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15-Apr-1999Corrosion protection of Nd–Fe–B magnets by bismaleimide coatingCheng, FT; Man, HC ; Chan, WM; Cheng, CW; Chan, WO
2003Surface and adhesion characteristics of laser surface textured Ti-6Al-4VMan, HC ; Zhao, NQ; Cui, ZD
2005Surface morphology of a laser surface nitrided and etched Ti-6Al-4V alloyMan, HC ; Zhao, NQ; Cui, ZD
Jan-2005Manually operated scratch tester for characterization of mechanical properties of thin filmsWang, H; Ong, CW ; Tsui, YC; Lau, WM
2009Adhesion study of pulsed laser deposited hydroxyapatite coating on laser surface nitrided titaniumMan, HC ; Chiu, KY; Cheng, FT; Wong, KH
2009Characterization and corrosion behavior of hydroxyapatite coatings on Ti6Al4V fabricated by electrophoretic depositionKwok, CT; Wong, PK; Cheng, FT; Man, HC 
14-Dec-2009Nanotube nucleation versus carbon-catalyst adhesion—probed by molecular dynamics simulationsRibas, MA; Ding, F ; Balbuena, PB; Yakobson, BI
2010Laser surface micro-drilling and texturing of metals for improvement of adhesion joint strengthMan, HC ; Chiu, KY; Guo, X 
2011Fabrication and adhesion performance of gold conductive patterns on silicon substrate by laser sinteringCai, Z; Yung, KC ; Zeng, X
2012Effects of functionally graded materials on dynamics of molecular bond clustersZhang, W; Qian, J; Yao, H ; Chen, W; Gao, H
2012Thin film metallic glasses : unique properties and potential applicationsChu, JP; Jang, JSC; Huang, JC; Chou, HS; Yang, Y; Ye, JC; Wang, YC; Lee, JW; Liu, FX; Liaw, PK; Chen, YC; Lee, CM; Li, CL; Rullyani, C
Jun-2012Covalently immobilized biomolecule gradient on hydrogel surface using a gradient generating microfluidic device for a quantitative mesenchymal stem cell studyLiu, Z; Xiao, L; Xu, B; Zhang, Y; Mak, AFT; Li, Y ; Man, WY; Yang, M 
2014Microscopic pillars and tubes fabricated by using fish dentine as a molding templateLi, WQ; Liu, XW; Lu, Y; Yao, HM 
2016Tensile properties of a polymer-based adhesive at low temperature with different strain ratesJia, Z; Yuan, G; Ma, HL; Hui, D; Lau, KT 
2016Effect of grain size on the adhesive and ploughing friction behaviours of polycrystalline metals in forming processPeng, LF; Mao, MY; Fu, MW ; Lai, XM