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Oct-2008Self-learning active noise controlYuan, J 
22-Jun-2009Detection of acoustic pressure with hollow-core photonic bandgap fiberPang, M; Jin, W 
Dec-2009Sound propagation in and low frequency noise absorption by helium-filled porous materialChoy, YS ; Huang, L; Wang, C
2011Fabrication and performance of endoscopic ultrasound radial arrays based on PMN-PT single crystal/epoxy 1-3 compositeZhou, D; Cheung, KF; Chen, Y; Lau, ST; Zhou, Q; Shung, KK; Luo, HS; Dai, J ; Chan, HLW 
2011Dual cylinder inviscid vortex sound of low Mach numberTang, SK 
2012Radiation forces study of multiple trapping acoustic tweezersYu, Y; Qiu, W; Sun, L