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2011Cloaks with multiple invisible regionsLuo, Y; Zhu, S; He, L; Wang, Y 
2015Comparison of interfacial and electrical properties between Al2O3 and ZnO as interface passivation layer of GaAs MOS device with HfTiO gate dielectricZhu, S; Xu, J; Wang, L; Huang, Y; Tang, WM
2014Customising 3D body shape from photos of customers in loose-fit clothingZhu, S; Mok, PY 
2013The digital divide in individual e-commerce utilization in China : results from a national surveyZhu, S; Chen, J 
2013An efficient human model customization method based on orthogonal-view monocular photosZhu, S; Mok, PY ; Kwok, YL
2007Fusing Ikonos images by a four-band wavelet transformation methodShi, W ; Zhu, C; Zhu, S
2010Human cytomegalovirus induces caspase-dependent apoptosis of megakaryocytic CHRF-288-11 cells by activating the JNK pathwayDou, J; Li, X; Cai, Y; Chen, H; Zhu, S; Wang, Q; Zou, X; Mei, Y; Yang, Q; Li, W; Han, Y 
2007Leachates from municipal solid waste disposal sites harbor similar, novel nitrogen-cycling bacterial communitiesZhu, S; Chan, GYS ; Cai, KL; Qu, LH; Huang, LN
2005Microstructure and were performance of the laser gas nitrided NiTi shape memory alloyZhang, S; Zhang, C; Wang, Q; Man, H ; Zhu, S; Cai, Q
2014Multinational price premiumLai, H ; Zhu, S; Ge, Y
2015Online Information Searches and Help Seeking for Mental Health Problems in Urban ChinaChen, J ; Zhu, S
22-Apr-2011Optical properties of gold nanoparticles on heavily-doped Si substrate synthesized with an electrochemical processZhu, S; Chen, TP; Liu, Z; Liu, YC; Liu, Y; Yu, SF 
2016The toxic effects of indoor atmospheric fine particulate matter collected from allergic and non-allergic families in Wuhan on mouse peritoneal macrophagesYan, B; Li, J; Guo, J; Ma, P; Wu, Z; Ling, Z; Guo, H ; Hiroshi, Y; Yanagi, U; Yang, X; Zhu, S; Chen, M
2011Vertical temperature profile of a buoyant plume in an atriumHu, LH; Zhu, S; Chow, WK ; Huo, R; Chen, ZB; Tang, F