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2000A fuzzy neural network based on fuzzy hierarchy error approachWu, A; Tam, PKS
2000Large signal modeling of quasi-resonant buck converter using regulated unified modelChoi, CT; Li, CK
2000ANN controlled battery energy storage system for enhancing power system stabilityTsang, MW; Sutanto, D
2001A dynamic weight-fuzzy neural network for nonlinear dynamic system controlKwok, DP; Li, CK; Leung, TP; Deng, ZD; Sun, ZQ
2001Online adaptive control for optimizing variable-speed pumps of indirect water-cooled chilling systemsWang, S ; Burnett, J
2001Adaptive multi-class controllerLo, WL; Rad, AB; Tsang, KM ; Wong, YK
2002Adaptive neural network control of FES in arm movements and its applications based on a resonant converterCheng, KWE ; Cao, L; Rad, AB; Sutanto, D; Chow, DHK; Tong, KY
2002Fuzzy logic controller for enhancing oscillatory stability of AC/DC interconnected power systemChung, TS; Fang, DZ
2002Output tracking control of mobile robots based on adaptive backstepping and high order sliding modesLi, CK; Chao, HM; Hu, YM; Rad, AB
2002Improving an adaptive controller for non-minimum phase plantsYuan, J 
2003Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control for SISO nonlinear systemsHo, HF; Wong, YK; Rad, AB
2003Direct adaptive fuzzy control with state observer for a class of nonlinear systemsHo, HF; Wong, YK; Rad, AB
2003Fuzzy neural control of systems with unknown dynamic using Q-learning strategiesKwok, DP; Deng, ZD; Li, CK; Leung, TP; Sun, ZQ; Wong, JCK
2003Controlling diversity of evolutionary algorithmsNguyen, DHM; Wong, KP
2003Identification and control of continuous-time nonlinear systems via dynamic neural networksRen, XM; Rad, AB; Chan, PT; Lo, WL
2003A novel adaptive fuzzy logic controller (FLC) to improve Internet channel reliability and response timelinessWong, AKY
2004Development of adaptive UPFC supplementary fuzzy controller for power system stability enhancementChung, TS; Yang, XD; Fang, DZ; Chung, CY 
2004Examination of H-bridge resonant converter using passivity-based controlLu, Y; Cheng, KWE ; Ho, SL ; Pan, J
2005State observer based indirect adaptive fuzzy tracking controlHo, HF; Wong, YK; Rad, AB; Lo, WL
2005Adaptive rotor flux position observer in the absence of machine parameter information for vector controlled induction motor drivesWang, ZS; Ho, SL ; Cheng, EKW 
2006A real-time online supervisory predictive model of central air-conditioning systemMeng, H; Wang, S ; Long, W
2006Adaptive passivity-based control of extended-period quasi-resonant convertersHo, HFJ; Cheng, KWE 
2007Robust fuzzy tracking control for robotic manipulatorsHo, HF; Wong, YK; Rad, AB
2008Development of an adaptive Smith predictor-based self-tuning PI controller for an HVAC system in a test roomBai, J; Wang, S ; Zhang, X
2008Adaptive fuzzy approach for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems in strict-feedback formHo, HF; Wong, YK; Rad, AB
2009Chaos synchronization between the genesio system and the unified systemAustin, F; Feng, JW; Xu, C; Feng, T
2009Adaptive and learning control for SI engine model with uncertaintiesTang, H; Weng, L; Dong, ZY; Yan, R
2009Adaptive control of a class of nonlinear systems with fuzzy approximators : an application to longitudinal vehicle controlDai, X; Li, CK; Rad, AB
2010Quiet zone tuning in a non-ideal sound fieldYuan, J 
2011Adaptive mixed on-time and switching frequency control of a system of interleaved switched-capacitor convertersTan, SC; Kiratipongvoot, S; Bronstein, S; Ioinovici, A; Lai, YM ; Tse, CK 
20122-DOF planar motion control system using model reference adaptive control (MRAC) algorithmLuk, AMY; Fung, EHK; Gan, WC
2013High-precision control of LSRM based X-Y table for industrial applicationsPan, JF; Cheung, NC ; Zou, Y
2013On-line adaptive control of a direct expansion air conditioning system using artificial neural networkLi, N; Xia, L; Deng, S ; Xu, X; Chan, MY 
2013Generalized projective synchronization of two coupled complex networks of different sizesLi, K; He, E; Zeng, Z; Tse, CK 
2013Adaptive active capacitor converter for improving stability of cascaded DC power supply systemZhang, X; Ruan, X; Kim, H; Tse, CK 
2015An adaptive high-precision tracking controller for the coupled switched reluctance two-finger gripperZou, Y; Cheung, NC ; Pan, JF