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2004A K-hop zone-based broadcast protocol in mobile ad hoc networksLou, W ; Wu, J
2004Extended multipoint relays to determine connected dominating sets in MANETsLou, W ; Wu, J
2004Reducing group management overhead in group-based location managementLam, GHK; Leong, HV ; Chan, SCF 
2004Mobile data management in ad hoc wireless networksTse, SSH; Leong, HV 
2005Reduced-complexity network coding for multicasting over ad hoc networksWu, Y; Kung, SY
2005A heuristic multicast algorithm to support QoS group communications in heterogeneous networkCheng, H; Cao, J ; Wang, X; Mullai, S
2005Bounding the power rate function of wireless ad hoc networksWu, Y; Zhang, Q; Zhu, W; Kung, SY
2005Consistency of cooperative caching in mobile peer-to-peer systems over MANETCao, J ; Zhang, Y; Xie, LI; Cao, G
2006A high-throughput MAC protocol for wireless ad hoc networksYu, W; Cao, J ; Zhou, X; Wang, X; Chan, KCC ; Chan, ATS ; Leong, HV 
2006Stability-based multi-objective clustering in mobile ad hoc networksCheng, H; Cao, J ; Wang, X; Das, SK
2008Top k-leader election in wireless ad hoc networksRaychoudhury, V; Cao, J ; Wu, W
2008An information model for geographic greedy forwarding in wireless ad-hoc sensor networksJiang, Z; Ma, J; Lou, W ; Wu, J
2010Cooperative cache consistency maintenance for pervasive internet accessHuang, Y; Cao, J ; Jin, B; Tao, X; Lu, J
2011Contention-aware data caching in wireless multi-hop ad hoc networksFan, X; Cao, J ; Wu, W