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2015The role of microRNAs in toxicologyYu, HW; Cho, WC
2015Muslim travelers in Asia : the destination preferences and brand perceptions of Malaysian touristsKim, SS ; Im, HH; King, BEM 
2015Modeling energy use in dairy cattle farms by applying multi-layered adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (MLANFIS)Sefeedpari, P; Rafiee, S; Akram, A; Chau, KW ; Komleh, SHP
2015Scanning-free BOTDA based on ultra-fine digital optical frequency combJin, C; Guo, N; Feng, Y; Wang, L; Liang, H; Li, J; Li, Z; Yu, C; Lu, C 
2015TEMPORARY REMOVAL: Molecular properties and antioxidant activities of polysaccharides isolated from alkaline extract of wild Armillaria ostoyae mushroomsSiu, KC; Xu, L; Chen, X; Wu, JY 
2015Quantified evaluation of particle shape effects from micro-to-macro scales for non-convex grainsYang, Y; Wang, JF; Cheng, YM 
2015A reduced graphene oxide-Au based electrochemical biosensor for ultrasensitive detection of enzymatic activity of botulinum neurotoxin AChan, CY; Guo, J; Sun, C; Tsang, MK; Tian, F; Hao, J ; Chen, S ; Yang, M
2015Novel selection system of ultra-precision machining tool for optical lensChan, CY ; Li, LH; Lee, WB 
2015Diverse roles of the reduced learning ability of players in the evolution of cooperationWu, ZX; Rong, Z; Chen, MZQ
2015Application of complex extreme learning machine to multiclass classification problems with high dimensionality : a THz spectra classification problemYin, XX; Hadjiloucas, S; He, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y; Zhang, D 
2015Enhanced Channel Equalizers for Adaptive Zero-Guard-Interval CO-OFDM SystemsWang, W; Zhuge, Q; Gao, Y; Qiu, M; Chagnon, M; Sowailem, MY; Zhang, F; Plant, DV
2015Large-area color controllable remote carbon white-light light-emitting diodesZhang, W; Yu, SF ; Fei, L; Jin, L; Pan, S; Lin, P
2015Distributed power splitting for SWIPT in relay interference channels using game theoryChen, H; Li, Y; Jiang, Y; Ma, Y; Vucetic, B
2015Factors associated with the quality of life of nursing home residents in Hong KongLai, CKY ; Leung, DDM; Kwong, EWY ; Lee, RLP 
2015Investigating the effectiveness of response strategies for vulnerabilities to corruption in the Chinese public construction sectorShan, M; Chan, APC ; Le, Y; Hu, Y
2015Preventing H2O2-induced toxicity in primary cerebellar granule neurons via activating the PI3-K/Akt/GSK3β pathway by kukoamine from Lycii CortexLi, YY; Hu, S; Huang, YQ; Han, Y ; Cheung, HY
2015Protection against β-amyloid-induced synaptic and memory impairments via altering β-amyloid assembly by bis(heptyl)-cognitinChang, L; Cui, W; Yang, Y; Xu, S; Zhou, W; Fu, H; Hu, S; Mak, S; Hu, J; Wang, Q; Ma, VPY; Choi, CL; Ma, EDL; Tao, L; Pang, Y; Rowan, MJ; Anwyl, R; Han, Y ; Wang, Q
2015Factors associated with uptake of influenza vaccine in people aged 50 to 64 years in Hong Kong: A case-control studyYeung, MPS; Ng, SKC; Tong, ETF; Chan, SSK; Coker, R
2015Principal curvature for infrared small target detectionZhao, Y; Pan, H; Du, C; Zheng, Y
2015Mesoporous solid acid catalysts of 12-tungstosilicic acid anchored to SBA-15 : characterization and catalytic properties for esterification of oleic acid with methanolChen, Y; Cao, Y; Suo, Y; Zheng, GP ; Guan, XX; Zheng, XC
2015Comparison between internet rumors of different characteristicsZhang, Z; Zhang, Z; Yu, X
2015MnOx quantum dots decorated reduced graphene oxide/TiO2 nanohybrids for enhanced activity by a UV pre-catalytic microwave methodCao, S; Chen, C; Zhang, J; Zhang, C; Yu, W; Liang, B; Tsang, Y 
2015An effective knowledge quality framework based on knowledge resources interdependenciesSabetzadeh, F; Tsui, E 
2015In Vitro assessment of ultraviolet protection of coloured cotton knitted fabrics with different structures under stretched and wet conditionsWong, WY ; Lam, JKC; Kan, CW ; Postle, R
2015A Scale Self-Adaptive Tracking Method Based on Moment InvariantsKang, Y; Hu, B; Wang, Y; Shao, Z 
2015Ultrasound evaluation of Carotid Atherosclerosis in post-radiotherapy nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients, Type 2 Diabetics, and healthy controls [Sonografische Bewertung der Arteriosklerose der Carotis bei Patienten mit Nasopharynxkarzinom nach Bestrahlung, Typ-2-Diabetikern und gesunden Kontrollprobanden]Yuan, C; Wu, VWC ; Yip, SP ; Kwong, DLW; Ying, M 
2015The acceptance and commitment therapy for smoking cessation in the primary health care setting : a study protocol Health behavior, health promotion and societyMak, YW ; Loke, AY 
2015An ontology of the submarine relief for analysis and representation on nautical chartsYan, J; Guilbert, E; Saux, E
2015Toward fast and deterministic clone detection for large anonymous RFID systemsBu, K; Xu, M; Liu, X; Luo, J; Zhang, S
2015A novel surface quality evaluation method in ultra-precision raster milling using cutting chipsZhang, G; To, S 
2015An analysis of chemical ingredients network of Chinese herbal formulae for the treatment of coronary heart diseaseDing, F; Zhang, Q; Ung, COL; Wang, Y; Han, Y ; Hu, Y; Qi, J
2015Relational norms and collaborative activities : roles in reducing opportunism in marketing channelsZhou, Y; Zhang, X ; Zhuang, G; Zhou, N
2015Mapping dustfall distribution in urban areas using remote sensing and ground spectral dataYan, X; Shi, W ; Zhao, W; Luo, N
2015An EOQ model for imperfect quality items with multiple quality characteristic screening and shortage backorderingTai, AH
2015Downscaling MODIS images with area-to-point regression krigingWang, Q; Shi, W ; Atkinson, PM; Zhao, Y
2015Global Earth’s gravity field solution with GRACE orbit and range measurements using modified short arc approachChen, Q; Shen, Y; Zhang, X; Hsu, H; Chen, W 
2015Envelope probability and EFAST-based sensitivity analysis method for electronic prognostic uncertainty quantificationSun, B; Pan, W; Wang, Z; Yung, KC 
2015Strategic sourcing supplier selection misalignment with critical success factors : findings from multiple case studies in Germany and the United KingdomKotula, M; Ho, W; Kumar Dey, P; Lee, CKM 
2015An efficient approach for compound identification based on the frequency features of mass spectraSun, ZL; Lam, KM ; Zhang, J
2015A feature-enriched completely blind image quality evaluatorZhang, L; Zhang, L ; Bovik, AC
2015Effects of gender grouping on students' group performance, individual achievements and attitudes in computer-supported collaborative learningZhan, Z; Fong, PSW ; Mei, H; Liang, T
2015Examining structural, perceptual, and attitudinal influences on the quality of information sharing in collaborative technology useShih, HP; Lai, KH ; Cheng, TCE 
2015Low-velocity impact damage on glass fibre reinforced aluminium laminates: experiments and finite element analysisWan, Y; Zhang, J; Wang, Z; Zhou, L 
2015A comparison of various artificial intelligence approaches performance for estimating suspended sediment load of river systems : a case study in United StatesOlyaie, E; Banejad, H; Chau, KW ; Melesse, AM
2015The value of using test responses data for content validity: An application of the bifactor-MIRT to a nursing knowledge testCai, Y
2015SIONA : a service and information oriented network architectureXu, M; Ming, Z; Xia, C; Ji, J; Li, D; Wang, D 
2015Firm growth and political institutionsBoubakri, N; El Ghoul, S; Saffar, W 
2015Microstructure and superplastic deformation for aerospace Ti-alloys associated with α-phase curing behaviorNing, YQ; Xie, BC; Fu, MW ; Liang, HQ; Yao, ZK; Guo, HZ
2015Fast forward index methods for pseudo-relevance feedback retrievalDang, EKF; Luk, RWP ; Allan, J
2015The enhanced electrocaloric effect in P(VDF-TrFE) copolymer with barium strontium titanate nano-fillers synthesized via an effective hydrothermal methodJiang, ZY; Zheng, XC; Zheng, GP 
2015The recent Asian wave in tourism research : the case of the Journal of Travel & Tourism MarketingLeung, R; Au, N ; Law, R 
2015Single-Machine Group Scheduling Problems with Variable Job Processing TimesJi, P ; Li, L
2015Evaluation of the cellular antioxidant activity of 25 commonly consumed fruit species in China based on Caco-2 cellsWan, H; Liu, R; Liu, D; Sun, H; Yu, X; Li, Y; Cong, Y
2015Basal Flt1 tyrosine kinase activity is a positive regulator of endothelial survival and vascularization during zebrafish embryogenesisLi, S
2015The utility of pay raises/cuts: A simulation experimental studyMitra, A; Jenkins, GD; Gupta, N; Shaw, JD 
2015Traffic dynamics around weaving section influenced by accident : cellular automata approachKong, LP; Li, XG; Lam, WHK 
2015Ultrasound-aided dyeing of cotton fabric with spirooxazines and photochromic propertiesPeng, L; Guo, R; Jiang, S ; Lan, J; He, Y; Huang, X
2015Low relative speed moving vehicle detection using motion vectors and generic line featuresWong, CC; Siu, WC ; Barnes, S; Jennings, P
2015All-optical quantization scheme by slicing the supercontinuum in a chalcogenide horizontal slot waveguideKang, S; Yuan, J; Kang, Z; Zhang, X; Kang, X; Guo, Z; Li, F; Yan, B; Wang, K; Sang, X; Yu, C
2015Investigation of microwave photonic filter based on multiple longitudinal modes fiber laser sourceCao, Y; Li, F; Feng, X; Lu, C ; Guan, BO; Wai, PKA 
2015Factors associated with atopy in toddlers : a case-control studyYung, J ; Yuen, JWM ; Ou, Y; Loke, AY 
2015The clique and coclique numbers’ bounds based on the H-eigenvalues of uniform hypergraphsXie, J; Qi, L 
2015Aqueous manganese dioxide ink for paper-based capacitive energy storage devicesQian, J; Jin, H; Chen, B; Lin, M; Lu, W; Tang, WM ; Xiong, W; Chan, LWH ; Lau, SP ; Yuan, J 
2015A theoretical framework and methodology for urban activity spatial structure in e-society : empirical evidence for Nanjing City, ChinaWang, B; Zhen, F; Wei, Z; Guo, S; Chen, T
2015Perceived school performance, life satisfaction, and hopelessness : a 4-year longitudinal study of adolescents in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Li, X
2015Fall risk in Chinese community-dwelling older adults : a physiological profile assessment studySiong, KH; Kwan, MMS; Lord, SR; Lam, AKC ; Tsang, WWN ; Cheong, AMY 
2015A comparison of muscle activity in using touchscreen smartphone among young people with and without chronic neck–shoulder painXie, Y; Szeto, GPY ; Dai, J; Madeleine, P
2015Customer perceptions of critical success factors for guest housesWang, S; Hung, K 
2015Search-Based Advertising Auctions with Choice-Based Budget ConstraintChoi, TM ; Li, X ; Ma, C
2015Tourism expenditure patterns in ChinaLin, VS; Mao, R; Song, H 
2015Clinical utility of plasma Epstein-Barr virus DNA and ERCC1 single nucleotide polymorphism in nasopharyngeal carcinomaHui, EP; Ma, BBY; Chan, KCA; Chan, CML; Wong, CSC ; To, KF; Chan, AWH; Tung, SY; Ng, WT; Cheng, AC; Lee, VHF; Chan, SL; Loong, HHF; Kam, MKM; Leung, SF; Ho, R; Mo, F; Ngan, RKC; Chan, ATC
2015Metallic corrosion in the polluted urban atmosphere of Hong KongLiu, B; Wang, DW; Guo, H ; Ling, ZH; Cheung, K
2015Directional Plk1 inhibition-driven cell cycle interruption using amphiphilic thin-coated peptide-lanthanide upconversion nanomaterials as in vivo tumor suppressorsChan, CF; Lan, R; Tsang, MK; Zhou, D; Lear, S; Chan, WL; Cobb, SL; Wong, WK; Hao, J ; Wong, WT ; Wong, KL
2015Towards write-activity-aware page table management for non-volatile main memoriesWang, T; Liu, D; Wang, Y; Shao, Z 
2015Nevasic audio program for the prevention of chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting : a feasibility study using a randomized controlled trial designMoradian, S; Walshe, C; Shahidsales, S; Ghavam Nasiri, MR; Pilling, M; Molasiotis, A 
2015Examining the neuroprotective effects of protocatechuic acid and chrysin on in vitro and in vivo models of Parkinson diseaseZhang, Z; Li, G; Szeto, SSW; Chong, CM; Quan, Q; Huang, C; Cui, W; Guo, B; Wang, Y; Han, Y ; Siu, KWM; Lee, SMY; Chu, IK
2015Fast polarization-state tracking based on radius-directed linear kalman filterCao, G; Yang, Y; Zhong, K; Zhou, X; Yao, Y; Lau, APT ; Lu, C 
2015Hidden Markov models for inventory systems with deteriorating itemsTai, AH
2015Advanced Modeling and Services Based Mathematics for Ubiquitous ComputingPark, JH; Shen, H; Cao, JN ; Xhafa, F; Jeong, YS
2015An additive-multiplicative rates model for multivariate recurrent events with event categories missing at randomYe, P; Sun, L; Zhao, X ; Xu, W