer media streaming networksZhang, L; Lo, KT 
15-Feb-2004Concentration-induced nonuniform power in tunable erbium-doped fiber lasersDong, X; Ngo, NQ; Shum, P; Guan, BO; Tam, HY ; Dong, XY
Dec-2004Bound twin-pulse solitons in a fiber ring laserZhao, B; Tang, DY; Shum, P; Guo, X; Lu, C; Tam, HY 
2005International Internet-2 performance and automatic tuning protocol for medical imaging applicationsChan, LWC ; Zhou, MZ; Hau, SK; Law, MYY; Tang, FH; Documet, J
2005A novel QoS multicast model in mobile ad hoc networksWang, G; Cao, J ; Zhang, L; Chan, KCC ; Wu, J
15-Sep-2005Broadband wavelength converter based on four-wave mixing in a highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiberZhang, A; Demokan, S
2006Achieving bounded delay on message delivery in publish/subscribe systemsWang, J; Cao, J ; Li, J; Wu, J
2007Bandwidth-enhanced multimode fiberGong, Y; Lu, C 
2007International Internet2 connectivity and performance in medical imaging applications : bridging the Americas to AsiaLiu, BJ; Zhou, Z; Gutierrez, MA; Documet, J; Chan, L ; Huang, HK
1-Jun-2007Generation of multiple gain-guided solitons in a fiber laserZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Cheng, TH; Tam, HY ; Lu, C 
20-Jul-2007Bound states of dispersion-managed solitons in a fiber laser at near zero dispersionZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Cheng, TH; Tam, HY ; Lu, C 
2008Video transmission scheduling for peer-to-peer live streaming systemsLi, Y; Li, Z; Chiang, M; Robert, C
2011Characterization of center frequency and bandwidth of broadband ultrasound reflected by the articular cartilage to subchondral bone interfaceSaarakkala, S; Wang, SZ; Huang, YP; Jurvelin, JS; Zheng, YP 
2013Kernel methods for software effort estimation effects of different kernel functions and bandwidths on estimation accuracyKocaguneli, E; Menzies, T; Keung, JW