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Aug-1980Kerr-like neutrino-gravitational solutionsLun, AWC
Nov-1981The classification of the Ricci and Plebański tensors in general relativity using Newman–Penrose formalismMclntosh, CBG; Foyster, JM; Lun, AWC
1-Oct-1983Diffusion of pseudospherical molecules : an investigation on the effects of dipole momentChan, TC
15-Apr-1984Computer simulation of end-linked elastomers. I. Trifunctional networks cured in the bulkLeung, YK; Eichinger, BE
15-Apr-1984Computer simulation of end-linked elastomers. II. Bulk cured tetrafunctional networksLeung, YK; Eichinger, BE
1-Jun-1984Diffusion of aromatic compounds : an investigation on the effects of molecular shape, mass, and dipole momentChan, TC
1985Fast mersenne number transforms for the computation of discrete fourier transformsSiu, WC ; Constantinides, AG
1985Bose-Einstein condensation in superfluid Helium FourChow, WK ; Wong, KW; Fung, PCW
1985New technique for symbolic function generation using number theoretic transformSiu, WC ; Chen, CF
1985Realisations of cyclic convolutions using mersenne number transformsSiu, WC ; Constantinides, AG
1986A microscopic study of the ground-state properties and excitation spectrum of an interacting Bose system using the combined method relating correlated-basis-functions and the canonical transformationsWong, KW; Chow, WK ; Fung, PCW
1986Hardware efficient realisation of number theoretic convolversSiu, WC ; Constantinides, AG
1986Elementary-excitation spectrum of a weakly interacting bose systemFung, PCW; Wong, KW; Chow, WK 
1-Jun-1986Anomalous transport in lattice and continuum percolating systemsYu, KW
15-Apr-1987Magnons and factons in diluted antiferromagnets (invited)Orbach, R; Yu, KW
1988Geometric and material nonlinear analysis of structures comprising rectangular hollow sectionsKitipornchai, S; Al-Bermani, FGA; Chan, SL 
1988Geometric and material non-linear analysis of beam-columns and frames using the minimum residual displacement methodChan, SL 
1988Sprinklers in atrium buildingsChow, WK 
1988Nesting algorithm for very fast discrete Fourier transformsSiu, WC 
1988Application of field models for simulating building fires at the preflashover stageChow, WK ; Leung, WM