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2016A survey, classification, and critical review of light-emitting diode driversLi, S; Tan, SC; Lee, CK; Waffenschmidt, E; Hui, SYR; Tse, CK 
2016The application of air layers in building envelopes : a reviewZhang, T; Tan, Y; Yang, H ; Zhang, X
2016Developing Transport Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa through Public–Private Partnerships : policy Practice and ImplicationsOsei-Kyei, R; Chan, APC 
2016Wind tunnel investigation on the two- and three-blade Savonius rotor with central shaft at different gap ratioChen, L; Chen, J; Xu, H; Yang, H ; Ye, C; Liu, D
2016The proof of a conjecture on largest Laplacian and signless Laplacian H-eigenvalues of uniform hypergraphsYuan, X; Qi, L ; Shao, J
2016Comparing reservation channels for hotel rooms : a behavioral perspectiveMasiero, L ; Law, R 
2016Mechanism of boron and nitrogen in situ doping during graphene chemical vapor deposition growthWang, L; Zhang, X; Yan, F ; Chan, HLW ; Ding, F 
2016Sound absorption of microperforated panels inside compact acoustic enclosuresYang, C; Cheng, L 
2016A modified quantized kernel least mean square algorithm for prediction of chaotic time seriesZheng, Y; Wang, S; Feng, J; Tse, CK 
2016Global detection and semi-quantification of fritillaria alkaloids in fritillariae ussuriensis bulbus by a non-targeted multiple reaction monitoring approachWang, L; Yao, ZP ; Li, P; Chen, SB; So, PK; Shi, ZQ; Hu, B; Liu, LF; Xin, GZ
2016Investigation on a novel bolted joint scheme for foam inserted top-hat stiffened composite platesZhang, J; Chen, Q; Shi, Z; Teng, J ; Zhou, L 
2016Noise control of dipole source by using micro-perforated panel housingXi, Q; Choy, YS ; Cheng, L ; Tang, SK 
2016Robust adaptive fuzzy fault-tolerant control for a class of non-lower-triangular nonlinear systems with actuator failuresWang, H; Liu, X; Liu, PX; Li, S 
2016Politics and tourism promotion: Hong Kong's myth makingZhang, CX; Decosta, PL; McKercher, B 
2016Photocatalytic pavements with epoxy-bonded TiO2-containing spreading materialWang, D; Leng, Z ; Hüben, M; Oeser, M; Steinauer, B
2016On-site measurement of tracer gas transmission between horizontal adjacent flats in residential building and cross-infection risk assessmentWu, Y; Tung, TCW; Niu, JL 
2016A modelling study of the atmospheric chemistry of DMS using the global model, STOCHEM-CRIKhan, MAH; Gillespie, SMP; Razis, B; Xiao, P; Davies-Coleman, MT; Percival, CJ; Derwent, RG; Dyke, JM; Ghosh, MV; Lee, EPF; Shallcross, DE
2016Compressive mechanics of warp-knitted spacer fabrics. Part I : a constitutive modelLiu, Y; Hu, H 
2016A novel PCR-based approach for accurate identification of vibrio parahaemolyticusLi, R; Chiou, J ; Chan, EWC; Chen, S 
2016The interior working mechanism and temperature characteristics of a fluid based micro-vibration isolatorWang, J; Zhao, S; Wu, D; Jing, X 
2016Chiral plasmon in gapped Dirac systemsKumar, A; Nemilentsau, A; Fung, KH ; Hanson, G; Fang, NX; Low, T
2016Bi-objective optimization of three echelon supply chain involving truck selection and loading using NSGA-II with heuristics algorithmChan, FTS ; Jha, A; Tiwari, MK
2016District cooling systems : technology integration, system optimization, challenges and opportunities for applicationsGang, W; Wang, S ; Xiao, F ; Gao, DC
2016Are international securitized property markets converging or diverging?Hui, ECM ; Chen, J; Chan, KKK
2016Element diffusion model of bimetallic hot deformation in metallurgical bonding processSun, CY; Li, L; Fu, MW ; Zhou, QJ
2016Risk management and coordination in service supply chains : information, logistics and outsourcingChoi, TM ; Wallace, SW; Wang, Y
2016Element-by-element model updating of large-scale structures based on component mode synthesis methodYu, JX; Xia, Y ; Lin, W; Zhou, XQ
2016Bioavailability-based assessment of aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated activity in Lake Tai Basin from Eastern ChinaLi, JY; Su, L; Wei, F; Yang, J; Jin, L; Zhang, X
2016Highly efficient perovskite solar cells with precursor composition-dependent morphologyHuang, C; Fu, N; Liu, F; Jiang, L; Hao, X; Huang, H 
2016Parental dietary seleno-L-methionine exposure and resultant offspring developmental toxicityChernick, M; Ware, M; Albright, E; Kwok, KWH ; Dong, W; Zheng, N; Hinton, DE
2016Structural and electrocaloric properties of multiferroic-BiFeO3 doped 0.94Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-0.06BaTiO3 solid solutionsZheng, GP ; Uddin, S; Zheng, X; Yang, J
2016Self-powered flat panel displays enabled by motion-driven alternating current electroluminescenceFang, H; Tian, H; Li, J; Li, Q; Dai, J ; Ren, TL; Dong, G; Yan, Q
2016A novel capacity controller for a three-evaporator air conditioning (TEAC) system for improved indoor humidity controlYan, H; Deng, S ; Chan, MY 
2016Multi-damage localization on large complex structures through an extended delay-and-sum based methodShan, S; Qiu, J; Zhang, C; Ji, H; Cheng, L 
2016A note on scheduling jobs with equal processing times and inclusive processing set restrictionsLi, CL ; Lee, K
2016A high-precision approach to reconstruct distribution of relaxation times from electrochemical impedance spectroscopyZhang, Y; Chen, Y; Li, M; Yan, M; Ni, M ; Xia, C
2016National culture and privatization : the relationship between collectivism and residual state ownershipBoubakri, N; Guedhami, O; Kwok, CCY; Saffar, W 
2016Shopping destinations and trust - tourist attitudes : scale development and validationChoi, M; Law, R ; Heo, CY
2016A 3D printing path optimizer based on Christofides algorithmFok, KY; Ganganath, N; Cheng, CT ; Tse, CK 
2016An integrated model for strategic supply chain design : formulation and ABC-based solution approachZhang, LL; Lee, C; Zhang, S
2016Morphotropic domain structures and dielectric relaxation in piezo-/ferroelectric Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O3-Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 single crystalsLi, T; Chen, C; Ye, M; Qiu, X; Lin, P; Xiong, X; Zeng, X; Huang, H ; Ke, S
2016Nonlinear control of fixed-wing UAVs in presence of stochastic windsRubio, HJ; Reyhanoglu, M; Tang, H ; Kayacan, E
2016Semi-automated landslide inventory mapping from bitemporal aerial photographs using change detection and level set methodLi, Z ; Shi, W ; Myint, SW; Lu, P; Wang, Q
2016Three-dimensional flow structure of a non-buoyant jet in a wave-current coexisting environmentXu, Z; Chen, Y; Tao, J; Pan, Y; Sowa, DMA; Li, CW 
2016Identification of flight state under different simulator modes using improved diffusion mapsJia, B; Wei, CF; Mao, JF; Law, R ; Fu, S; Wu, Q
2016Working with Kwok Leung : reflections from four grateful collaboratorsBond, MH ; van de Vijver, FJR; Morris, MW; Gelfand, MJ
2016Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of air flow field, mean age of air and CO2 distributions inside a bedroom with different heights of conditioned air supply outletMao, B; Song, M; Chan, MY ; Dongmei, P; Deng, SM 
2016Emergence of carbapenem-resistant serotype K1 hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae strains in ChinaZhang, R; Lin, D; Chan, EWC; Gu, D; Chen, GX; Chen, S 
2016Island-like mesoporous amorphous Fe2O3 layer : surface disorder engineering for enhanced lithium-storage performanceWang, H; Yang, H ; Lu, L 
2016Intrusion warning and assessment method for site safety enhancementLi, H ; Shuang, D; Skitmore, M; Qinghua, H; Qin, Y
2016Comparative studies on damage identification with Tikhonov regularization and sparse regularizationZhang, CD; Xu, YL 
2016An experimental study of multicolored composite yarns for woven fabrics by the friction spinning methodHua, T ; Lo, WW; Xiao, X
2016Electrochemically reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotubes composites as binder-free supercapacitor electrodesYang, Q; Pang, SK; Yung, KC 
2016Multiobjective path planning on uneven terrains based on NAMOA*Ganganath, N; Cheng, CT ; Tse, CK 
2016The spatial-matched-filter beam pattern of a biaxial non-orthogonal velocity sensorLee, CH; Lee, HRL; Wong, KT ; Razo, M
2016Emission of impinging biogas/air premixed flame with hydrogen enrichmentZhen, HS; Wei, ZL; Leung, CW ; Cheung, CS ; Huang, ZH
2016Signalling intertextuality in business emailsWarren, M 
2016Multi-period risk minimization purchasing models for fashion products with interest rate, budget, and profit target considerationsChoi, TM 
2016Assessing investment value of privately-owned public rental housing projects with multiple optionsLi, D; Guo, K; You, J; Hui, ECM 
2016Broad temperature plateau for high ZTs in heavily doped p-type SnSe single crystalsPeng, K; Lu, X; Zhan, H; Hui, S; Tang, X; Wang, G; Dai, J ; Uher, C; Wang, G; Zhou, X
2016CFD simulation of the effect of an upstream building on the inter-unit dispersion in a multi-story building in two wind directionsCui, DJ; Mak, CM ; Kwok, KCS; Ai, ZT
2016A new method of satellite-based haze aerosol monitoring over the North China Plain and a comparison with MODIS Collection 6 aerosol productsYan, X; Shi, W ; Luo, N; Zhao, W
2016Dyeing cotton in alkane solvent using polyethylene glycol-based reverse micelle as reactive dye carrierWang, Y; Lee, CH; Tang, YL; Kan, CW 
2016A seasonal cold storage system based on separate type heat pipe for sustainable building coolingYan, C; Shi, W; Li, X; Wang, S 
2016Perturbation mapping of water leak in buried water pipes via laboratory validation experiments with high-frequency ground penetrating radar (GPR)Lai, WWL ; Chang, RKW; Sham, JFC; Pang, K
2016Characteristics of concrete cracks and their influence on chloride penetrationWang, HL; Dai, JG ; Sun, XY; Zhang, XL
2016The stereotyping of tourism management students in a business school settingTung, VWS ; King, B 
2016Numerical investigation of the energy saving potential of a semi-transparent photovoltaic double-skin facade in a cool-summer Mediterranean climatePeng, J; Curcija, DC; Lu, L ; Selkowitz, SE; Yang, H ; Zhang, W
2016Apple, Foxconn, and Chinese workers' struggles from a global labor perspectivePun, N ; Shen, Y; Guo, YH; Lu, HL; Chan, J ; Selden, M
2016The unexpectedly small coefficient of restitution of a two-degree-of-freedom mass-spring system and its implicationsRuan, HH ; Yu, TX
2016Issues of NIMBY conflict management from the perspective of stakeholders : a case study in ShanghaiSun, L; Yung, EHK ; Chan, EHW ; Zhu, D
2016A design and evaluation tool using 3D head templatesLuximon, Y ; Ball, RM ; Chow, EHC
2016Biomimetic water-collecting fabric with light-induced superhydrophilic bumpsWang, Y; Wang, X; Lai, C; Hu, H ; Kong, Y; Fei, B ; Xin, JH 
2016Orthographic consistency and individual learner differences in second language literacy acquisitionKim, SA ; Packard, J; Christianson, K; Anderson, RC; Shin, JA
2016Forecasting with model selection or model averaging : a case study for monthly container port throughputGao, Y; Luo, M ; Zou, G
2016Tensile strains give rise to strong size effects for thermal conductivities of silicene, germanene and staneneKuang, YD; Lindsay, L; Shi, SQ ; Zheng, GP 
2016One-pass online learning : a local approachZhou, Z; Zheng, WS; Hu, JF; Xu, Y; You, J 
2016An online niche-market tour identification system for the travel and tourism industryWu, CH; Ho, GTS; Lam, CHY; Ip, WH ; Choy, KL ; Tse, YK
2016Production of Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials via Liquid-Based Direct ExfoliationNiu, L; Coleman, JN; Zhang, H; Shin, H; Chhowalla, M; Zheng, Z 
2016Reliability and validity of dual-task mobility assessments in people with chronic strokeYang, L; He, C; Pang, MYC