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2015Mechanical properties and flame-retardant of PP/MRP/Mg(OH)2/Al(OH)3 compositesLiang, JZ; Feng, JQ; Tsui, CP ; Tang, CY ; Liu, DF; Zhang, SD; Huang, WF
2015Online security performances and information security disclosuresLi, DC 
2015Effects of geometrical parameters on the thermohydraulic characteristics of periodic cross-corrugated channelsLiu, XP; Niu, JL 
2015Collaborative fuzzy clustering from multiple weighted viewsJiang, Y; Chung, FL ; Wang, S; Deng, Z; Wang, J; Qian, P
2015Lifestyle health behaviors of Hong Kong Chinese: Results of a cluster analysisChan, CW ; Leung, SF 
2015Novel end-fly-cutting-servo system for deterministic generation of hierarchical micro-nanostructuresTo, S ; Zhu, Z; Zeng, W
2015Two-agent single-machine scheduling with deteriorating jobsYin, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Wan, L; Wu, CC; Liu, J
2015The new urbanization policy in China : which way forward?Wang, XR; Hui, ECM ; Choguill, C; Jia, SH
2015Smooth pursuit eye movement training improves recovery from functional neglect in individuals with postacute strokePang, MYC 
2015Apertureless cantilever-free pen arrays for scanning photochemical printingZhou, Y; Xie, Z; Brown, KA; Park, DJ; Zhou, X; Chen, PC; Hirtz, M; Lin, QY; Dravid, VP; Schatz, GC; Zheng, Z ; Mirkin, CA
2015Sparsely encoded local descriptor for face verificationCui, Z; Shan, S; Wang, R; Zhang, L ; Chen, X
2015Voltage-mode direct-current magnetoelectric sensor based on piezoelectric-magnetostrictive heterostructureZhang, L; Or, SW ; Leung, CM
2015Quantitative analysis of the measurement uncertainty in form characterization of freeform surfaces based on Monte Carlo simulationRen, M; Cheung, C ; Kong, L; Wang, S
2015Tuning the luminescence of phosphors : beyond conventional chemical methodBai, G; Tsang, MK; Hao, J 
2015On protecting end-to-end location privacy against local eavesdropper in wireless sensor networksChen, H; Lou, W 
2015Thick hollow cylindrical waveguides: A theoretical, numerical and experimental studyZiaja, A; Cheng, L ; Su, Z ; Packo, P; Pieczonka, L; Uhl, T; Staszewski, W
2015Dynamic Optimization of Large-Population Systems with Partial InformationHuang, J ; Wang, S
2015Silk fibroin-based nanoparticles for drug deliveryZhao, Z; Li, Y ; Xie, MB
2015Self-orienting the cameras for maximizing the view-coverage ratio in camera sensor networksYang, C; Zhu, W; Liu, J; Chen, L; Chen, D; Cao, J 
2015Extracting man-made objects from high spatial resolution remote sensing images via fast level set evolutionsLi, Z; Shi, W ; Wang, Q; Miao, Z
2015Evaluation and ranking of risk factors in public-private partnership water supply projects in developing countries using fuzzy synthetic evaluation approachAmeyaw, EE; Chan, APC 
2015Uniqueness of rate-dependency, creep and stress relaxation behaviors for soft claysZhu, QY; Yin, ZY; Xu, CJ; Yin, JH ; Xia, XH
2015Housing choices of migrant workers in China: Beyond the Hukou perspectiveTao, L; Hui, ECM ; Wong, FKW ; Chen, T
2015An empirical study on the relationship between sustainability performance and business competitiveness of international construction contractorsTan, Y; Ochoa, JJ; Langston, C; Shen, L
2015Studies toward the total synthesis of itralamide B and biological evaluation of its structural analogsWang, X; Lv, C; Feng, J; Tang, L; Wang, Z; Liu, Y; Meng, Y; Ye, T ; Xu, Z
2015Mechanical properties and morphology of Poly(l-Lactic acid)/Nano-CaCO3 compositesLiang, JZ; Duan, DR; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Chen, DZ; Zhang, SD
2015Predictors of levels of functioning among Chinese people with severe mental illness : a 12-month prospective cohort studyChien, WT ; Lam, CKK; Ng, BFL
2015Modulation of SIRT1-foxo1 signaling axis by resveratrol : implications in skeletal muscle aging and insulin resistanceSin, TK; Yung, BY ; Siu, PM 
2015Direct AC-AC grid interface converter for ocean wave energy systemTsang, KM ; Chan, WL 
2015Construction of 3D polymer brushes by dip-pen nanodisplacement lithography : understanding the molecular displacement for ultrafine and high-speed patterningChen, C; Zhou, X; Xie, Z; Gao, T; Zheng, Z 
2015Microstructure and adhesive properties of TiO2 coating on PU and PVC leathersMiao, D; Jiang, S ; Zhao, D; Guo, R
2015Superhydrophilic and underwater superoleophobic mesh coating for efficient oil-water separationLi, J; Cheng, HM; Chan, CY; Ng, PF; Chen, L; Fei, B ; Xin, JH 
2015Critical analysis of the application of the Safe Working Cycle (SWC) : interview findings from Hong KongChan, DWM ; Choi, TNY
2015Synchronization in directed complex networks using graph comparison toolsLiu, H; Cao, M; Wu, CW; Lu, JA; Tse, CK 
2015Risks in Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) projectsLee, P; Lam, PTI ; Lee, WL 
2015Regularized mathematical programs with stochastic equilibrium constraints : estimating structural demand modelsChen, X ; Sun, H; Wets, RJB
2015Metal-free graphene-based catalyst-insight into the catalytic activity: A short reviewHu, H ; Xin, JH ; Hu, H ; Wang, X; Kong, Y
2015Azimuth-elevation direction finding, using one fourcomponent acoustic vector-sensor spread spatially along a straight lineSong, Y; Wong, KT 
2015Unified non-volatile memory and NAND flash memory architecture in smartphonesChen, R; Wang, Y; Hu, J; Liu, D; Shao, Z ; Guan, Y
2015Proteotoxic stress induces phosphorylation of p62/SQSTM1 by ULK1 to regulate selective autophagic clearance of protein aggregatesLim, J; Lachenmayer, ML; Wu, S; Liu, W; Kundu, M; Wang, R; Komatsu, M; Oh, YJ; Zhao, Y; Yue, Z
2015Regioselective direct c-3 arylation of imidazo[1,2- a ]pyridines with aryl tosylates and mesylates promoted by palladium-phosphine complexesChoy, PY; Luk, KC; Wu, Y; So, CM; Wang, LL; Kwong, FY 
2015Can we predict the property cycle' A study of securitized property marketHui, ECM ; Wang, Z
2015Improved algorithms for single-machine common due window assignment and scheduling with batch deliveriesLi, CL 
20152D segment model for a bi-layer electrolyte solid oxide fuel cellShen, S; Nib, M 
2015Electrospun bismuth ferrite nanofibers for potential applications in ferroelectric photovoltaic devicesFei, L; Hu, Y; Li, X; Song, R; Sun, L; Huang, H ; Gu, H; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y 
2015Fracture-mode map of brittle coatings: Theoretical development and experimental verificationHe, C; Xie, Z; Guo, Z; Yao, H 
2015Direction finding using a biaxial particle-velocity sensorSong, Y; Wong, KT ; Li, Y
2015A subsystem approach for analysis of dynamic vibration absorbers suppressing broadband vibrationCheung, YL; Wong, WO ; Cheng, L 
2015The roles of humic substances in the interactions of phenanthrene and heavy metals on the bentonite surfaceZhang, W; Zheng, J; Zheng, P; Tsang, DCW ; Qiu, R
2015Morphology-controlled synthesis of Au/Cu2FeSnS4 core-shell nanostructures for plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generationHa, E; Lee, LYS ; Man, HW; Tsang, SCE; Wong, KY 
2015Study of freeze-dried chitosan beads encapsulating live lactic acid bacteria for removal of reactive dyesLuk, CHJ; Yip, J; Yuen, CWM; Lam, KH; Kan, CW 
2015Critical roles of Mn-ions in enhancing the insulation, piezoelectricity and multiferroicity of BiFeO3-based lead-free high temperature ceramicsGuo, Y; Xiao, P; Wen, R; Wan, Y; Zheng, Q; Shi, D; Lam, KH ; Liu, M; Lin, D
2015Fabrication of high infrared reflective ceramic films on polyester fabrics by RF magnetron sputteringMiao, D; Zhao, H; Peng, Q; Shang, S ; Jiang, S 
2015The Relationships Between Casino Quality, Image, Value, and LoyaltyTsai, H ; Lee, J ; Pan, S 
2015Effect of PTB7 Properties on the Performance of PTB7:PC71BM Solar CellsTo, CH; Ng, A; Dong, Q; Djurišić, AB; Zapien, JA; Chan, WK; Surya, C 
2015Amorphization and C segregation based surface generation of Reaction-Bonded SiC/Si composites under micro-grindingZhang, Q; To, S ; Zhao, Q; Guo, B
2015Preliminary study of the parameterisation of street-level ventilation in idealised two-dimensional simulationsHo, YK; Liu, CH; Wong, MS 
20153D numerical simulation analysis of passive drag near free surface in swimmingZhan, JM; Li, TZ; Chen, XB; Li, YS ; Wai, WHO 
2015Technology-assisted balance and gait training reduces falls in patients with Parkinson¡¦s disease a randomized controlled trial with 12-month follow-upShen, X; Mak, MKY 
2015Anelastic analyses on the relaxation of anti-ferroelectric states in 0.94Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-0.06BaTiO3 solid solutions under electric fieldsLiu, Y ; Zheng, G 
20152D segment model for a solid oxide fuel cell with a mixed ionic and electronic conductor as electrolyteShen, S; Ni, M 
2015Serrated chip formation and their adiabatic analysis by using the constitutive model of titanium alloy in high speed cuttingWu, H; To, S 
2015On the severe haze in Beijing during January 2013 : unraveling the effects of meteorological anomalies with WRF-ChemZhang, L; Wang, T ; Lv, M; Zhang, Q
2015The key causes of urban-rural conflict in ChinaYu, ATW ; Wu, Y; Shen, J; Zhang, X; Shen, L; Shan, L
2015An empirical study of pauses in Chinese-English simultaneous interpretingWang, B; Li, T
2015Effects of optically imposed astigmatism on early eye growth in chicksChu, CHG; Kee, CS 
2015Special issue on sustainable materials and structuresDai, JG ; Teng, JG 
2015An iterative detection and removal method for detecting spatial clusters of different densitiesLiu, Q; Tang, J; Deng, M; Shi, Y
2015Review of studies on the critical success factors for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects from 1990 to 2013Osei-Kyei, R; Chan, APC 
2015Descriptors used to define running-related musculoskeletal injury: A systematic reviewYamato, TP; Saragiotto, BT; Hespanhol Junior, LC; Yeung, SS; Lopes, AD
2015Urbanization impacts on regional tourism development : a case study in ChinaLuo, JM; Qiu, H ; Lam, CF
2015Evolutionary diamond turning of optics for error correction covering a wide spatial spectrumTo, S ; Zhu, Z; Wang, P
2015A heuristic for scheduling jobs on two identical parallel machines with a machine availability constraintWang, X; Cheng, TCE 
2015Novel selection system of ultra-precision machining tool for optical lensChan, CY ; Li, LH; Lee, WB 
2015Chordal Editing is Fixed-Parameter TractableCao, Y ; Marx, D
2015Integration of health monitoring and vibration control for smart building structures with time-varying structural parameters and unknown excitationsXu, YL ; Huang, Q; Xia, Y ; Liu, HJ
2015Highly flexible and transferable supercapacitors with ordered three-dimensional MnO2/Au/MnO2 nanospike arraysGao, Y; Jin, H; Lin, Q; Li, X; Tavakoli, MM; Leung, SF; Tang, WM ; Zhou, L ; Chan, HLW ; Fan, Z
2015Self-report prospective memory problems in people with strokeMan, D ; Yip, C; Lee, G; Fleming, J; Shum, D
2015Hedge fund intervention and accounting conservatismCheng, CSA ; Huang, HH; Li, Y
2015Elucidating the prognostic significance of KRAS, NRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA mutations in Chinese patients with metastatic colorectal cancerMa, BB; Mo, F; Tong, JH; Wong, A; Wong, SCC ; Ho, WM; Wu, C; Lam, PWY; Chan, KF; Chan, TSK; Tsui, WMS; Tsang, AKH; Fung, MNS; Chan, ATC; To, KF