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2006The measure of active learning state among healthcare undergraduatesZang, YL; Lou, FL; Chan, MF; Wong, KS; 王娟琦; 梁玉焕; 王慧; 袁秋环; 刘娜娜; 高春燕
May-2008Blending and shaking : Chinese students’ perceptions of blended learning in a hospitality and tourism coursePenfold, P; Pang, L
2009An active learning framework for semi-supervised document clustering with language modelingHuang, R; Lam, W
2013Learning realistic facial expressions from web imagesYu, K; Wang, Z; Zhuo, L; Wang, J; Chi, Z ; Feng, D
2013Robust object tracking via active feature selectionZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Yang, MH; Hu, Q