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2017Bridging boundaries across genre traditions : a systemic functional account of generic patterns in biodataMwinlaaru, INI
Jul-2016Crowdfunding for renewable and sustainable energy projects : an exploratory case study approachLam, PTI ; Law, AOK
Mar-2016Numerical simulation for thermal and RT forming light sheet materials using a new combined model of M–K theory and shear localization criterionLu, XZ; Chan, LC 
1-Oct-2016Repeated treatment with oxytocin promotes hippocampal cell proliferation, dendritic maturation and affects socio-emotional behaviorSánchez-Vidaña, DI; Chan, NMJ; Chan, AHL; Hui, KKY; Lee, S; Chan, HY; Law, YS; Sze, MY; Tsui, WCS; Fung, TKH; Lau, BWM ; Lai, CYY 
Jan-2016The choice of a park management model : a case study of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in VietnamLy, TP; Xiao, H 
Jan-2016Empirical likelihood confidence regions for one- or two- samples with doubly censored dataShen, J; Yuen, KC; Liu, C 
1-Jun-2016The involvement of transient receptor potential canonical type 1 in skeletal muscle regrowth after unloading-induced atrophyXia, L; Cheung, KK; Yeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
Jun-2016Creating Australia's national landscapes : issues of collaborative destination managementTolkach, D ; King, B ; Whitelaw, PA
Jun-2016Multiple feature distinctions based saliency flow modelZhang, XJ; Sun, XL; Xu, C; Baciu, G 
26-May-2016The impact of tourism mini-movies on destination image : the influence of travel motivation and advertising disclosureGong, T; Tung, VWS 
May-2016The effect of tourists’ perceptions of a tourism product on memorable travel experience : implications for destination brandingTukamushaba, EK; Xiao, HG ; Ladkin, A
1-Apr-2016Simultaneous multi-frequency topological edge modes between one-dimensional photonic crystalsChoi, KH; Ling, CW; Lee, KF; Tsang, YH ; Fung, KH 
Apr-2016Effects of low level laser therapy : a study of status of cartilage, subchondral bone and gait adaptation in the rat anterior cruciate ligament transection model of osteoarthritisYip, KK; Leung, CPM; Cheung, WHL; Lai, YM 
19-Mar-2016Schatten-q regularizer constrained low rank subspace clustering modelZhang, XJ; Xu, C; Sun, XL; Baciu, G 
Mar-2016Effect of gamut shape on colour preferenceWei, M ; Houser, KW; David, A; Krames, MR
Mar-2016Evaluation of whiteness indicesMa, S; Wei, M ; Liang, J; Wang, B; Pointer, MR; Luo, MR
25-Feb-2016Adherence therapy versus routine psychiatric care for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders : a randomised controlled trialChien, WT ; Mui, J; Gray, R; Cheung, E
Feb-2016Implications of MicroRNAs in the treatment of gefitinib-resistant non-small cell lung cancerSin, TK; Wang, FF; Meng, F; Wong, SCC ; Cho, WCS; Siu, PM ; Chan, LWC 
Jan-2016Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) promotes collagen fibre deposition associated with increased myofibroblast population in the early healing phase of diabetic woundChoi, MC; Cheung, KK; Li, X; Cheing, GLY 
Jan-2016Effects of cold water immersion on muscle oxygenation during repeated bouts of fatiguing exercise : a randomized controlled studyYeung, S ; Ting, KH; Hon, M; Fung, NY; Choi, MM; Cheng, JC; Yeung, E 
Jan-2016Acute effects of Kinesio taping on knee extensor peak torque and stretch reflex in healthy adultsYeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
Jan-2016Optimizing electrical stimulation for promoting satellite cell proliferation in muscle disuse atrophyWan, Q; Yeung, S ; Cheung, KK; Au, SW; Lam, WW; Li, YH; Dai, ZQ; Yeung, EW 
2016A subcultural analysis of tourism motivationsLi, M ; Zhang, H; Cai, LA
2016The proof of a conjecture on largest Laplacian and signless Laplacian H-eigenvalues of uniform hypergraphsYuan, X; Qi, L ; Shao, J
2016Facile fabrication of highly ordered poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) nanodot arrays for organic ferroelectric memoryFang, H; Yan, Q; Geng, C; Chan, NY; Au, K; Yao, J; Ng, SM; Leung, CW ; Li, Q; Guo, D; Chan, HLW ; Dai, J 
2016Sound absorption of microperforated panels inside compact acoustic enclosuresYang, C; Cheng, L 
2016Magnetism as a tool for band-gap narrowing of zinc oxide films prepared by sol–gel methodShao, Q; Chen, SQY; Yeung, OL; Foo, YS; Ng, SM; Zapien, JA; Leung, CW ; Ruotolo, A
2016Element-by-element model updating of large-scale structures based on component mode synthesis methodYu, JX; Xia, Y ; Lin, W; Zhou, XQ
2016On the acoustic analysis and optimization of ducted ventilation systems using a sub-structuring approachYu, X; Cui, FS; Cheng, L 
2016A note on scheduling jobs with equal processing times and inclusive processing set restrictionsLi, CL ; Lee, K
2016Risk management and coordination in service supply chains : information, logistics and outsourcingChoi, TM ; Wallace, SW; Wang, Y
2016Signalling effect of daily deal promotion for a start-up service providerZhao, M; Wang, Y ; Gan, X
2016Comparing reservation channels for hotel rooms : a behavioral perspectiveMasiero, L ; Law, R 
2016Desired attributes of medical treatment and medical service providers : a case study of medical tourism in ThailandWongkit, M; McKercher, B 
2016Developing a typology of chinese shopping tourists : an application of the schwartz model of universal human valuesChoi, MJ; Heo, CY; Law, R 
2016Optimal multi-type sensor placement for response and excitation reconstructionZhang, CD; Xu, YL 
2016An analysis of tourism development in China from urbanization perspectiveLuo, JM; Qiu, H ; Goh, C; Wang, D 
2016Regulatory compliance when the rule of law is weak : evidence from China's environmental reformYee, WH; Tang, SY; Lo, CWH 
2016The spatial-matched-filter beam pattern of a biaxial non-orthogonal velocity sensorLee, CH; Lee, HRL; Wong, KT ; Razo, M
2016Global detection and semi-quantification of fritillaria alkaloids in fritillariae ussuriensis bulbus by a non-targeted multiple reaction monitoring approachWang, L; Yao, ZP ; Li, P; Chen, SB; So, PK; Shi, ZQ; Hu, B; Liu, LF; Xin, GZ
2016Steam activation of biochars facilitates kinetics and pH-resilience of sulfamethazine sorptionRajapaksha, AU; Vithanage, M; Lee, SS; Seo, DC; Tsang, DCW ; Ok, YS
2016Effects of prophylactic ankle supports on vertical ground reaction force during landing : a meta-analysisNiu, W; Feng, T; Wang, L; Jiang, C; Zhang, M 
2016Examining the quality antecedents and moderating effects of experiential value in a mega-eventLee, JS ; Min, CK
2016Exploring the interrelationship between convention and visitor bureau (CVB) and its stakeholders, and CVB performance from the perspective of stakeholdersLee, HR; Lee, JS ; Jones, D
2016Online incentive hierarchies, review extremity, and review quality : empirical evidence from the hotel sectorLiu, X; Schuckert, M ; Law, R 
2016Optofluidic tunable lenses using laser-induced thermal gradientChen, Q; Jian, A; Li, Z; Zhang, X 
2016CFD simulation of the effect of an upstream building on the inter-unit dispersion in a multi-story building in two wind directionsCui, DJ; Mak, CM ; Kwok, KCS; Ai, ZT
2016The interior working mechanism and temperature characteristics of a fluid based micro-vibration isolatorWang, J; Zhao, S; Wu, D; Jing, X 
2016Electrochemically reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotubes composites as binder-free supercapacitor electrodesYang, Q; Pang, SK; Yung, KC 
2016Facilitation of transference : the case of monosyllabic salience in Hong Kong CantoneseLi, DCS; Wong, CSP ; Leung, WM ; Wong, STS
2016Study of two-stage microwave extraction of essential oil and pectin from pomelo peelsChen, Q; Hu, Z; Yao, FYD; Liang, H 
2016A simple and industrially scalable approach to prepare Co(OH)2 hexagonal nanoflakeWang, X; Wu, X; Wang, X; Xu, B ; Xia, H; Gao, J; Sun, H
2016Working with Kwok Leung : reflections from four grateful collaboratorsBond, MH ; van de Vijver, FJR; Morris, MW; Gelfand, MJ
2016Influence of minor addition of Cr on the magnetocaloric effect in Fe-based metallic ribbonsGuo, D; Chan, KC ; Xia, L
2016Sirtuin 3 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma growth through the glycogen synthase kinase-3β/BCL2-associated X protein-dependent apoptotic pathwaySong, CL; Tang, H; Ran, LK; Ko, BCB ; Zhang, ZZ; Chen, X; Ren, JH; Tao, NN; Li, WY; Huang, AL; Chen, J
2016Band stop vibration suppression using a passive X-shape structured lever-type isolation systemLiu, C; Jing, X ; Chen, Z
2016Confining energy migration in upconversion nanoparticles towards deep ultraviolet lasingChen, X; Jin, L; Kong, W; Sun, T; Zhang, W; Liu, X; Fan, J; Yu, SF ; Wang, F
2016Efficiency enhancement of silicon heterojunction solar cells via photon management using graphene quantum dot as downconvertersTsai, ML; Tu, WC; Tang, L; Wei, TC; Wei, WR; Lau, SP ; Chen, LJ; He, JH
2016How hot is a shear band in a metallic glass?Wang, JG; Pan, Y; Song, SX; Sun, BA; Wang, G; Zhai, QJ; Chan, KC ; Wang, WH
2016A 2-D analytical threshold-voltage model for GeOI/GeON MOSFET with high-k gate dielectricJi, F; Xu, JP; Liu, L; Tang, WM ; Lai, PT
2016Abnormal flow behavior and necklace microstructure of powder metallurgy superalloys with previous particle boundaries (PPBs)Ning, Y; Zhou, C; Liang, H; Fu, MW 
2016Analysis and design of a nonlinear stiffness and damping system with a scissor-like structureSun, X; Jing, X 
2016Interwall friction and sliding behavior of centimeters long double-walled carbon nanotubesZhang, R; Ning, Z; Xu, Z; Zhang, Y; Xie, H; Ding, F ; Chen, Q; Zhang, Q; Qian, W; Cui, Y; Wei, F
2016Tensile strains give rise to strong size effects for thermal conductivities of silicene, germanene and staneneKuang, YD; Lindsay, L; Shi, SQ ; Zheng, GP 
2016National culture and privatization : the relationship between collectivism and residual state ownershipBoubakri, N; Guedhami, O; Kwok, CCY; Saffar, W 
2016Dynamic strength of molecular bond clusters under displacement- and force-controlled loading conditionsLi, L; Yao, H ; Wang, J
2016Functionally integrated neural processing of linguistic and talker information : an event-related fMRI and ERP studyZhang, C ; Pugh, KR; Mencl, WE; Molfese, PJ; Frost, SJ; Magnuson, JS; Peng, G; Wang, WS
2016Use of impact-range performance and asymmetry analyses to improve OTA website qualityYe, BH; Fu, H; Law, R 
2016Conceptualizing psychological processes in response to globalization : components, antecedents, and consequences of global orientationsChen, SX ; Lam, BCP; Hui, BPH; Ng, JCK; Mak, WWS; Guan, Y; Buchtel, EE; Tang, WCS; Lau, VCY
2016Does free cash flow problem contribute to excess stock return synchronicity?Cheung, WM; Jiang, L 
2016A variational based smart segmentation model for speckled imagesHan, Y; Xu, C; Baciu, G 
2016Exciton dynamics in luminescent carbon nanodots : electron–hole exchange interactionPeng, B; Lu, X; Chen, S; Huan, CHA; Xiong, Q; Mutlugun, E; Demir, HV; Yu, SF 
2016Evanescent-field photonic microcells and their applications in sensingWang, C; Jin, W ; Jin, W ; Ju, J; Ma, J; Ho, HL
2016Self-powered flat panel displays enabled by motion-driven alternating current electroluminescenceFang, H; Tian, H; Li, J; Li, Q; Dai, J ; Ren, TL; Dong, G; Yan, Q
2016Large scale atomistic simulation of single-layer graphene growth on Ni(111) surface : molecular dynamics simulation based on a new generation of carbon-metal potentialXu, Z; Yan, T; Liu, G; Qiao, G; Ding, F 
2016Multi-view L2-SVM and its multi-view core vector machineHuang, C; Chung, FL ; Wang, S
2016A nonlinear decomposition and regulation method for nonlinearity characterizationJing, X ; Li, Q
2016Controllable in situ synthesis of epsilon manganese dioxide hollow structure/RGO nanocomposites for high-performance supercapacitorsLin, M; Chen, B; Wu, X; Qian, J; Fei, L; Lu, W; Chan, LWH ; Yuan, J 
2016Three-dimensional flow structure of a non-buoyant jet in a wave-current coexisting environmentXu, Z; Chen, Y; Tao, J; Pan, Y; Sowa, DMA; Li, CW 
2016Local line directional pattern for palmprint recognitionLuo, YT; Zhao, LY; Zhang, B; Jia, W; Xue, F; Lu, JT; Zhu, YH; Xu, BQ