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1-Apr-2016Simultaneous multi-frequency topological edge modes between one-dimensional photonic crystalsChoi, KH; Ling, CW; Lee, KF; Tsang, YH ; Fung, KH 
Mar-2016Effect of gamut shape on colour preferenceWei, M ; Houser, KW; David, A; Krames, MR
Mar-2016Evaluation of whiteness indicesMa, S; Wei, M ; Liang, J; Wang, B; Pointer, MR; Luo, MR
25-Feb-2016Adherence therapy versus routine psychiatric care for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders : a randomised controlled trialChien, WT ; Mui, J; Gray, R; Cheung, E
Jan-2016Optimizing electrical stimulation for promoting satellite cell proliferation in muscle disuse atrophyWan, Q; Yeung, S ; Cheung, KK; Au, SW; Lam, WW; Li, YH; Dai, ZQ; Yeung, EW 
Jan-2016Effects of cold water immersion on muscle oxygenation during repeated bouts of fatiguing exercise : a randomized controlled studyYeung, S ; Ting, KH; Hon, M; Fung, NY; Choi, MM; Cheng, JC; Yeung, E 
Jan-2016Acute effects of Kinesio taping on knee extensor peak torque and stretch reflex in healthy adultsYeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
Jan-2016Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) promotes collagen fibre deposition associated with increased myofibroblast population in the early healing phase of diabetic woundChoi, MC; Cheung, KK; Li, X; Cheing, GLY 
2016Multispectral biometrics : systems and applicationsZhang, D ; Guo, Z; Gong, Y
2016A seasonal cold storage system based on separate type heat pipe for sustainable building coolingYan, C; Shi, W; Li, X; Wang, S 
2016Project-based group assessment in the second language classroom : understanding university students’ perceptionsQian, DD 
2016English lexicogrammar through text : text typology and lexicogrammatical patternsMatthiessen, MCM 
2016A snapshot of clause complexes in English tourism textsChen, J; Xu, X 
2016Using lexical bundles to investigate registerial variation in fashion communication corpusXu, X ; Xie, Z
2016Politics and tourism promotion: Hong Kong's myth makingZhang, CX; Decosta, PL; McKercher, B 
2016Coherent narrative summarization with a cognitive modelZhang, R; Li, W ; Liu, N; Gao, D
2016A general model for studying time evolution of transition networksZhan, C; Tse, CK ; Small, M
2016Functionally integrated neural processing of linguistic and talker information : an event-related fMRI and ERP studyZhang, C ; Pugh, KR; Mencl, WE; Molfese, PJ; Frost, SJ; Magnuson, JS; Peng, G; Wang, WS
Nov-2015Focus intervention effects in Mandarin multiple wh-questionsLi, H; Cheung, CCH 
Sep-2015Inner and outer modifiers in Mandarin and CantoneseCheung, CCH ; Li, H
Sep-2015Cumulative effects of phonetic context on speech perceptionZhang, C ; Peng, G; Wang, X; Wang, WSY
19-Jun-2015Generating nonclassical quantum input field states with modulating filtersGough, JE; Zhang, G 
1-Jun-2015Inverse-free extreme learning machine with optimal information updatingLi, S ; You, ZH; Guo, H; Luo, X; Zhao, ZQ
1-Mar-2015A corpus study of bank financial analyst reports : semantic fields and metaphorsCheng, W ; Ho, J
Feb-2015Psych verbs in English and MandarinCheung, CCH ; Larson, RK
27-Jan-2015Conceptual issues regarding the development of underground railway laser scanning systemsHung, R; King, BA; Chen, W 
2015Reprint of "Supply chain-based barriers for truck-engine remanufacturing in China"Zhu, Q; Sarkis, J; Lai, KH 
2015Feasibility of multiple micro-particle trapping—A simulation studyYu, Y; Qiu, W; Chiu, B; Sun, L
2015Acquiring Intangible Resources through Entrepreneurs’ Network Ties: A Study of Chinese Economy Hotel ChainsHsu, CHC ; Liu, ZG ; Huang, SS
2015Material properties and residual stresses of cold-formed high strength steel hollow sectionsMa, JL; Chan, TM; Young, B
2015mLearning as a softer visitor management approach for sustainable tourismTan, E; Law, R 
2015Feasibility study of shape memory alloy ring spring systems for self-centring seismic resisting devicesFang, C; Yam, MCH ; Lam, ACC; Zhang, Y
2015Deep ultraviolet emission from water-soluble SnO2 quantum dots grown via a facile "Top-Down" strategyPan, S; Lu, W; Chu, Z; Li, G
2015Novel selection system of ultra-precision machining tool for optical lensChan, CY ; Li, LH; Lee, WB 
2015A Scale Self-Adaptive Tracking Method Based on Moment InvariantsKang, Y; Hu, B; Wang, Y; Shao, Z 
2015Study on the low-velocity impact response and CAI behavior of foam-filled sandwich panels with hybrid facesheetYang, B; Wang, Z; Zhou, L ; Zhang, J; Tong, L; Liang, W
2015Understanding sociobehavioral mitigators of depressive symptoms among U.S. young adultsDeng, Y; Lee, K; Lam, MHS; Lee, PH
2015Advanced and low-complexity digital backpropagation for subcarrier-multiplexing systemsZhang, F; Zhuge, Q; Qiu, M; Xu, X; Wang, W; Gao, Y; Chagnon, M; Plant, DV
2015Importance of punishment frequency in the Iowa gambling task : an FMRI studyMa, S; Zang, Y; Cheung, V; Chan, CCH 
2015Adaptive Fuzzy Consensus Clustering Framework for Clustering Analysis of Cancer DataYu, Z; Chen, H; You, J ; Liu, J; Wong, HS; Han, G; Li, L
2015Ideal image in process : online tourist photography and impression managementLo, IS; McKercher, B
2015When is pay for performance related to employee creativity in the Chinese context? The role of guanxi HRM practice, trust in management, and intrinsic motivationZhang, Y; Long, L; Wu, Ty; Huang, X
2015Ultrahigh birefringent nonlinear slot silicon microfiber with low dispersionLiao, J; Yang, F; Xie, Y; Wang, X; Huang, T; Xiong, Z; Kuang, F
2015The formation mechanism of multiple vacancies and amorphous graphene under electron irradiationZhao, R; Zhuang, J; Liang, Z; Yan, T; Ding, F 
2015A honey-bees optimization algorithm for a two-agent single-machine scheduling problem with ready timesYin, Y; Wu, WH; Cheng, TCE ; Wu, CC; Wu, WH
2015The nicaragua canal : scenarios of its future rolesYip, TL ; Wong, MC
2015The utility of pay raises/cuts: A simulation experimental studyMitra, A; Jenkins, GD; Gupta, N; Shaw, JD 
2015High-resolution face verification using pore-scale facial featuresLi, D; Zhou, H; Lam, KM 
2015Differences in tourist attitude and behavior between Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese touristsKim, SS ; Wan, KYP; Pan, S 
2015Temperature-insensitive hydrogen sensor with polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiber-based Sagnac interferometerYang, Y; Yang, F; Wang, H; Yang, W; Jin, W 
2015Laser surface forming of AlCoCrCuFeNi particle reinforced AZ91D matrix compositesMeng, G; Yue, TM ; Lin, X; Yang, H ; Xie, H; Ding, X
2015Modeling the green building (GB) investment decisions of developers and end-users with transaction costs (TCs) considerationsQian, QK; Chan, EHW ; Visscher, H; Lehmann, S
2015The effects of the increasing number of the same chromophore on photosensitization of water-soluble cyclen-based europium complexes with potential for biological applicationsLiang, Z; Chan, CF; Liu, Y; Wong, WT ; Lee, CS; Law, GL ; Wong, KL
2015The stress of anonymous online reviews: A conceptual model and research agendaBradley, GL; Sparks, BA; Weber, K 
2015Gold nanosweepers (AuNSs) : a novel application of PEGylated AuNPsYang, G; Li, N; Chow, HY; Xu, Q; Zhang, H; Ruiz, J; Lai, X; Astruc, D; Wong, KY ; Zhao, P
2015Why and where to publishMcKercher, B 
2015A resource for teaching emergency care communicationMacqueen, S; Woodward-Kron, R; Flynn, E; Reid, K; Elliott, K; Slade, D 
2015A study on ceiling jet characteristics in an inclined tunnelHuo, Y; Gao, Y; Chow, WK 
2015Indefinite Mean-Field Stochastic Linear-Quadratic Optimal ControlNi, YH; Zhang, JF; Li, X 
2015In Vitro assessment of ultraviolet protection of coloured cotton knitted fabrics with different structures under stretched and wet conditionsWong, WY ; Lam, JKC; Kan, CW ; Postle, R
2015An Effective Missing-Data Estimation Approach for Small-Size Image SequencesSun, ZL; Lam, KM ; Gao, QW
2015A comprehensive review of the theoretical approaches for the airfoil design of lift-type vertical axis wind turbineChen, J; Yang, H ; Yang, M; Xu, H; Hu, Z
2015Design optimization of a novel doubly fed dual-rotor flux-modulated machine for hybrid electric vehiclesLiu, Y; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Zhang, X
2015Autophagic adaptation is associated with exercise-induced fibre-type shifting in skeletal muscleTam, BT; Pei, XM; Yu, AP; Sin, TK; Leung, KK; Au, KK; Chong, JT; Yung, BY ; Yip, SP ; Chan, LW ; Wong, CS ; Siu, PM 
2015Too drained to help : a resource depletion perspective on daily interpersonal citizenship behaviorsTrougakos, JP; Beal, DJ; Cheng, BH; Hideg, I; Zweig, D
2015An anatomy of China’s eco-efficiency gains: the role of FDILu, CH; Pang, Y
2015Effect of direct dyes on the UV protection property of 100% cotton knitted fabricKan, CW ; Au, CH
2015Compatibility of different biodiesel composition with acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)Zhu, L; Cheung, CS ; Zhang, WG; Huang, Z
2015Enhancing the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells : doping SnO2 photoanodes with Al to simultaneously improve conduction band and electron lifetimeDuan, Y; Zheng, J; Fu, N; Fang, Y; Liu, T; Zhang, Q; Zhou, X; Lin, Y; Pan, F
2015Revitalizing industrial buildings in Hong Kong - A case reviewChan, A; Cheung, E; Wong, I
2015Correction : Bio-inspired colouration on various textile materials using a novel catechol colorantSo, VLL; He, L; Fei, B ; Cheuk, KKL ; Xin, JH 
2015Importance of early detection of vancomycin-resistant subpopulations in apparently susceptible meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolatesO'Donoghue, MM ; Doddangoudar, VC; Tsang, DNC; Boost, MV
2015A model for electric vehicle charging load forecasting based on trip chainsChen, L; Nie, Y; Zhong, Q
2015CommentaryTsang, HWH 
2015Novel structural co-expression analysis linking the NPM1-associated ribosomal biogenesis network to chronic myelogenous leukemiaChan, LWC ; Lin, X; Yung, G; Lui, T; Chiu, YM; Wang, F; Tsui, NBY; Cho, WCS; Yip, SP ; Siu, PM ; Wong, SCC ; Yung, BYM 
2015Minimization of delay and travel time of yard trucks in container terminals using an improved GA with guidance searchWang, ZX; Chan, FTS ; Chung, SH; Niu, B
2015Colour preference varies with lighting applicationLin, Y; Wei, M ; Smet, K. A. G; Tsukitani, A; Bodrogi, P; Khanh, TQ
2015A conceptual model of patient-professional communication asaself-management skill: A latent growth change modelingChan, SCC; Chan, CCH ; Siu, AMH ; Poon, PKK
2015Research on advanced analysis method of semi-rigid steel framesWei, L; Ganping, S; Chan, SL