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2001Effects of laser acupuncture therapy in pain treatmentWong, Wai
2005Effects of acupuncture on heart rate variability in normal subjects under fatigue and non-fatigue stateLi, Z; Wang, C; Mak, AFT; Chow, DHK
2006A short review of acupuncture and bronchial asthma - Western and traditional Chinese medicine conceptsNgai, SPC; Hui-Chan, CWY; Jones, AYM
Mar-2008Effectiveness of electroacupuncture and interferential electrotherapy in the management of frozen shoulderCheing, GLY ; So, EML; Chao, CYL
2009Skin impedance at acupuncture point dingchuan in subjects with and without asthmaNgai, SPC; Jones, YMA
2009Instantaneous effect of meridian point stimulation for managing sleep apnoeaNg, Siu-luen
2009Acupuncture mobilizes the brain's default mode and its anti-correlated network in healthy subjectsHui, KKS; Marina, O; Claunch, JD; Nixon, EE; Fang, J; Liu, J; Li, M; Napadow, V; Vangel, M; Makris, N; Chan, ST; Kwong, KK; Rosen, BR
2010Analysis of EEG signals during acupuncture using spectral analysis techniquesLi, N; Wong, YK; Chan, WL ; Tsang, KM 
2011The role of Acu-TENS in hemodynamic recovery after open-heart surgeryNg, MCS; Jones, YMA; Cheng, LC
2011A randomized controlled trial of auricular transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for managing posthysterectomy painTsang, HC; Lam, CS; Chu, PW; Yap, J; Fung, TY; Cheing, GLY 
2011Acu-TENS and postexercise expiratory flow volume in healthy subjectsNgai, SPC; Jones, YMA; Hui-Chan, CWY
2012Acupuncture for dysphagia following stroke : a systematic reviewWong, ISY; Ng, KF; Tsang, HWH 
2012Temperature and safety profiles of needle-warming techniques in acupuncture and moxibustionGao, XY; Chong, CY; Zhang, SP; Cheng, KWE ; Zhu, B
2012Effect of laser acupuncture on disuse osteoarthritis : an ultrasound biomicroscopic study of patellar articular cartilage in ratsWang, Q; Guo, X ; Liu, M; Wang, X; Zheng, YP 
2013A randomized, controlled trial of acupuncture self-needling as maintenance therapy for cancer-related fatigue after therapist-delivered acupunctureMolassiotis, A ; Bardy, J; Finnegan-John, J; Mackereth, P; Ryder, WD; Filshie, F; Ream, E; Eaton, D; Richardson, A
2013Chaotic characteristics extraction of acupuncture neural electrical signalsHan, CX; Wang, J; Wong, YK; Tsang, KM 
2013A randomized clinical trial of auricular point acupressure for chronic low back pain : a feasibility studyYeh, CH; Chien, LC; Balaban, D; Sponberg, R; Primavera, J; Morone, NE; Glick, R; Albers, KM; Cohen, SM; Ren, D; Huang, LC; Suen, KPL 
2013Acupuncture improves cognitive function (A systematic review)Leung, MCP; Yip, KK; Lam, CT; Lam, KS; Lau, W; Yu, WL; Leung, AKM; So, KF
2014Acupressure and task-related training after stroke : a case studyNg, SSM ; Fong, SSM; Lam, SSL; Lai, CWK; Chow, LPY
2014Smart textiles : a design approach for garments using conductive fabricsLi, L ; Au, WM; Hua, T; Ding, F 
2014Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of acupuncture for cancer-related fatigueZeng, Y; Luo, T; Finnegan-John, J; Cheng, AS 
2015Providing acupuncture in a breast cancer and fatigue trial : the therapists' experienceBardy, J; Finnegan-John, J; Molassiotis, A ; Mackereth, P