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2016Politics and tourism promotion: Hong Kong's myth makingZhang, CX; Decosta, PL; McKercher, B 
2016A seasonal cold storage system based on separate type heat pipe for sustainable building coolingYan, C; Shi, W; Li, X; Wang, S 
2016A general model for studying time evolution of transition networksZhan, C; Tse, CK ; Small, M
2016Coherent narrative summarization with a cognitive modelZhang, R; Li, W ; Liu, N; Gao, D
19-Jun-2015Generating nonclassical quantum input field states with modulating filtersGough, JE; Zhang, G 
1-Jun-2015Inverse-free extreme learning machine with optimal information updatingLi, S ; You, ZH; Guo, H; Luo, X; Zhao, ZQ
1-Mar-2015A corpus study of bank financial analyst reports : semantic fields and metaphorsCheng, W ; Ho, J
27-Jan-2015Conceptual issues regarding the development of underground railway laser scanning systemsHung, R; King, BA; Chen, W 
2015Formation of piezoelectric £]-phase crystallites in poly(vinylidene fluoride)-graphene oxide nanocomposites under uniaxial tensionsJiang, ZY; Zheng, GP ; Zhan, K; Han, Z; Yang, JH
2015Strain-induced metal-semimetal transition of BeB2 monolayerMu, Y; Ding, F ; Lu, H
2015Effects of pre-stress and surface stress on phonon thermal conductivity of rectangular Si nanowiresZhu, L; Ruan, H
2015Behavioral activation for dementia caregivers : scheduling pleasant events and enhancing communicationsAu, A ; Gallagher-Thompson, D; Wong, MK; Leung, J; Chan, WC; Chan, CC; Lu, HJ; Lai, MK; Chan, K
2015Formation of curcumin nanoparticles via solution-enhanced dispersion by supercritical CO2Zhao, Z; Xie, M; Li, Y ; Chen, A; Li, G; Zhang, J; Hu, H ; Wang, X; Li, S
2015Feature selection and analysis on correlated gas sensor data with recursive feature eliminationYan, K; Zhang, D 
2015The Impact of Infertility on the Psychological Well-Being, Marital Relationships, Sexual Relationships, and Quality of Life of Couples: A Systematic ReviewLuk, BHK; Loke, AY 
2015A methodology of integrating affective design with defining engineering specifications for product designJiang, H; Kwong, CK ; Liu, Y; Ip, WH 
2015Performance measures and metrics in outsourcing decisions : a review for research and applicationsGunasekaran, A; Irani, Z; Choy, KL ; Filippi, L; Papadopoulos, T
2015Atomistic simulation of the growth of defect-free carbon nanotubesXu, Z; Yan, T; Ding, F 
2015Schisantherin A protects against 6-OHDA-induced dopaminergic neuron damage in zebrafish and cytotoxicity in SH-SY5Y cells through the ROS/NO and AKT/GSK3£] pathwaysZhang, LQ; Sa, F; Chong, CM; Wang, Y; Zhou, ZY; Chang, RCC; Chan, SW; Hoi, PM; Lee, SMY
2015Laboratory and 3-D distinct element analysis of the failure mechanism of a slope under external surchargeLi, N; Cheng, YM 
2015Jury instructions in Hong Kong: A Gricean perspectiveCheng, L; Cheng, W ; Li, J
2015A cloud-based wireless mesh network with adaptive data storage functionsYang, ST; Chan, HCB ; Lam, PP; Chong, PHJ
2015Ultrahigh tunability of room temperature electronic transport and ferromagnetism in dilute magnetic semiconductor and PMN-PT single-crystal-based field effect transistors via electric charge mediationZhu, QX; Yang, MM; Zheng, M; Zheng, RK; Guo, LJ; Wang, Y ; Zhang, JX; Li, XM; Luo, HS; Li, XG
2015Scheduling of multi-die operations with multiple maintenance tasksChan, FTS ; Wong, CS; Niu, B
2015Design optimization of a novel doubly fed dual-rotor flux-modulated machine for hybrid electric vehiclesLiu, Y; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Zhang, X
2015Temperature-insensitive hydrogen sensor with polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiber-based Sagnac interferometerYang, Y; Yang, F; Wang, H; Yang, W; Jin, W 
2015The formation mechanism of multiple vacancies and amorphous graphene under electron irradiationZhao, R; Zhuang, J; Liang, Z; Yan, T; Ding, F 
2015Revitalizing industrial buildings in Hong Kong - A case reviewChan, A; Cheung, E; Wong, I
2015One-pot synthesis of polypyrrole/AgCl composite nanotubes and their antibacterial propertiesLiu, J; Wang, J; Yu, X; Li, L; Shang, S 
2015Adaptive Fuzzy Consensus Clustering Framework for Clustering Analysis of Cancer DataYu, Z; Chen, H; You, J ; Liu, J; Wong, HS; Han, G; Li, L
2015Large eddy simulation of wind-induced interunit dispersion around multistory buildingsAi, ZT; Mak, CM 
2015Ideal image in process : online tourist photography and impression managementLo, IS; McKercher, B
2015Material properties and residual stresses of cold-formed high strength steel hollow sectionsMa, JL; Chan, TM; Young, B
2015Deep ultraviolet emission from water-soluble SnO2 quantum dots grown via a facile "Top-Down" strategyPan, S; Lu, W; Chu, Z; Li, G
2015Too drained to help : a resource depletion perspective on daily interpersonal citizenship behaviorsTrougakos, JP; Beal, DJ; Cheng, BH; Hideg, I; Zweig, D
2015Sustainable reduction of nasal colonization and hand contamination with Staphylococcus aureus in food handlers, 2002-2011Ho, J; Boost, MV; O'Donoghue, M 
2015Supplier selection problems in fashion business operations with sustainability considerationsJia, P; Govindan, K; Choi, TM ; Rajendran, S
2015Applicability of clean development mechanism to the Hong Kong building sectorLam, PTI ; Chan, EHW ; Yu, ATW ; Cam, WCN; Yu, JS
2015The Exploration of Social Media Marketing Strategies of Destination Marketing Organizations in ChinaYang, X; Wang, D 
2015Temperature oscillations drive cycles in the activity of MMP-2,9 secreted by a human trabecular meshwork cell lineLi, SKL; Banerjee, J; Jang, C; Sehga, A; Stone, RA; Civan, MM
2015Graphene/acid assisted facile synthesis of structure-tuned Fe3O4 and graphene composites as anode materials for lithium ion batteriesDong, Y; Yung, KC ; Ma, R; Yang, X; Chui, YS; Lee, JM; Zapien, JA
2015Increased prevalence of carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae in hospital setting due to cross-species transmission of the blaNDM-1 element and clonal spread of progenitor resistant strainsWang, X; Chen, G; Wu, X; Wang, L; Cai, J; Chan, EW; Chen, S ; Zhang, R
2015Visual detection of formaldehyde by highly selective fluorophore labeling via gold(iii) complex-mediated three-component coupling reactionWong, KF; Deng, JR; Wei, XQ; Shao, SP; Xiang, DP; Wong, MK 
2015Cross-section classification for cold-formed and built-up high strength carbon and stainless steel tubes under compressionChan, TM; Zhao, XL; Young, B
2015A novel tetradentate ruthenium(II) complex containing tris(2- pyridylmethyl)amine (tpa) as an Inhibitor of Beta-Amyloid FibrillationChan, SLF ; Lu, L; Lam, TL; Yan, SC; Leung, CH; Ma, DL
2015Factors associated with resilience of adult survivors five years after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in ChinaNi, C; Chow, MCM; Jiang, X; Li, S; Pang, SMC 
2015Novel structural co-expression analysis linking the NPM1-associated ribosomal biogenesis network to chronic myelogenous leukemiaChan, LWC ; Lin, X; Yung, G; Lui, T; Chiu, YM; Wang, F; Tsui, NBY; Cho, WCS; Yip, SP ; Siu, PM ; Wong, SCC ; Yung, BYM 
2015Colour preference varies with lighting applicationLin, Y; Wei, M ; Smet, K. A. G; Tsukitani, A; Bodrogi, P; Khanh, TQ
2015Factors associated with uptake of influenza vaccine in people aged 50 to 64 years in Hong Kong: A case-control studyYeung, MPS; Ng, SKC; Tong, ETF; Chan, SSK; Coker, R
2015Protection against β-amyloid-induced synaptic and memory impairments via altering β-amyloid assembly by bis(heptyl)-cognitinChang, L; Cui, W; Yang, Y; Xu, S; Zhou, W; Fu, H; Hu, S; Mak, S; Hu, J; Wang, Q; Ma, VPY; Choi, CL; Ma, EDL; Tao, L; Pang, Y; Rowan, MJ; Anwyl, R; Han, Y ; Wang, Q
2015Correspondence : In support of the IES method of evaluating light source colour renditionAshdown, I; Avilés, G; Bennett, LC; Burkett, R; Choi, A; Conway, K; Deroos, M; Druzik, J; Gregory, P; Herst, D; Houser, K; Innes, M; Israel, C; Luedtke, W; Oberkircher, F; Paolini, S; Rosen, S; Rosenfeld, S; Royer, M; Sanders, M; Siminovitch, M; Smet, K; Stone, C; Sundin, J; Tonello, G; Van Der Burgt, P; Van Kemenade, J; Veitch, JA; Wei, M ; Whitehead, L; Wood, M
2015The acceptance and commitment therapy for smoking cessation in the primary health care setting : a study protocol Health behavior, health promotion and societyMak, YW ; Loke, AY 
2015A comparison of various artificial intelligence approaches performance for estimating suspended sediment load of river systems : a case study in United StatesOlyaie, E; Banejad, H; Chau, KW ; Melesse, AM
2015Examining structural, perceptual, and attitudinal influences on the quality of information sharing in collaborative technology useShih, HP; Lai, KH ; Cheng, TCE 
2015Fast forward index methods for pseudo-relevance feedback retrievalDang, EKF; Luk, RWP ; Allan, J
2015A robust replenishment and production control policy for a single-stage production/inventory system with inventory inaccuracyWang, Z; Chan, FTS 
2015Toward a social psychology of bilingualism and biculturalismChen, SX 
2015Global Earth’s gravity field solution with GRACE orbit and range measurements using modified short arc approachChen, Q; Shen, Y; Zhang, X; Hsu, H; Chen, W 
2015Muslim travelers in Asia : the destination preferences and brand perceptions of Malaysian touristsKim, SS ; Im, HH; King, BEM 
2015Numerical investigation on impacts on fuel velocity distribution nonuniformity among solid oxide fuel cell unit channelsLin, B; Shi, Y; Ni, M ; Cai, N
2015Basal Flt1 tyrosine kinase activity is a positive regulator of endothelial survival and vascularization during zebrafish embryogenesisLi, S
2015Generation of an internal fire whirl in an open roof vertical shaft model with a single corner gapZou, GW; Chow, WK 
2015Low relative speed moving vehicle detection using motion vectors and generic line featuresWong, CC; Siu, WC ; Barnes, S; Jennings, P
2015Investigation of microwave photonic filter based on multiple longitudinal modes fiber laser sourceCao, Y; Li, F; Feng, X; Lu, C ; Guan, BO; Wai, PKA 
2015Aqueous manganese dioxide ink for paper-based capacitive energy storage devicesQian, J; Jin, H; Chen, B; Lin, M; Lu, W; Tang, WM ; Xiong, W; Chan, LWH ; Lau, SP ; Yuan, J 
2015Directional Plk1 inhibition-driven cell cycle interruption using amphiphilic thin-coated peptide-lanthanide upconversion nanomaterials as in vivo tumor suppressorsChan, CF; Lan, R; Tsang, MK; Zhou, D; Lear, S; Chan, WL; Cobb, SL; Wong, WK; Hao, J ; Wong, WT ; Wong, KL
2015Preparation of poly(L-lactic acid) nanofiber scaffolds with a rough surface by phase inversion using supercritical carbon dioxideYang, DZ; Chen, AZ; Wang, SB; Li, Y ; Tang, XL; Wu, YJ
2015Effects of dopant concentration on structural and near-infrared luminescence of Nd3+-doped beta-Ga<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> thin filmsWu, Z; Bai, G; Hu, Q; Guo, D; Sun, C; Ji, L; Lei, M; Li, L; Li, P; Hao, J ; Tang, W
2015Critique of the design and operation of sustainable air-cooled chillers in commercial buildingsYu, FW; Chan, KT ; Sit, RKY; Yang, J
2015Has China’s fast industrial growth been efficient? An industry-level investigation with a newly constructed data setWu, HX; Shea, EYP ; Shiu, A 
2015Using phase change materials in photovoltaic systems for thermal regulation and electrical efficiency improvement : a review and outlookMa, T; Yang, H ; Zhang, Y; Lu, L ; Wang, X
2015Concentrations and sources of non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) from 2005 to 2013 in Hong Kong : a multi-year real-time data analysisOu, J; Guo, H ; Zheng, J; Cheung, K; Louie, PKK; Ling, Z; Wang, D
2015Factors associated with the quality of life of nursing home residents in Hong KongLai, CKY ; Leung, DDM; Kwong, EWY ; Lee, RLP 
2015Probing Majorana bound states via counting statistics of a single electron transistorLi, ZZ; Lam, CH ; You, JQ
2015Polyethylenimine coated bacterial cellulose nanofiber membrane and application as adsorbent and catalystWang, J; Lu, X; Ng, PF; Lee, KI; Fei, B ; Xin, JH ; Wu, JY 
2015Cumulative prospect theory and managerial incentives for fraudulent financial reportingFung, MK 
2015Structural health rating (SHR)-oriented 3D multi-scale finite element modeling and analysis of Stonecutters bridgeLi, XF; Ni, YQ ; Wong, KY; Chan, KWY
2015Magnetic-Induced Luminescence from Flexible Composite Laminates by Coupling Magnetic Field to Piezophotonic EffectWong, MC; Chen, L; Tsang, MK; Zhang, Y; Hao, J 
2015Lanthanide-doped energy cascade nanoparticles: Full spectrum emission by single wavelength excitationPeng, D; Ju, Q; Chen, X; Ma, R; Chen, B; Bai, G; Hao, J ; Qiao, X; Fan, X; Wang, F
2015Geovisual analytics: design and implementationPettit, C; Coltekin, A; Wu, B