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2016Transient reliability optimization for turbine disk radial deformationFei, CW; Bai, GC; Tang, WZ; Choy, YS ; Gao, HF
2016Multi-scale modeling and trans-level simulation from material meso-damage to structural failure of reinforced concrete frame structures under seismic loadingBin, S; Li, Z
2016A feasibility and efficacy randomised controlled trial of swaddling for controlling procedural pain in preterm infantsHo, LP; Ho, SS; Leung, DY; So, WK; Chan, CW
2016Photonic patterns : fashion cutting with illuminating polymeric optical fibre (POF) textilesTan, J 
2016Dinuclear ruthenium complexes display loop isomer selectivity to c-MYC DNA G-quadriplex and exhibit anti-tumour activityZheng, C; Liu, Y; Liu, Y; Qin, X; Zhou, Y; Liu, J
2016Effects of large spanwise wavelength on the wake of a sinusoidal wavy cylinderLin, YF; Bai, HL; Alam, MM; Zhang, WG; Lam, K
2016Supply chain cost minimization by collaboration between liner shipping companies and port operatorsLiu, Z; Wang, S ; Du, Y; Wang, H
2016Willingness to board : a novel concept for modeling queuing up passengersLiu, Z; Wang, S ; Chen, W; Zheng, Y
2016Liner container assignment model with transit-time-sensitive container shipment demand and its applicationsWang, S ; Meng, Q; Lee, CY
2016A note on ship routing between portsWang, S 
2016Hub-and-spoke network design for container shipping along the Yangtze RiverZheng, J; Yang, D 
2016Combined convective heat and airborne pollutant removals in a slot vented enclosure under different flow schemes : parametric investigations and non unique flow solutionsRen, XH; Hu, JT; Liu, D; Zhao, FY; Li, XH; Wang, HQ
2016Reliability-based low-cycle fatigue damage analysis for turbine blade with thermo-structural interactionGao, H; Fei, C; Bai, G; Ding, L
2016Transient probabilistic analysis for turbine blade-tip radial clearance with multi-component and multi-physics fields based on DCERSMFei, CW; Choy, YS ; Hu, DY; Bai, GC; Tang, WZ
2016Physiotherapy research priorities in Switzerland : views of the various stakeholdersNast, I; Tal, A; Schmid, S; Schoeb, V ; Rau, B; Barbero, M; Kool, J
2016Near-infrared-to-near-infrared down-shifting and upconversion luminescence of KY3F10 with single dopant of Nd3+ ionLin, H; Yu, T; Tsang, MK; Bai, G; Zhang, Q; Hao, J 
2016Modeling and analysis in a prey-predator system with commercial harvesting and double time delaysLiu, C ; Lu, N; Zhang, Q; Li, J; Liu, P
2016A synthetic method for knowledge management performance evaluation based on triangular fuzzy number and group support systemsWang, J; Ding, D; Liu, O ; Li, M
2016A joint optimization model for liner container cargo assignment problem using state-augmented shipping network frameworkWang, H; Zhang, X; Wang, S 
2016Hospitality industry web-based self-service technology adoption model : a cross-cultural perspectiveLee, LYS
2016Predicting Chinese human resource managers' strategic competence : roles of identity, career variety, organizational support and career adaptabilityGuan, Y; Yang, W; Zhou, X; Tian, Z; Eves, A
2016Empirical modeling of the impacts of faults on water-cooled chiller power consumption for use in building simulation programsCheung, H; Braun, JE
2016Similar spatial textual objects retrieval strategyGu, Y; Wang, D; Wang, Y; Long, Y; Jiang, S; Zhou, J; Qu, W
2016Market structure of International Construction Professional Services : evidences from top design firmsJiang, W; Hu, X; Ye, K; Wong, KW 
2016Provoking imagination and emotion with a lively mobile phone : a user experience studyChow, KN ; Harrell, DFox; Wong, KY; Kedia, A
2016A novel evolutionary approach in modeling wear depth of laser engineering titanium coatingsGarg, A; Vijayaraghava, V; Tai, K; Savalani, M 
2016Effects of outcome expectancies on Chinese adolescents’ gambling intentionWong, SK
2016Managing supply chain knowledge-based linkages for improving operational performanceMarra, M; Ho, W; Lee, C 
2016The roles of developer's status and competitive intensity in presale pricing in a residential market : a study of the spatio-temporal model in Hangzhou, ChinaHui, CM ; Liang, C; Wang, Z; Wang, Y
2016Multispectral biometrics : systems and applicationsZhang, D ; Guo, Z; Gong, Y
2016Critical success factors for public-private partnership in water supply projectsAmeyaw, EE; Chan, PC 
2016Project-based group assessment in the second language classroom : understanding university students’ perceptionsQian, DD 
2016Simultaneous optimization of fuel surcharges and transit service runs in a multimodal transport network : a time-dependent activity-based approachLi, ZC; Yin, Y; Lam, WHK ; Sumalee, A 
2016語言的意義:語法、語篇和語料庫Xu, X ; Chen, J
2016A fluorescein-labeled AmpC β-lactamase allows rapid characterization of β-lactamase inhibitors by real-time fluorescence monitoring of the β-lactamase-inhibitor interactionsTsang, MW; Chan, PH ; Liu, SY; Wong, KY ; Leung, YC 
2016Quantitative evaluation of spinal coronal curvature for scoliosis using a fast 3-D ultrasound projection imaging methodJiang, WW; Zhou, GQ; Lai, KL; Zheng, YP 
2016Africa's gift to the worldCooper, R; Deakin, J
2016Synthesis and characterization of vertically standing MoS2 nanosheetsLi, H; Wu, H; Yuan, S; Qian, H
2016Development of flexible 2D ultrasound arrays for scoliosis assessmentShea, QTK; Yip, PYM; Zheng, YP 
2016Design of a radio frequency identification (RFID)-based monitoring and vehicle management systemWang, L; Ip, WH ; Ting, JSL
2016Repeated tactile stimulation promotes hippocampal neurogenesis and reduces depression-like behaviorsChan, JNM; Lai, CYY ; Po, KKT; Lau, BWM 
2016Learning object-specific DAGs for multi-label material recognitionXie, X; Yang, L; Zheng, WS
2016Using lexical bundles to investigate registerial variation in fashion communication corpusXu, X ; Xie, Z
2016English lexicogrammar through text : text typology and lexicogrammatical patternsMatthiessen, MCM 
2016A snapshot of clause complexes in English tourism textsChen, J; Xu, X 
2016Health information seeking in the web 2.0 age : trust in social media, uncertainty reduction, and self-disclosureLin, WY; Zhang, X; Song, H; Omori, K
2016Extensions of edge-to-edge contact model in three-dimensional discontinuous deformation analysis for friction analysisZhang, H; Liu, SG; Zheng, L; Zhong, GH; Lou, S; Wu, YQ; Han, Z
2016Tensile properties of a polymer-based adhesive at low temperature with different strain ratesJia, Z; Yuan, G; Ma, HL; Hui, D; Lau, KT 
2016Identifying core competencies of infection control nurse specialists in Hong KongChan, WF; Bond, TG; Chow, M
2016Generativity does not necessarily satisfy all your needs : associations among cultural demand for generativity, generative concern, generative action, and need satisfaction in the elderly in four culturesHofer, J; Busch, H; Au, A ; Poláčková, ŠI; Tavel, P; Wong, TT
2016Three-dimensional graphene nanosheets loaded with Si nanoparticles by in situ reduction of SiO2 for lithium ion batteriesWu, L; Yang, J; Tang, J; Ren, Y; Nie, Y; Zhou, X
2016An order/disorder/water junction system for highly efficient co-catalyst-free photocatalytic hydrogen generationZhang, K; Wang, L; Kim, JK; Ma, M; Veerappan, G; Lee, CL; Kong, KJ; Lee, H; Park, JH
2016Glocalisation and English language education in Chinese contextRai, L; Deng, C
2016Lifestyle and depression among Hong Kong nursesCheung, T; Yip, PSF
2016QP selection optimization for intra-frame encoding based on constant perceptual qualityWang, C; Mou, X; Zhang, L 
2016Understanding dynamic collaboration in teleconsultationYan, Z; Guo, X; Vogel, DR
2016An Automatic Recovery Mechanism for Cloud Service CompositionLi, W; Cheng, Y; Zhang, P; Leung, H 
2016A corpus-based study of connectors in student writing : a comparison between a native speaker (NS) corpus and a non-native speaker (NNS) learner corpusMa, Y; Wang, B 
2016Area-to-point regression kriging for pan-sharpeningWang, Q; Shi, W ; Atkinson, PM
2016Active living in later life : an overview of aging studies in hospitality and tourism journalsHung, K ; Lu, J
2016Human perceptions of colour rendition vary with average fidelity, average gamut, and gamut shapeRoyer, MP; Wilkerson, A; Wei, MC ; Houser, K; Davis, R
2016智囊/智库、科技咨询与旅游科学发展Xiao, HG 
2016ICT-supported social work interventions with youth : a critical reviewChan, CT 
2016Characterization of spatial parasitic motions of compliant mechanisms induced by manufacturing errorsZhu, Z; To, S ; Zhou, X; Wang, R; Zhang, X
2016Identification of growth factors for small firms : evidence from hotel companies on an islandYazici, S; Koseoglu, M ; Okumus, F
2016An open multilevel classification scheme for the visual layout of comics and graphic novels : motivation and designBateman, JA; Veloso, FOD ; Wildfeuer, J; Cheung, FHL; Guo, NSD
2016Re-examining the growth machine ideology of cities : conservation of historic properties in Hong KongYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW 
2016The divergent effects of transformational leadership on individual and team innovationLi, V; Mitchell, R; Boyle, B
2016Impaired vowel discrimination in Mandarin-speaking congenital amusicsHuang, X; Zhang, CC ; Shi, F; Yan, N; Wang, L
2016Visible-light-active plasmonic Ag-SrTiO3 nanocomposites for the degradation of NO in air with high selectivityZhang, Q; Huang, Y; Xu, L; Cao, JJ; Ho, W; Lee, SC 
2016Analysis and design of a nonlinear stiffness and damping system with a scissor-like structureSun, X; Jing, X 
2016Culture and the working life : predicting the relative centrality of work across life domains for employed personsLu, Q ; Huang, X; Bond, MH 
2016Stage-structured models of intra- and inter-specific competition within age classesFang, J; Gourley, SA; Lou, Y 
2016Stakeholder demands and corporate environmental coping strategies in ChinaLiu, N; Tang, SY; Lo, CWH ; Zhan, X 
2016Association between psychological flexibility and health beliefs in the uptake of influenza vaccination among people with chronic respiratory diseases in Hong KongCheung, KW; Mak, YW 
2016Correlation between tibial measurements using peripheral quantitative computed tomography and hip areal bone density measurements in ambulatory chronic stroke patientsLam, FMH; Pang, MYC 
2016Social needs of the elderly and active aging in public open spaces in urban renewalYung, EHK ; Conejos, S; Chan, EHW 
2016Optimal route computation for circular public transport routes with differential fare structurePun-Cheng, LSC ; Chan, AWF
2016Real-time locating systems applications in constructionLi, H ; Chan, G; Wong, JKW ; Skitmore, M
2016Spa market segmentation according to customer preferenceDenizci, GB ; Kucukusta, D