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2016Direction-specific impairment of stability limits and falls in children with developmental coordination disorder : implications for rehabilitationFong, SSM; Ng, SSM ; Chung, LMY; Ki, WY; Chow, LPY; Macfarlane, DJ
2016Crustal vertical deformation response to different spatial scales of GRACE and GCMs surface loadingYan, H; Chen, W ; Yuan, L
2016Glocalisation and English language education in Chinese contextRai, L; Deng, C
2016Output-impedance shaping of bidirectional DAB DC-DC converter using double-proportional-integral feedback for near-ripple-free DC bus voltage regulation in renewable energy systemsCao, L; Loo, KH ; Lai, YM 
2016Morphotropic domain structures and dielectric relaxation in piezo-/ferroelectric Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O3-Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 single crystalsLi, T; Chen, C; Ye, M; Qiu, X; Lin, P; Xiong, X; Zeng, X; Huang, H ; Ke, S
2016Culture and the working life : predicting the relative centrality of work across life domains for employed personsLu, Q ; Huang, X; Bond, MH 
2016High-mode effects on seismic performance of multi-story self-centering braced steel framesQiu, CX; Zhu, S 
2016Stage-structured models of intra- and inter-specific competition within age classesFang, J; Gourley, SA; Lou, Y 
2016Tone-dependent error diffusion based on an updated blue-noise modelFung, YH; Chan, YH 
2016Asymptotic dynamics on a singular chemotaxis system modeling onset of tumor angiogenesisWang, ZA ; Xiang, Z; Yu, P
2016Electrochemically reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotubes composites as binder-free supercapacitor electrodesYang, Q; Pang, SK; Yung, KC 
2016Wind tunnel investigation on the two- and three-blade Savonius rotor with central shaft at different gap ratioChen, L; Chen, J; Xu, H; Yang, H ; Ye, C; Liu, D
2016An analysis of tourism development in China from urbanization perspectiveLuo, JM; Qiu, H ; Goh, C; Wang, D 
2016A high-precision approach to reconstruct distribution of relaxation times from electrochemical impedance spectroscopyZhang, Y; Chen, Y; Li, M; Yan, M; Ni, M ; Xia, C
2016Regulatory compliance when the rule of law is weak : evidence from China's environmental reformYee, WH; Tang, SY; Lo, CWH 
2016An object-based change detection approach using uncertainty analysis for VHR imagesHao, M; Shi, W ; Deng, K; Zhang, H; He, P
2016CFD simulation of the effect of an upstream building on the inter-unit dispersion in a multi-story building in two wind directionsCui, DJ; Mak, CM ; Kwok, KCS; Ai, ZT
2016Optofluidic tunable lenses using laser-induced thermal gradientChen, Q; Jian, A; Li, Z; Zhang, X 
2016Confining energy migration in upconversion nanoparticles towards deep ultraviolet lasingChen, X; Jin, L; Kong, W; Sun, T; Zhang, W; Liu, X; Fan, J; Yu, SF ; Wang, F
2016A variational based smart segmentation model for speckled imagesHan, Y; Xu, C; Baciu, G 
2016Multi-view L2-SVM and its multi-view core vector machineHuang, C; Chung, FL ; Wang, S
2016Working with Kwok Leung : reflections from four grateful collaboratorsBond, MH ; van de Vijver, FJR; Morris, MW; Gelfand, MJ
2016Rotary spatial vibration-assisted diamond cutting of brittle materialsZhu, Z; To, S ; Xiao, G; Ehmann, KF; Zhang, G
20163D bicontinuous nanoporous reduced graphene oxide for highly sensitive photodetectorsIto, Y; Zhang, W; Li, J; Chang, H; Liu, P; Fujita, T; Tan, Y; Yan, F ; Chen, M
2016Hydrogenated V2O5 nanosheets for superior lithium storage propertiesPeng, X; Zhang, X; Wang, L; Hu, L; Cheng, SHS; Huang, C; Gao, B; Ma, F; Huo, K; Chu, PK
2016Chemical characterization and source apportionment of size-resolved particles in Hong Kong sub-urban areaGao, Y; Lee, SC ; Huang, Y; Chow, JC; Watson, JG
2016Mechanical robustness of the calcareous tubeworm hydroides elegans : warming mitigates the adverse effects of ocean acidificationLi, C; Meng, Y; He, C; Chan, VBS; Yao, H ; Thiyagarajan, V
2016Development of an early-warning system for site work in hot and humid environments : a case studyYi, W; Chan, APC ; Wang, X; Wang, J
2016Initial validation of the dimensions of home measureAplin, T; Chien, CW ; Gustafsson, L
2016Smart medical stocking using memory polymer for chronic venous disordersKumar, B; Hu, J ; Pan, N
2016Investigating the crystallization behavior of poly(lactic acid) using CdSe/ZnS quantum dots as heterogeneous nucleating agentsGong, X; Pan, L; Tang, CY ; Chen, L; Li, C; Wu, C; Law, WC ; Wang, X; Tsui, CP ; Xie, X
2016Effects of silane surfactant on Nano-ZnO and rheology properties of nano-ZnO/epoxy on the UV absorbability of nano-ZnO/epoxy/micron-HGF compositeWong, TT; Lau, KT ; Tam, WY; Etches, JA; Kim, JK; Wu, Y
2016Thermal properties and thermal stability of PP/MWCNT compositesZhou, TY; Tsui, GCP ; Liang, JZ; Zou, SY; Tang, CY ; Mišković-Stanković, V
2016Prediction of mechanical properties in bimodal nanotwinned metals with a composite structureZhu, L; Guo, X; Ruan, H ; Lu, J
2016Eigenvalue, quadratic programming, and semidefinite programming relaxations for a cut minimization problemPong, TK ; Sun, H; Wang, N; Wolkowicz, H
2016Multi-scale fatigue model and image-based simulation of collective short cracks evolution processSun, B; Xu, YL ; Li, Z
2016Tensile properties of a polymer-based adhesive at low temperature with different strain ratesJia, Z; Yuan, G; Ma, HL; Hui, D; Lau, KT 
2016A structured approach to overall environmental satisfaction in high-rise residential buildingsXue, P; Mak, CM ; Ai, ZT
2016An order/disorder/water junction system for highly efficient co-catalyst-free photocatalytic hydrogen generationZhang, K; Wang, L; Kim, JK; Ma, M; Veerappan, G; Lee, CL; Kong, KJ; Lee, H; Park, JH
2016Broad temperature plateau for high ZTs in heavily doped p-type SnSe single crystalsPeng, K; Lu, X; Zhan, H; Hui, S; Tang, X; Wang, G; Dai, J ; Uher, C; Wang, G; Zhou, X
2016A GA-based coordinated demand response control for building group level peak demand limiting with benefits to grid power balanceGao, DC; Sun, Y
2016A corpus-based study of connectors in student writing : a comparison between a native speaker (NS) corpus and a non-native speaker (NNS) learner corpusMa, Y; Wang, B 
2016Spa market segmentation according to customer preferenceDenizci, GB ; Kucukusta, D 
2016The toxic effects of indoor atmospheric fine particulate matter collected from allergic and non-allergic families in Wuhan on mouse peritoneal macrophagesYan, B; Li, J; Guo, J; Ma, P; Wu, Z; Ling, Z; Guo, H ; Hiroshi, Y; Yanagi, U; Yang, X; Zhu, S; Chen, M
2016Facile fabrication of highly ordered poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) nanodot arrays for organic ferroelectric memoryFang, H; Yan, Q; Geng, C; Chan, NY; Au, K; Yao, J; Ng, SM; Leung, CW ; Li, Q; Guo, D; Chan, HLW ; Dai, J 
2016Elderly people as "apocalyptic demography"? A study of the life stories of older people in Hong Kong born in the 1930sKwok, JYC ; Ku, BHB 
2016Structural and electrocaloric properties of multiferroic-BiFeO3 doped 0.94Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-0.06BaTiO3 solid solutionsZheng, GP ; Uddin, S; Zheng, X; Yang, J
2016Are anxious workers less productive workers? It depends on the quality of social exchangeMcCarthy, JM; Trougakos, JP; Cheng, BH 
2016Saw-tooth-like bulk metallic glass structures with greatly enhanced energy-absorption performanceChen, SH; Chan, KC ; Wang, G; Yi, J
2016Dynamic strength of molecular bond clusters under displacement- and force-controlled loading conditionsLi, L; Yao, H ; Wang, J
2016Noise-benefit FRSDE for speedup of density estimation on large dataWang, G; Choi, KS ; Deng, Z
2016Dinuclear ruthenium complexes display loop isomer selectivity to c-MYC DNA G-quadriplex and exhibit anti-tumour activityZheng, C; Liu, Y; Liu, Y; Qin, X; Zhou, Y; Liu, J
2016National culture and privatization : the relationship between collectivism and residual state ownershipBoubakri, N; Guedhami, O; Kwok, CCY; Saffar, W 
2016Online incentive hierarchies, review extremity, and review quality : empirical evidence from the hotel sectorLiu, X; Schuckert, M ; Law, R 
2016Exploring the interrelationship between convention and visitor bureau (CVB) and its stakeholders, and CVB performance from the perspective of stakeholdersLee, HR; Lee, JS ; Jones, D
2016Developing a typology of chinese shopping tourists : an application of the schwartz model of universal human valuesChoi, MJ; Heo, CY; Law, R 
2016Comparing reservation channels for hotel rooms : a behavioral perspectiveMasiero, L ; Law, R 
2016Desired attributes of medical treatment and medical service providers : a case study of medical tourism in ThailandWongkit, M; McKercher, B 
2016Examining the quality antecedents and moderating effects of experiential value in a mega-eventLee, JS ; Min, CK
2016Smartphone use in everyday life and travelWang, D ; Xiang, Z; Fesenmaier, DR
2016Controllable in situ synthesis of epsilon manganese dioxide hollow structure/RGO nanocomposites for high-performance supercapacitorsLin, M; Chen, B; Wu, X; Qian, J; Fei, L; Lu, W; Chan, LWH ; Yuan, J 
2016Large scale atomistic simulation of single-layer graphene growth on Ni(111) surface : molecular dynamics simulation based on a new generation of carbon-metal potentialXu, Z; Yan, T; Liu, G; Qiao, G; Ding, F 
2016Tensile strains give rise to strong size effects for thermal conductivities of silicene, germanene and staneneKuang, YD; Lindsay, L; Shi, SQ ; Zheng, GP 
2016The (un)supervised NMF methods for discovering overlapping communities as well as hubs and outliers in networksWang, X; Cao, X; Jin, D; Cao, Y ; He, D
2016Sensory processing and its relationship with children's daily life participationChien, CW ; Rodger, S; Copley, J; Branjerdporn, G; Taggart, C
2016Improved hyperspectral image classification by active learning using pre-designed mixed pixelsSamat, A; Li, J; Liu, S; Du, P; Miao, Z; Luo, J
2016Are international securitized property markets converging or diverging?Hui, ECM ; Chen, J; Chan, KKK
2016Half-orientation extraction of palmprint featuresFei, L; Xu, Y; Zhang, D 
2016Numerical investigation of the energy saving potential of a semi-transparent photovoltaic double-skin facade in a cool-summer Mediterranean climatePeng, J; Curcija, DC; Lu, L ; Selkowitz, SE; Yang, H ; Zhang, W
2016Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of air flow field, mean age of air and CO2 distributions inside a bedroom with different heights of conditioned air supply outletMao, B; Song, M; Chan, MY ; Dongmei, P; Deng, SM 
2016An experimental study on even frosting performance of an air source heat pump unit with a multi-circuit outdoor coilSong, M; Xia, L; Mao, N; Deng, S 
2016An experimental study on defrosting performance for an air source heat pump unit with a horizontally installed multi-circuit outdoor coilSong, M; Deng, S ; Mao, N; Ye, X
2016Modeling and analysis in a prey-predator system with commercial harvesting and double time delaysLiu, C ; Lu, N; Zhang, Q; Li, J; Liu, P
2016Further results on cauchy tensors and hankel tensorsChen, H; Li, G; Qi, L 
2016Sharp upper and lower bounds for a sine polynomialAlzer, H; Kwong, MK
2016A fluorescein-labeled AmpC β-lactamase allows rapid characterization of β-lactamase inhibitors by real-time fluorescence monitoring of the β-lactamase-inhibitor interactionsTsang, MW; Chan, PH ; Liu, SY; Wong, KY ; Leung, YC 
2016Correlation between tibial measurements using peripheral quantitative computed tomography and hip areal bone density measurements in ambulatory chronic stroke patientsLam, FMH; Pang, MYC 
2016CFD simulation of the wind environment around an isolated high-rise building : an evaluation of SRANS, LES and DES modelsLiu, J; Niu, J 
2016Indirect evaporative cooler considering condensation from primary air : model development and parameter analysisChen, Y; Yang, H ; Luo, Y
2016Interdigital palm region for biometric identificationMorales, A; Kumar, A ; Ferrer, MA