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2015Empirical likelihood confidence regions for one- or two- samples with doubly censored dataShen, J; Yuen, KC; Liu, C 
2015Factors associated with uptake of influenza vaccine in people aged 50 to 64 years in Hong Kong: A case-control studyYeung, MPS; Ng, SKC; Tong, ETF; Chan, SSK; Coker, R
2015Protection against β-amyloid-induced synaptic and memory impairments via altering β-amyloid assembly by bis(heptyl)-cognitinChang, L; Cui, W; Yang, Y; Xu, S; Zhou, W; Fu, H; Hu, S; Mak, S; Hu, J; Wang, Q; Ma, VPY; Choi, CL; Ma, EDL; Tao, L; Pang, Y; Rowan, MJ; Anwyl, R; Han, Y ; Wang, Q
2015Auxo: an architecture-centric framework supporting the online tuning of software adaptivityWang, HM; Ding, B; Shi, DX; Cao, JN ; Chan, ATS 
2015Validation of Hospitalization Impact Scale among families with children hospitalized for cancer treatmentLyu, QY; Kong, SKF; Wong, FKY ; You, LM
2015Factors associated with resilience of adult survivors five years after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in ChinaNi, C; Chow, MCM; Jiang, X; Li, S; Pang, SMC 
2015Design of a high-birefringence two-core photonic crystal fiber for simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperatureWu, C; Feng, ZW; Guan, BO; Tam, HY 
2015SIONA : a service and information oriented network architectureXu, M; Ming, Z; Xia, C; Ji, J; Li, D; Wang, D 
2015Goals and Life Satisfaction of Hong Kong Chinese Older AdultsAu, A ; Ng, E; Lai, S ; Tsien, T; Busch, H; Hofer, J; Lam, C; Wu, W
2015Genetic algorithm supported by graphical processing unit improves the exploration of effective connectivity in functional brain imagingChan, LWC ; Pang, B; Shyu, CR; Chan, T; Khong, PL
2015The synthesis of graphene nanoribbon and its reinforcing effect on poly (vinyl alcohol)Shang, SM ; Gan, L; Yuen, CWM; Jiang, SX ; Luo, NM
2015The acceptance and commitment therapy for smoking cessation in the primary health care setting : a study protocol Health behavior, health promotion and societyMak, YW ; Loke, AY 
2015Large eddy simulation of wind-induced interunit dispersion around multistory buildingsAi, ZT; Mak, CM 
2015A novel air-conditioning system for proactive power demand response to smart gridYan, C; Xue, X; Wang, S ; Cui, B
2015A simplified method for optimal design of solar water heating systems based on life-cycle energy analysisYan, C; Wang, S ; Ma, Z; Shi, W
2015Integration of directed searches in particle swarm optimization for multi-objective optimizationHo, SL ; Yang, J; Yang, S; Bai, Y
2015A database of static clothing thermal insulation and vapor permeability values of non-Western ensembles for use in ASHRAE Standard 55, ISO 7730, and ISO 9920Havenith, G; Kuklane, K; Fan, J; Hodder, S; Ouzzahra, Y; Lundgren, K; Au, Y; Loveday, D
2015Asymptotic dynamics of the one-dimensional attraction-repulsion Keller-Segel modelJin, HY; Wang, ZA 
2015Effects of glass fiber surface modified by nano-SiO2 on mechanical properties of GF/PCBT compositesYang, B; Zhang, J; Liang, W; Zhou, L 
2015Up to standard? Market positioning and performance of Hong Kong films, 1975-1997Tang, Y ; Wezel, FC
2015Mechanical properties of porous Fe-Al intermetallicsGao, HY; He, YH; Zou, J; Shen, PZ; Jiang, Y; Liu, CT
2015Vocational rehabilitation improves insight and social functioning of people with schizophreniaWang, W; Zhang, G; Tsui, MC; Li, D
2015Exploring spatial correlation for visual object retrievalShi, M; Sun, X; Tao, D; Xu, C; George, B ; Liu, H
2015Effects of rib spacing and height on particle deposition in ribbed duct air flowsLu, H; Lu, L 
2015“How does Sustainability Leadership Affect Firm Performance? The Choices Associated with Appointing a Chief Officer of Corporate Social Responsibility”Wiengarten, F; Lo, CKY ; Lam, JYK
2015Performance evaluation and parametric optimum design of a syngas molten carbonate fuel cell and gas turbine hybrid systemZhang, X; Liu, H; Ni, M ; Chen, J
2015Why palladium cathodes can bear resistance to methanol but not platinum cathodesPang, SK
2015Evaporative cooling technologies for air-cooled chillers for building energy performance improvementYu, FW; Chan, KT ; Yang, J; Sit, RKY
2015Determinants and shareholder wealth effects of the sales method in acquisitionsSchlingemann, F; Wu, H 
2015Supportive care in lung cancer : milestones over the past 40 yearsMolassiotis, A ; Uyterlinde, W; Hollen, PJ; Sarna, L; Palmer, P; Krishnasamy, M
2015Commentary on: Hegedüs A. and Kozel B. (2014). Does adherence therapy improve medication adherence among patients with schizophrenia? A systematic review. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, doi: 10.1111/inm.12089Gray, R; Bressington, D ; von Bormann, S; Schulz, M; Brown, E; Anderson, K; Jones, M
2015Dose optimization in pelvic radiography by air gap method on CR and DR systems - A phantom studyChan, CTP; Fung, KKL 
2015From industrially weavable and knittable highly conductive yarns to large wearable energy storage textilesHuang, Y; Hu, H ; Huang, Y; Zhu, M; Meng, W; Liu, C; Pei, Z; Hao, C; Wang, Z; Zhi, C
2015Distributed power splitting for SWIPT in relay interference channels using game theoryChen, H; Li, Y; Jiang, Y; Ma, Y; Vucetic, B
2015Predictors of the gender gap in life expectancy across 54 nationsRochelle, TL; Yeung, DKY; Bond, MH; Li, LMW
2015Modeling of Chlorophyll-A concentration for the coastal waters of Hong KongNazeer, M; Nichol, JE 
2015One-pot synthesis of polypyrrole/AgCl composite nanotubes and their antibacterial propertiesLiu, J; Wang, J; Yu, X; Li, L; Shang, S 
2015An experimental study of heat pipe heat exchanger for cooling and dehumidification in an indirect evaporative wayChan, MY ; Ng, RTH
2015Fusion of multiple features to produce a segmentation algorithm for remote sensing imagesCai, L; Shi, W ; He, P; Miao, Z; Hao, M; Zhang, H
2015Coordination of the closed-loop supply chain for product line design with consideration of remanufactured productsAydin, R; Kwong, CK ; Ji, P 
2015Perceived school performance, life satisfaction, and hopelessness : a 4-year longitudinal study of adolescents in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Li, X
2015A general strategy to construct uniform carbon-coated spinel LiMn2O 4 nanowires for ultrafast rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a long cycle lifeSun, W; Liu, H; Liu, Y; Bai, G; Liu, W; Guo, S; Zhao, XZ
2015Due-window assignment scheduling with variable job processing timesWu, YB; Ji, P 
2015Hong Kong secondary education reform and its impact on social and cultural awarenessLam, SY; So, JCH; Ng, KW
2015Competition between work-hardening effect and dynamic-softening behavior for processing as-cast GH4720Li superalloys with original dendrite microstructure during moderate-speed hot compressionNing, YQ; Wang, T; Fu, MW ; Li, MZ; Wang, L; Zhao, CD
2015Enabling Customer-Provided Resources for Cloud Computing: Potentials, Challenges, and ImplementationWang, H; Wang, F; Liu, J; Wang, D ; Groen, J
2015Publishing in tourism and hospitality journals : is the past a prelude to the future?McKercher, B ; Tung, V
2015Large margin clustering on uncertain data by considering probability distribution similarityXu, L; Hu, Q; Hung, E; Chen, B; Tan, X; Liao, C
2015Ultrasensitive and rapid screening of mercury(II) ions by dual labeling colorimetric method in aqueous samples and applications in mercury-poisoned animal tissuesDeng, Y; Wang, X; Xue, F; Zheng, L; Liu, J; Yan, F ; Xia, F; Chen, W
2015A phase synchronization control scheme for LCL-T type high-frequency current source in parallel connectionZeng, J; Liu, J; Yang, J; Luo, F; Cheng, KWE 
2015Quality of work life and job satisfaction among frontline hotel employees a self-determination and need satisfaction theory approachLee, JS ; Back, KJ; Chan, ES
2015Fractal analysis of gas diffusion in porous nanofibersXiao, B; Fan, JT; Wang, Z; Cai, X; Zhao, X
2015Magnetic negative stiffness dampersShi, X; Zhu, S 
2015Hospitality and Tourism Online Reviews: Recent Trends and Future DirectionsSchuckert, M ; Liu, X; Law, R 
2015The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt and c-Jun N-terminal kinase signaling in cancer: Alliance or contradiction? (Review)Zhao, HF; Wang, J; To, SST 
2015Fast image interpolation via random forestsHuang, JJ; Siu, WC ; Liu, TR
2015Bare bones artificial bee colony algorithm with parameter adaptation and fitness-based neighborhoodGao, W; Chan, FTS ; Huang, L; Liu, S
2015Changes in Sleep With Auricular Point Acupressure for Chronic Low Back PainYeh, CH; Suen, LKP ; Shen, J; Chien, LC; Liang, Z; Glick, RM; Morone, NE; Chasens, ER
2015The value of using test responses data for content validity: An application of the bifactor-MIRT to a nursing knowledge testCai, Y
2015Examining structural, perceptual, and attitudinal influences on the quality of information sharing in collaborative technology useShih, HP; Lai, KH ; Cheng, TCE 
2015Brand-as-Person versus Brand-as-User: An Anthropomorphic Issue in Tourism-related Self-Congruity StudiesWassler, P; Hung, K 
2015An effective image representation for visual information retrievalYou, J 
2015Accurate range-free localization for anisotropic wireless sensor networksZhang, S; Liu, X; Wang, J; Cao, J ; Min, G
2015Agrarian Capitalization without Capitalism? Capitalist Dynamics from Above and Below in ChinaYan, H. ; Chen, Y.
2015The performance of contingencies of supply chain information integration: The roles of product and market complexityWong, CWY ; Lai, KH ; Bernroider, EWN
2015Highly responsive room-temperature hydrogen sensing of α-MoO3 nanoribbon membranesYang, S; Wang, Z; Hu, Y; Luo, X; Lei, J; Zhou, D; Fei, L; Wang, Y ; Gu, H
2015Robust low-rank tensor factorization by cyclic weighted medianMeng, DY; Zhang, B; Xu, ZB; Zhang, L ; Gao, CQ
2015Dexmedetomidine directly increases tau phosphorylationHuang, C; Ho, YS; Ng, OTW; Irwin, MG; Chang, RCC; Wong, GTC
2015Directional Plk1 inhibition-driven cell cycle interruption using amphiphilic thin-coated peptide-lanthanide upconversion nanomaterials as in vivo tumor suppressorsChan, CF; Lan, R; Tsang, MK; Zhou, D; Lear, S; Chan, WL; Cobb, SL; Wong, WK; Hao, J ; Wong, WT ; Wong, KL
2015Timoshenko beam theory: A perspective based on the wave-mechanics approachWang, XQ; So, RMC
2015A very efficient algorithm for correction of skewed documentsChoy, SO; Chan, YH ; Hui, SW; Siu, WC 
2015Relationship or contract? Exploring the key factor leading to IT outsourcing success in ChinaQi, C; Chau, PYK
2015Learning a nonnegative sparse graph for linear regressionFang, X; Xu, Y; Li, X; Lai, Z; Wong, WK 
2015Effects of habitual loading on patellar tendon mechanical and morphological properties in basketball and volleyball playersZhang, ZJ; Ng, GYF ; Fu, SN 
2015Design accountability: When design research entangles theory and practiceKoskinen, I ; Krogh, PG
2015Sources for trusting most people : how national goals for socializing children promote the contributions made by trust of the in-group and the out-group to non-specific trustJing, Y; Bond, MH
2015A problem of limited-access special lanes. Part I: Spatiotemporal studies of real freeway trafficCassidy, MJ; Kim, K; Ni, W; Gu, W 
2015Corrigendum to "Automatic design of conformal cooling circuits for rapid tooling" [J. Comput.-Aided Des. 43(8) (2011) 1001-1010]Wang, Y; Yu, KM ; Wang, CCL; Zhang, Y
2015Has China’s fast industrial growth been efficient? An industry-level investigation with a newly constructed data setWu, HX; Shea, EYP ; Shiu, A 
2015Technical note-managing nonperishable inventories with learning about demand arrival rate through stockout timesBensoussan, A; Guo, P