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Aug-1980Kerr-like neutrino-gravitational solutionsLun, AWC
Nov-1981The classification of the Ricci and Plebański tensors in general relativity using Newman–Penrose formalismMclntosh, CBG; Foyster, JM; Lun, AWC
1-Oct-1983Diffusion of pseudospherical molecules : an investigation on the effects of dipole momentChan, TC
15-Apr-1984Computer simulation of end-linked elastomers. I. Trifunctional networks cured in the bulkLeung, YK; Eichinger, BE
15-Apr-1984Computer simulation of end-linked elastomers. II. Bulk cured tetrafunctional networksLeung, YK; Eichinger, BE
1-Jun-1984Diffusion of aromatic compounds : an investigation on the effects of molecular shape, mass, and dipole momentChan, TC
1985New technique for symbolic function generation using number theoretic transformSiu, WC ; Chen, CF
1985Bose-Einstein condensation in superfluid Helium FourChow, WK ; Wong, KW; Fung, PCW
1985Fast mersenne number transforms for the computation of discrete fourier transformsSiu, WC ; Constantinides, AG
1985Realisations of cyclic convolutions using mersenne number transformsSiu, WC ; Constantinides, AG
1986A microscopic study of the ground-state properties and excitation spectrum of an interacting Bose system using the combined method relating correlated-basis-functions and the canonical transformationsWong, KW; Chow, WK ; Fung, PCW
1986Elementary-excitation spectrum of a weakly interacting bose systemFung, PCW; Wong, KW; Chow, WK 
1986Hardware efficient realisation of number theoretic convolversSiu, WC ; Constantinides, AG
1-Jun-1986Anomalous transport in lattice and continuum percolating systemsYu, KW
15-Apr-1987Magnons and factons in diluted antiferromagnets (invited)Orbach, R; Yu, KW
1988Geometric and material nonlinear analysis of structures comprising rectangular hollow sectionsKitipornchai, S; Al-Bermani, FGA; Chan, SL 
1988Geometric and material non-linear analysis of beam-columns and frames using the minimum residual displacement methodChan, SL 
1988Inelastic post-buckling behavior of tubular strutsChan, SL ; Kitipornchai, S
1988Sprinklers in atrium buildingsChow, WK 
1988Nesting algorithm for very fast discrete Fourier transformsSiu, WC