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2015First-principles phase diagram of magic-sized carbon clusters on Ru(0001) and Rh(111) surfacesGao, J; Ding, F 
2015Impedance-based local stability criterion for DC distributed power systemsZhang, X; Ruan, X; Tse, CK 
2015TiO2 nanosheet array thin film for self-cleaning coatingWang, F; Zhang, G; Zhao, Z; Tan, H; Yu, W; Zhang, X ; Sun, Z
2015Melt flow properties and morphology of polypropylene composites filled with microencapsulated red phosphorusLiang, JZ; Feng, JQ; Tsui, CP ; Tang, CY 
2015Effect of shell permutation on electromagnetic properties of ZnFeO4/(PANI, SiO2) core/double-shell nanostructured disksWang, J; Or, SW ; Leung, CM
2015The Impacts of Mass Media on Organic Destination Image: A Case Study of SingaporeWang, D ; Chan, H; Pan, S 
2015Robust scream sound detection via sound event partitioningLei, B; Mak, MW 
2015Bio-inspired chemical fabrication of stretchable transparent electrodesYu, Y; Zhang, Y; Li, K; Yan, C; Zheng, Z 
2015Facilitating adaptation and intercultural contact : the role of integration and multicultural ideology in dominant and non-dominant groupsHui, BPH; Chen, SX ; Leung, CM ; Berry, JW
2015Numerical analysis of hypersonic flows around blunt-nosed models and a space vehicleSaldivar Massimi, H; Shen, H; Wen, CY ; Chen, YS; Liang, SM
2015Using spotlight effect to curb counterfeit consumption ¡V an experimental investigationZhan, L ; Sharma, P; Chan, RYK 
2015Floor transfer test for assessing people with chronic strokeNg, SSM ; Fong, SSM; Chan, CWL; Fung, FMC; Pang, PKW; Tsang, NNL; Yeung, CLH; Kwong, PWH; Tse, MMY ; Tam, EWC
2015Helmholtz resonator with a spiral neckShi, X; Mak, CM 
2015Industries and Stock Return ReversalsHameed, A; Mian, GM 
2015Electromagnetic performance analysis of Novel HTS Doubly Fed Flux-Modulated machinesLiu, Y; Fu, WN ; Ho, SL ; Niu, S ; Ching, TW
2015Trust and deception in negotiation: Culturally divergent effectsZhang, JD; Liu, LA; Liu, W 
2015Photocatalytic oxidation of nitrogen monoxide and o-xylene by TiO2/ZnO/Bi2O3 nanofibers : optimization, kinetic modeling and mechanismsPei, CC; Leung, WWF 
2015Reliability and validity of the sideways step test and its correlation with motor function after strokePang, EYF; Fong, SSM; Tse, MMY ; Tam, EWC; Ng, SSM ; So, BCL
2015Characterization and thermal degradation of protective layers in high-rating fire-resistant glassWu, M; Chow, WK ; Ni, X
2015The managerial gaze : the long tail of tourism education and researchAirey, D; Tribe, J; Benckendorff, P; Xiao, H 
2015Enhancing value in public construction projects : the Malaysian journeyMohamad Ramly, Z; Shen, GQP ; Yu, ATW ; Zhari, R; Emby, J
2015A novel neural network aided fuzzy logic controller for a variable speed (VS) direct expansion (DX) air conditioning (A/C) systemLi, Z; Xu, X; Deng, S ; Pan, D
2015Multi-objective optimal design of detention tanks in the urban stormwater drainage system : framework development and case studyLi, F; Duan, HF; Yan, H; Tao, T
2015The Effect of Pressure and Fabrication of Pressure Therapy Gloves on Hand Sensitivity and DexterityYu, A; Yick, KL ; Ng, SP; Yip, J 
2015Adaptive security management of real-time storage applications over NAND based storage systemsJiang, W; Ma, Y; Zhang, X; Wang, X; Shao, Z 
2015Insider sales and the effectiveness of clawback adoptions in mitigating fraud riskFung, SYK ; Raman, KK; Sun, L; Xu, L
2015Effect of lycium barbarum (Wolfberry) on alleviating axonal degeneration after partial optic nerve transectionLi, HY; Ruan, YW; Kau, PWF; Chiu, K; Chang, RCC; Chan, HHL ; So, KF
2015Brazilin inhibits amyloid £]-protein fibrillogenesis, remodels amyloid fibrils and reduces amyloid cytotoxicityDu, WJ; Guo, JJ; Gao, MT; Hu, SQ; Dong, XY; Han, YF ; Liu, FF; Jiang, S; Sun, Y
2015Flexible design principles street furniture design for transforming environments, diverse users, changing needs and dynamic interactionsMichael, Siu, KW ; Wong, LKS
2015Potent and Nontoxic Chemosensitizer of P-Glycoprotein-Mediated Multidrug Resistance in Cancer: Synthesis and Evaluation of Methylated Epigallocatechin, Gallocatechin, and Dihydromyricetin DerivativesWong, ILK; Wang, BC; Yuan, J; Duan, LX; Liu, Z; Liu, T; Li, XM; Hu, X; Zhang, XY; Jiang, T; Wan, SB; Chow, LMC 
2015A sensitivity analysis on the variability in accelerometer data processing for monitoring physical activityLee, PH 
2015Plasma-Nitrided Ga2O3(Gd2O3) as Interfacial Passivation Layer for InGaAs Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Capacitor with HfTiON Gate DielectricWang, LS; Xu, JP; Liu, L; Lu, HH; Lai, PT; Tang, WM 
2015Precise characteristics analysis of series/series-parallel compensated contactless resonant converterHou, J; Chen, Q; Ren, X; Ruan, X; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK 
2015Photoluminescence, ferroelectric, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of Er-doped BNT-BT multifunctional ceramicsLau, CM; Xu, XW; Kwok, KW 
2015Mapping live cell viscosity with an aggregation-induced emission fluorogen by means of two-photon fluorescence lifetime imagingChen, S; Hong, Y; Zeng, Y; Sun, Q; Liu, Y; Zhao, E; Bai, G; Qu, J; Hao, J ; Tang, BZ
2015Enhanced photocatalytic properties of graphene oxide/ZnO nanohybrid by Mg dopantsChen, CS; Xie, XD; Cao, SY; Liu, TG; Tsang, YH ; Xiao, Y; Liu, QC; Yang, XF; Gong, L
2015Functional categorization of carbapenemase-mediated resistance by a combined genotyping and two-tiered Modified Hodge Test approachWong, MHY; Li, Y; Chan, EWC; Chen, S 
2015Assessment of MPI compensation effectiveness as functions of MPI level and number of crosstalk terms for a 256 Gb/s PM-16QAM signalDownie, JD; Hurley, J; Wood, W; Sui, Q; Lau, APT ; Lu, C 
2015Using urban-carrying capacity as a benchmark for sustainable urban development : an empirical study of BeijingWei, Y; Huang, C; Lam, PT ; Sha, Y; Feng, Y
2015Medical-grade quality of service for real-time mobile healthcareKang, K; Wang, Q ; Hur, J; Park, KJ; Sha, L
2015On minimal generators for semi-closed polyhedraFang, YP; Meng, KW; Yang, XQ 
2015Modeling the effect of scale on clustering of spatial pointsLiu, Q; Li, Z ; Deng, M; Tang, J; Mei, X
2015Experimental study of the film thickness in the dehumidifier of a liquid desiccant air conditioning systemLuo, Y; Wang, M; Yang, H ; Lu, L ; Peng, J
2015A garbage collection aware stripping method for solid-state drivesHuang, M; Wang, Y; Liu, Z; Qiao, L; Shao, Z 
2015A novel topology design for integration of offshore wind farm via high-voltage DC transmissionLi, Y; Xu, Z ; Ngan, HW ; Wong, SC 
2015Gendered by design : Qipao and society, 1911-1949Ng, S 
2015Are we paid to be creative? The effect of compensation gap on creativity in an expatriate contextHon, AHY ; Lu, L
2015Bovine posterior limbus : an evaluation of an alternative source for corneal endothelial and trabecular meshwork stem/progenitor cellsYu, WY; Grierson, I; Sheridan, C; Lo, ACY; Wong, DSH
2015Effect of arm position and foot placement on the five times sit-to-stand test completion times of female adults older than 50 years of ageNg, SSM ; Kwong, PWH; Chau, MSP; Luk, ICY; Wan, SS; Fong, SSM
2015The effect of information channel on information source selection: Students' information searchLee, HA; Law, R ; Luk, C
2015Introduction: Mental Health of Older Adults in AsiaAu, A ; Lai, S; Ng, E
2015Stance-marking and stance-taking in Asian languagesIwasaki, S; Yap, FH 
2015Improved FLL-assisted PLL with in-phase pre-filtering to mitigate amplitude scintillation effectsXu, R; Liu, Z ; Chen, W 
2015A fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) biosensor based on graphene quantum dots (GQDs) and gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) for the detection of mecA gene sequence of Staphylococcus aureusShi, J; Chan, C; Pang, Y; Ye, W; Tian, F; Lyu, J; Zhang, Y; Yang, M 
2015The impact of service quality on positive consumption emotions in resort and hotel spa experiencesLo, A ; Wu, C; Tsai, H 
2015Efficient semitransparent perovskite solar cells with graphene electrodesYou, P; Liu, Z; Tai, Q; Liu, S; Yan, F 
2015Geostationary satellite observation of precipitable water vapor using an Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) based reconstruction technique over eastern ChinaWong, MS ; Jin, X; Liu, Z ; Nichol, JE ; Ye, S; Jiang, P; Chan, PW
2015ZrCu-based bulk metallic glass composites with large strain-hardening capabilityWu, FF; Chan, KC ; Chen, SH; Jiang, SS; Wang, G
2015The impact of anticipated transport improvement on property prices: A case study in Hong KongWadu, M.J.; Lam, TI ; Chong, ML
2015Varying elasticities and forecasting performanceSmeral, E; Song, H 
2015A return on investment analysis of applying health monitoring to LED lighting systemsChang, MH; Sandborn, P; Pecht, M; Yung, WKC ; Wang, W
2015Investigation of pyrolysis temperature in the one-step synthesis of L10 FePt nanoparticles from a FePt-containing metallopolymerDong, Q; Li, G; Wang, H; Pong, PWT; Leung, CW ; Manners, I; Ho, CL; Li, H; Wong, WY
2015Energy-dominated carbon metabolism : a case study of Hubei province, ChinaYang, Q; Guo, S; Yuan, WH; Shen, Q ; Chen, YQ; Wang, XH; Wu, TH; Chen, ZM; Alsaedi, A; Hayat, T
2015I am sure but I hedge: Fear expression k?ngp? as an interactive rhetorical strategy in Mandarin broadcast talkYang, Y; Yap, FH 
2015Comparison of statistical counting methods in SHM-based reliability assessment of bridgesWang, X; Ni, YQ ; Lin, KC
2015Enhancement in multiferroic and piezoelectric properties of BiFeO3-BaTiO3-Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 lead-free ceramics with MnO2 addition by optimizing sintering temperature and dwell timeLi, Y; Guo, Y; Zheng, Q; Lam, KH; Zhou, W; Wan, Y; Lin, D
2015Intermolecular enantioselective dearomatization reaction of £]-naphthol using meso-aziridine : a bifunctional in situ generated magnesium catalystYang, D; Wang, L; Han, F; Li, D; Zhao, D; Wang, R
2015Exploration of endogenous substrate cleavage by various forms of botulinum neurotoxinsGuo, J; Wang, J; Chan, EW; Chen, S 
2015Meeting planners’ competency, motivation, and benefits : the case of KoreaKim, SS ; Sun, HL; Kang, N
2015Effects of nano-TiO2 on strength, shrinkage and microstructure of alkali activated slag pastesYang, LY; Jia, ZJ; Zhang, YM; Dai, JG 
2015The effectiveness of healthy start home visit program : cluster randomized controlled trialLeung, C ; Tsang, S; Heung, K
2015Analysis and modelling of water vapour and temperature changes in Hong Kong using a 40-year radiosonde record : 1973-2012Liu, Z ; Chen, B; Chan, ST; Cao, Y; Gao, Y; Zhang, K; Nichol, J 
2015Compressive strength and behaviour of gusset plate connections with single-sided splice membersFang, C; Yam, MCH ; Roger Cheng, JJ; Zhang, Y
2015Spike-frequency adaptation of a two-compartment neuron modulated by extracellular electric fieldsYi, G; Wang, J; Tsang, KM ; Wei, X; Deng, B; Han, C
2015Development of 8-benzyloxy-substituted quinoline ethers and evaluation of their antimicrobial activitiesChung, PY; Gambari, R; Chen, YX; Cheng, CH; Bian, ZX; Chan, ASC; Tang, JCO ; Leung, PHM ; Chui, CH; Lam, KH
2015Research on reflective micro-structures for laser protectionLi, LH; Wu, BQ; Chan, CY ; Lee, WB 
2015Relationship between personal psychological capitals, stress level, and performance in marathon runnersSin, ELL; Chow, CN; Cheung, RTH 
2015Randomized trial of anaesthetic interventions in external cephalic version for breech presentationKhaw, KS; Lee, SW ; Ngan Kee, WD; Law, LW; Lau, TK; Ng, FF; Leung, TY
2015Properties of Some Classes of Structured TensorsSong, Y; Qi, L 
2015Translating online customer opinions into engineering characteristics in QFD : a probabilistic language analysis approachJin, J; Ji, P ; Liu, Y