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Jul-1997Modular expert network approach to histogram thresholdingLi, CH; Tam, PKS
2001Daily load forecasting with a fuzzy-input-neural network in an intelligent homeLing, SH; Leung, FHF ; Tam, PKS
2001Application of MLP and RBF networks to cloud detectionZhang, WD; He, MX; Mak, MW 
2002A weighted fuzzy reasoning and its corresponding neural networkTsang, ECC; Huang, DM; Yeung, DS; Lee, JWT; Wang, XZ
2003Determining the asymmetries of skin lesions with fuzzy bordersNg, VTY ; Lee, T; Fung, BYM
2003Application of an artificial neural network based sensitivity analysis technique in concreting productivity studyLu, M; Yeung, DS
2003The further discussions on constrained learning algorithmsHuang, DS
2005A split-step PSO algorithm in prediction of water quality pollutionChau, KW 
2005Predicting construction litigation outcome using particle swarm optimizationChau, KW 
2005Long-term prediction of discharges in Manwan Reservoir using artificial neural network modelsCheng, C; Chau, KW ; Sun, Y; Lin, J
2005An Internet-based distributed manufacturing system utilizing a recurrent neural network controller for dynamic buffer size tuning to prevent user-level buffer overflow and shorten the service roundtrip timeLin, WWK; Wong, AKY; Dillon, ST
2005Learning of weighted fuzzy production rules based on fuzzy neural networkHuang, DM; Ha, MH; Li, XF; Tsang, ECC; Li, YM
2006Prediction of construction litigation outcome using a split-step PSO algorithmChau, KW 
2006A split-step PSO algorithm in predicting construction litigation outcomeChau, KW 
2006Prediction of wrist angle from sonomyography signals with artificial neural networks techniqueShi, J; Zheng, YP ; Yan, ZZ
2007Pre-classification module for an all-season image retrieval systemFu, H; Chi, ZG ; Feng, DD; Zou, W; Lo, KC; Zhao, X
2007Hydrologic uncertainty for Bayesian probabilistic forecasting model based on BP ANNCheng, C; Chau, KW ; Li, XY
2008Compensation of dispersion and nonlinearity in WDM transmission using simplified digital backpropagationKahn, JM; Ip, E; Lau, APT; Barros, DJF
2008Backpropagation with two-phase magnified gradient functionCheung, CC; Ng, SC
2009The multi-phase method in fast learning algorithmsCheung, CC; Ng, SC
2009Tree structures with attentive objects for image classification using a neural networkFu, H; Zhang, S; Chi, Z ; Feng, D; Zhao, X
2010Enhanced Two-Phase Method in fast learning algorithmsCheung, CC; Ng, SC; Lui, AK; Xu, S
2011A fast learning algorithm with promising convergence capabilityCheung, CC; Ng, SC; Lui, AK; Xu, SS
2012Improving the quickprop algorithmCheung, CC; Ng, SC; Lui, AK
2013A new fast learning algorithm with promising global convergence capability for feed-forward neural networksCheung, CC; Ng, SC; Lui, AK; Xu, SS
2013Solving the local minimum and flat-spot problem by modifying wrong outputs for feed-forward neural networksCheung, CC; Ng, SC; Lui, AK; Xu, SS