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2016Circulant tensors with applications to spectral hypergraph theory and stochastic processChen, Z; Qi, L 
2016Real-time locating systems applications in constructionLi, H ; Chan, G; Wong, JKW ; Skitmore, M
2016Visible-light-active plasmonic Ag-SrTiO3 nanocomposites for the degradation of NO in air with high selectivityZhang, Q; Huang, Y; Xu, L; Cao, JJ; Ho, W; Lee, SC 
2016Heat stress and its impacts on occupational health and performanceChan, APC ; Yi, W
2016Experimental research in hospitality and tourism : a critical reviewFong, LHN; Law, R ; Tang, CMF; Yap, MHT
2016A review of fly cutting applied to surface generation in ultra-precision machiningZhang, SJ; To, S ; Zhu, ZW; Zhang, GQ
2016Embodied agricultural water use in China from 1997 to 2010Guo, S; Shen, GQ ; Peng, Y
2016Energy use embodied in China's construction industry : a multi-regional input-output analysisHong, J; Shen, GQ ; Guo, S; Xue, F; Zheng, W
2016A novel danshensu derivative prevents cardiac dysfunction and improves the chemotherapeutic efficacy of doxorubicin in breast cancer cellsWang, L; Zhang, X; Chan, JYW; Shan, L; Cui, G; Cui, Q; Wang, Y; Li, J; Chen, H; Zhang, Q; Yu, P; Han, Y ; Wang, Y; Lee, SMY
2016The toxic effects of indoor atmospheric fine particulate matter collected from allergic and non-allergic families in Wuhan on mouse peritoneal macrophagesYan, B; Li, J; Guo, J; Ma, P; Wu, Z; Ling, Z; Guo, H ; Hiroshi, Y; Yanagi, U; Yang, X; Zhu, S; Chen, M
2016Production of Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials via Liquid-Based Direct ExfoliationNiu, L; Coleman, JN; Zhang, H; Shin, H; Chhowalla, M; Zheng, Z 
2016Highly efficient perovskite solar cells with precursor composition-dependent morphologyHuang, C; Fu, N; Liu, F; Jiang, L; Hao, X; Huang, H 
2016Medical savings account balance and outpatient utilization : evidence from Guangzhou, ChinaZhang, H; Yuen, PP
2016The Influence of Parental Beliefs on the Development of Chinese Adolescents Experiencing Economic Disadvantage : Maternal Control as a MediatorLeung, JTY ; Shek, DTL 
2016Smart computing for large scale visual data sensing and processingZhang, L ; Duygulu, P; Zuo, W; Shan, S; Hauptmann, A
2016How the perspectives of nursing assistants and frail elderly residents on their daily interaction in nursing homes affect their interaction : a qualitative studyLung, CC; Liu, JYW 
2016Guest editorial : advances in machine learning for speech processingDong, M; Tao, J; Mak, MW 
2016A general model for studying time evolution of transition networksZhan, C; Tse, CK ; Small, M
2016Development and application of a remote sensing-based Chlorophyll-a concentration prediction model for complex coastal waters of Hong KongNazeer, M; Nichol, JE 
2016Special issue on "innovative service and manufacturing design"Lun, YHV ; Quaddus, M; Naim, M; Disney, S
2016The application of air layers in building envelopes : a reviewZhang, T; Tan, Y; Yang, H ; Zhang, X
2016A survey, classification, and critical review of light-emitting diode driversLi, S; Tan, SC; Lee, CK; Waffenschmidt, E; Hui, SYR; Tse, CK 
2016Guidelines improve nurses' knowledge and confidence in diagnosis of anxiety and challenging behaviours in people with intellectual disabilitiesBressington, D ; Chien, WT 
2016Kwok Leung (1958-2015) : a life to celebrate and strive to emulateBond, MH 
2016Corrigendum to "re-examination of C1-C5 alkyl nitrates in Hong Kong using an observation-based model" [Atmos. Environ. 120 (2016) 28-37] DOI : 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.08.083Lyu, XP; Ling, ZH; Guo, H ; Saunders, SM; Lam, SHM; Wang, N; Wang, Y ; Liu, M; Wang, T 
2016Investigating the potential of applying vertical green walls to high-rise residential buildings for energy-saving in sub-tropical regionWong, I; Baldwin, AN
2016Corrigendum to "ambient volatile organic compounds and their effect on ozone production in Wuhan, central China" [Sci. Total Environ. 541 (2016) 200-209] DOI : 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2015.09.093.Lyu, XP; Chen, N; Guo, H ; Zhang, WH; Wang, N; Wang, Y ; Liu, M
2016A new approach to enhance the heat and mass transfer of liquid desiccant dehumidification with a titanium dioxide superhydrophilic self-cleaning coatingQi, R; Hua, Y; Wang, Y; Lu, L 
2016An interior-point ℓ 1/2-penalty method for inequality constrained nonlinear optimizationTian, B; Yang, X ; Meng, K
2016A study of plasma-induced ozone treatment on the colour fading of dyed cottonKan, CW ; Cheung, HF; Chan, Q
2016Vertically-aligned single-crystal nanocone arrays : controlled fabrication and enhanced field emissionDuan, JL; Lei, DY ; Chen, F; Lau, SP ; Milne, WI; Toimil-Molares, ME; Trautmann, C; Liu, J
2016High dimensional discrimination analysis via a semiparametric modelJiang, B ; Leng, C
2016Self-cleaning ability of titanium dioxide clear paint coated architectural mortar and its potential in field applicationGuo, MZ; Maury-Ramirez, A; Poon, CS 
2016Life-cycle energy analysis of prefabricated building components : an input-output-based hybrid modelHong, J; Shen, GQ ; Mao, C; Li, Z; Li, K
2016Analysis of the perceived value of online tourism reviews : influence of readability and reviewer characteristicsFang, B; Ye, Q; Kucukusta, D ; Law, R 
2016The effect of job stress on self-reported safety behaviour in container terminal operations : the moderating role of emotional intelligenceLu, CS ; Kuo, SY
2016Towards a taxonomy of tourism productsMcKercher, B 
2016Re-examining the growth machine ideology of cities : conservation of historic properties in Hong KongYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW 
2016Reconsolidation of state power into urbanising villages : shareholding reforms as a strategy for governance in the Pearl River Delta regionWong, SW 
2016Compressive mechanics of warp-knitted spacer fabrics. Part I : a constitutive modelLiu, Y; Hu, H 
2016Multi-damage localization on large complex structures through an extended delay-and-sum based methodShan, S; Qiu, J; Zhang, C; Ji, H; Cheng, L 
2016Computer-aided diagnosis for distinguishing pancreatic mucinous cystic neoplasms from serous oligocystic adenomas in spectral CT imagesLi, C; Lin, X; Hui, C; Lam, KM ; Zhang, S
2016Stakeholder demands and corporate environmental coping strategies in ChinaLiu, N; Tang, SY; Lo, CWH ; Zhan, X 
2016Enhancing economic sustainability by markdown money supply contracts in the fashion industry : China vs U.S.A.Shen, B; Choi, TM ; Lo, CKY 
2016Characterisation of recycled mixed plastic solid wastes : Coupon and full-scale investigationBajracharya, RM; Manalo, AC; Karunasena, W; Lau, KT 
2016Amelioration of acute myocardial infarction by saponins from flower buds of Panax notoginseng via pro-angiogenesis and anti-apoptosisYang, BR; Cheung, KK; Zhou, X; Xie, RF; Cheng, PP; Wu, S; Zhou, ZY; Tang, JY; Hoi, PM; Wang, YH; Lee, SMY
2016Biomimetic water-collecting fabric with light-induced superhydrophilic bumpsWang, Y; Wang, X; Lai, C; Hu, H ; Kong, Y; Fei, B ; Xin, JH 
2016Control of wakes and vortex-induced vibrations of a single circular cylinder using synthetic jetsWang, C; Tang, H ; Duan, F; Yu, SCM
20163D bicontinuous nanoporous reduced graphene oxide for highly sensitive photodetectorsIto, Y; Zhang, W; Li, J; Chang, H; Liu, P; Fujita, T; Tan, Y; Yan, F ; Chen, M
2016Hydrogenated V2O5 nanosheets for superior lithium storage propertiesPeng, X; Zhang, X; Wang, L; Hu, L; Cheng, SHS; Huang, C; Gao, B; Ma, F; Huo, K; Chu, PK
2016Transient reliability optimization for turbine disk radial deformationFei, CW; Bai, GC; Tang, WZ; Choy, YS ; Gao, HF
2016Multi-scale modeling and trans-level simulation from material meso-damage to structural failure of reinforced concrete frame structures under seismic loadingBin, S; Li, Z
2016A feasibility and efficacy randomised controlled trial of swaddling for controlling procedural pain in preterm infantsHo, LP; Ho, SS; Leung, DY; So, WK; Chan, CW
2016Incremental effects of the Shanghai Free-trade Zone - an internet informed assessment of Hong Kong’s tourism competitivenessJi, MJ; Li, M ; King, B 
2016High-mode effects on seismic performance of multi-story self-centering braced steel framesQiu, CX; Zhu, S 
2016Correlation-assisted nearest shrunken centroid classifier with applications for high dimensional spectral dataXu, J; Xu, Q; Yi, L; Chan, CO; Mok, DKW 
2016Trajectory planning for 3D printing : a revisit to traveling salesman problemGanganath, N; Cheng, CT ; Fok, KY; Tse, CK 
2016Identifying facilitators, constraints of wine tourism for outbound Chinese touristsGu, QSC; Qiu, HQ ; King, BEM 
2016Photonic patterns : fashion cutting with illuminating polymeric optical fibre (POF) textilesTan, J 
2016An open multilevel classification scheme for the visual layout of comics and graphic novels : motivation and designBateman, JA; Veloso, FOD ; Wildfeuer, J; Cheung, FHL; Guo, NSD
2016Appealing to tourists via branded entertainment : from theory to practiceHudson, S; Tung, V 
2016Rapid 3D patterning of poly(acrylic acid) ionic hydrogel for miniature pH sensorsYin, MJ; Yao, M; Gao, S; Zhang, AP ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2016Dinuclear ruthenium complexes display loop isomer selectivity to c-MYC DNA G-quadriplex and exhibit anti-tumour activityZheng, C; Liu, Y; Liu, Y; Qin, X; Zhou, Y; Liu, J
2016Effects of large spanwise wavelength on the wake of a sinusoidal wavy cylinderLin, YF; Bai, HL; Alam, MM; Zhang, WG; Lam, K
2016A humanities wanderer “lost” in tourism studies : a critical reflectionXiao, HG 
2016智囊/智库、科技咨询与旅游科学发展Xiao, HG 
2016Photonic textile design practice : a case studyBai, ZQ; Tan, J 
2016Sublexical and lexical processing of the English orthography among native speakers of Chinese and KoreanPae, HK; Kim, SA ; Mano, QR; Kwon, YJ
2016An innovative model of park governance : evidence from VietnamLy, TP; Xiao, HG 
2016Creating a scale for assessing socially sustainable tourismQiu Zhang, HQ ; Fan, DXF; Tse, TSM ; King, B 
2016An enhanced algorithm to estimate BDS satellite’s differential code biasesShi, C; Fan, L; Li, M; Liu, Z ; Gu, S; Zhong, S; Song, W
2016Orthographic consistency and individual learner differences in second language literacy acquisitionKim, SA ; Packard, J; Christianson, K; Anderson, RC; Shin, JA
2016The stereotyping of tourism management students in a business school settingTung, VWS ; King, B 
2016A seasonal cold storage system based on separate type heat pipe for sustainable building coolingYan, C; Shi, W; Li, X; Wang, S 
2016Culture and the working life : predicting the relative centrality of work across life domains for employed personsLu, Q ; Huang, X; Bond, MH 
2016Fundamental properties and pseudo-polynomial-time algorithm for network containership sailing speed optimizationWang, S 
2016Supply chain cost minimization by collaboration between liner shipping companies and port operatorsLiu, Z; Wang, S ; Du, Y; Wang, H
2016Joint inventory and pricing coordination with incomplete demand informationLu, Y; Song, M ; Yang, Y
2016Willingness to board : a novel concept for modeling queuing up passengersLiu, Z; Wang, S ; Chen, W; Zheng, Y
2016Liner container assignment model with transit-time-sensitive container shipment demand and its applicationsWang, S ; Meng, Q; Lee, CY