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2017Bridging boundaries across genre traditions : a systemic functional account of generic patterns in biodataMwinlaaru, INI
Jul-2016Crowdfunding for renewable and sustainable energy projects : an exploratory case study approachLam, PTI ; Law, AOK
Mar-2016Numerical simulation for thermal and RT forming light sheet materials using a new combined model of M–K theory and shear localization criterionLu, XZ; Chan, LC 
1-Oct-2016Repeated treatment with oxytocin promotes hippocampal cell proliferation, dendritic maturation and affects socio-emotional behaviorSánchez-Vidaña, DI; Chan, NMJ; Chan, AHL; Hui, KKY; Lee, S; Chan, HY; Law, YS; Sze, MY; Tsui, WCS; Fung, TKH; Lau, BWM ; Lai, CYY 
Jan-2016The choice of a park management model : a case study of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in VietnamLy, TP; Xiao, H 
Jan-2016Empirical likelihood confidence regions for one- or two- samples with doubly censored dataShen, J; Yuen, KC; Liu, C 
1-Jun-2016The involvement of transient receptor potential canonical type 1 in skeletal muscle regrowth after unloading-induced atrophyXia, L; Cheung, KK; Yeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
Jun-2016Creating Australia's national landscapes : issues of collaborative destination managementTolkach, D ; King, B ; Whitelaw, PA
Jun-2016Multiple feature distinctions based saliency flow modelZhang, XJ; Sun, XL; Xu, C; Baciu, G 
26-May-2016The impact of tourism mini-movies on destination image : the influence of travel motivation and advertising disclosureGong, T; Tung, VWS 
May-2016The effect of tourists’ perceptions of a tourism product on memorable travel experience : implications for destination brandingTukamushaba, EK; Xiao, HG ; Ladkin, A
1-Apr-2016Simultaneous multi-frequency topological edge modes between one-dimensional photonic crystalsChoi, KH; Ling, CW; Lee, KF; Tsang, YH ; Fung, KH 
Apr-2016Effects of low level laser therapy : a study of status of cartilage, subchondral bone and gait adaptation in the rat anterior cruciate ligament transection model of osteoarthritisYip, KK; Leung, CPM; Cheung, WHL; Lai, YM 
19-Mar-2016Schatten-q regularizer constrained low rank subspace clustering modelZhang, XJ; Xu, C; Sun, XL; Baciu, G 
Mar-2016Effect of gamut shape on colour preferenceWei, M ; Houser, KW; David, A; Krames, MR
Mar-2016Evaluation of whiteness indicesMa, S; Wei, M ; Liang, J; Wang, B; Pointer, MR; Luo, MR
25-Feb-2016Adherence therapy versus routine psychiatric care for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders : a randomised controlled trialChien, WT ; Mui, J; Gray, R; Cheung, E
Feb-2016Implications of MicroRNAs in the treatment of gefitinib-resistant non-small cell lung cancerSin, TK; Wang, FF; Meng, F; Wong, SCC ; Cho, WCS; Siu, PM ; Chan, LWC 
Jan-2016Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) promotes collagen fibre deposition associated with increased myofibroblast population in the early healing phase of diabetic woundChoi, MC; Cheung, KK; Li, X; Cheing, GLY 
Jan-2016Effects of cold water immersion on muscle oxygenation during repeated bouts of fatiguing exercise : a randomized controlled studyYeung, S ; Ting, KH; Hon, M; Fung, NY; Choi, MM; Cheng, JC; Yeung, E 
Jan-2016Optimizing electrical stimulation for promoting satellite cell proliferation in muscle disuse atrophyWan, Q; Yeung, S ; Cheung, KK; Au, SW; Lam, WW; Li, YH; Dai, ZQ; Yeung, EW 
Jan-2016Acute effects of Kinesio taping on knee extensor peak torque and stretch reflex in healthy adultsYeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
2016Multispectral biometrics : systems and applicationsZhang, D ; Guo, Z; Gong, Y
2016A seasonal cold storage system based on separate type heat pipe for sustainable building coolingYan, C; Shi, W; Li, X; Wang, S 
2016Project-based group assessment in the second language classroom : understanding university students’ perceptionsQian, DD 
2016English lexicogrammar through text : text typology and lexicogrammatical patternsMatthiessen, MCM 
2016A snapshot of clause complexes in English tourism textsChen, J; Xu, X 
2016Using lexical bundles to investigate registerial variation in fashion communication corpusXu, X ; Xie, Z
2016Politics and tourism promotion: Hong Kong's myth makingZhang, CX; Decosta, PL; McKercher, B 
2016Coherent narrative summarization with a cognitive modelZhang, R; Li, W ; Liu, N; Gao, D
2016A general model for studying time evolution of transition networksZhan, C; Tse, CK ; Small, M
2016Computer-aided diagnosis for distinguishing pancreatic mucinous cystic neoplasms from serous oligocystic adenomas in spectral CT imagesLi, C; Lin, X; Hui, C; Lam, KM ; Zhang, S
2016Influence of reactive dyes on ultraviolet protection of cotton knitted fabrics with different fabric constructionsWong, WY ; Lam, JKC; Kan, CW ; Postle, R
2016An experimental study of multicolored composite yarns for woven fabrics by the friction spinning methodHua, T ; Lo, WW; Xiao, X
2016Compressive mechanics of warp-knitted spacer fabrics. Part I : a constitutive modelLiu, Y; Hu, H 
2016Special issue on "innovative service and manufacturing design"Lun, YHV ; Quaddus, M; Naim, M; Disney, S
2016A review of fly cutting applied to surface generation in ultra-precision machiningZhang, SJ; To, S ; Zhu, ZW; Zhang, GQ
2016Experimental research in hospitality and tourism : a critical reviewFong, LHN; Law, R ; Tang, CMF; Yap, MHT
2016Heat stress and its impacts on occupational health and performanceChan, APC ; Yi, W
2016Enhancing economic sustainability by markdown money supply contracts in the fashion industry : China vs U.S.A.Shen, B; Choi, TM ; Lo, CKY 
2016Comparative studies on damage identification with Tikhonov regularization and sparse regularizationZhang, CD; Xu, YL 
2016Multi-damage localization on large complex structures through an extended delay-and-sum based methodShan, S; Qiu, J; Zhang, C; Ji, H; Cheng, L 
2016High dimensional discrimination analysis via a semiparametric modelJiang, B ; Leng, C
2016Developing Transport Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa through Public–Private Partnerships : policy Practice and ImplicationsOsei-Kyei, R; Chan, APC 
2016Comparative characterization of botulinum neurotoxin subtypes F1 and F7 featuring differential substrate recognition and cleavage mechanismsGuo, J; Chan, EWC; Chen, S 
2016A new nature-based tourism motivation model : testing the moderating effects of the push motivationXu, J; Chan, S
2016Energy use embodied in China's construction industry : a multi-regional input-output analysisHong, J; Shen, GQ ; Guo, S; Xue, F; Zheng, W
2016District cooling systems : technology integration, system optimization, challenges and opportunities for applicationsGang, W; Wang, S ; Xiao, F ; Gao, DC
2016Effect of alcohol blend and fumigation on regulated and unregulated emissions of IC engines - a reviewGhadikolaei, MA
2016Does free cash flow problem contribute to excess stock return synchronicity?Cheung, WM; Jiang, L 
2016Empirical analysis on the factors influencing national and regional carbon intensity in ChinaWang, Z; Zhang, B; Liu, T
2016Intellectual property rights and the quality of transferred technology in developing countriesYang, L ; Tsai, Y; Mukherjee, A
2016Homecoming or tourism? Diaspora tourism experience of second-generation immigrantsHuang, WJ ; Ramshaw, G; Norman, WC
2016Analysis of the perceived value of online tourism reviews : influence of readability and reviewer characteristicsFang, B; Ye, Q; Kucukusta, D ; Law, R 
2016Do perceptions of time affect outbound-travel motivations and intention? An investigation among Chinese seniorsLu, J; Hung, K ; Wang, L; Schuett, MA; Hu, L
2016Holiday recovery experiences, tourism satisfaction and life satisfaction - is there a relationship?Chen, CC; Huang, WJ ; Petrick, JF
2016Shopping destinations and trust - tourist attitudes : scale development and validationChoi, M; Law, R ; Heo, CY
2016Reconfiguring Chinese cultural values and their tourism implicationsHsu, CHC ; Huang, SS
2016Towards a taxonomy of tourism productsMcKercher, B 
2016How the perspectives of nursing assistants and frail elderly residents on their daily interaction in nursing homes affect their interaction : a qualitative studyLung, CC; Liu, JYW 
2016Real-time locating systems applications in constructionLi, H ; Chan, G; Wong, JKW ; Skitmore, M
2016A survey, classification, and critical review of light-emitting diode driversLi, S; Tan, SC; Lee, CK; Waffenschmidt, E; Hui, SYR; Tse, CK 
2016Investigating the potential of applying vertical green walls to high-rise residential buildings for energy-saving in sub-tropical regionWong, I; Baldwin, AN
2016Ambient volatile organic compounds and their effect on ozone production in Wuhan, central ChinaLyu, XP; Chen, N; Guo, H ; Zhang, WH; Wang, N; Wang, Y ; Liu, M
2016Production of Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials via Liquid-Based Direct ExfoliationNiu, L; Coleman, JN; Zhang, H; Shin, H; Chhowalla, M; Zheng, Z 
2016Design of variable bandwidth symmetric/anti-symmetric FIR single-band PCLS lowpass and highpass filtersLing, BWK; Ho, CYF; Teo, KL; Siu, WC ; Dai, Q
2016Highly efficient perovskite solar cells with precursor composition-dependent morphologyHuang, C; Fu, N; Liu, F; Jiang, L; Hao, X; Huang, H 
2016Medical savings account balance and outpatient utilization : evidence from Guangzhou, ChinaZhang, H; Yuen, PP
2016Characterisation of recycled mixed plastic solid wastes : Coupon and full-scale investigationBajracharya, RM; Manalo, AC; Karunasena, W; Lau, KT 
2016Production and characterization of exopolysaccharides in mycelial culture of cordyceps sinensis fungus Cs-HK1 with different carbon sourcesChen, X; Wu, JY ; Gui, X
2016Guest editorial : advances in machine learning for speech processingDong, M; Tao, J; Mak, MW 
2016Smart computing for large scale visual data sensing and processingZhang, L ; Duygulu, P; Zuo, W; Shan, S; Hauptmann, A
2016Kwok Leung (1958-2015) : a life to celebrate and strive to emulateBond, MH 
2016Gender differences in emotional reactions to in vitro fertilization treatment : a systematic reviewYing, L; Wu, LH ; Loke, AY 
2016Intrusion warning and assessment method for site safety enhancementLi, H ; Shuang, D; Skitmore, M; Qinghua, H; Qin, Y
2016Antimicrobial and toxicological evaluations of binuclear mercury(ii)bis(alkynyl) complexes containing oligothiophenes and bithiazolesLam, PL; Lu, GL; Choi, KH; Lin, Z; Kok, SHL; Lee, KKH; Lam, KH; Li, H; Gambari, R; Bian, ZX; Wong, WY; Chui, CH
2016Sharpening coarse-to-fine stereo vision by perceptual learning : asymmetric transfer across the spatial frequency spectrumLi, RW; Tran, TT; Craven, AP; Leung, TW; Chat, SW; Levi, DM
2016Optimisation of product family design with consideration of supply risk and discountLuo, X; Li, W; Kwong, CK ; Cao, Y
2016Reconstruction of solid oxide fuel cell electrode microstructure and analysis of its effective conductivityZheng, K; Ni, M