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2008An approach for determining evolutionary distance in network-based phylogenetic analysisZhou, T; Chan, KCC ; Pan, Y; Wang, Z
29-Nov-2006Comparisons between different approximations to energy dissipation rate in a self-preserving far wakeZhou, T; Hao, Z; Chua, LP; Zhou, Y
2009Dependence of the wake on inclination of a stationary cylinderZhou, T; Razali, SFM; Zhou, Y; Chua, LP; Cheng, L
2015Diversity of timescale promotes the maintenance of extortioners in a spatial prisoner's dilemma gameRong, Z; Wu, ZX; Hao, D; Chen, MZQ; Zhou, T
2003Finite element modeling for health monitoring and condition assessment of long-span bridgesLi, Z; Li, A; Chan, HT; Guo, L; Zhou, T
2009Momentum and heat transport in a finite-length cylinder wakeWang, H; Zhou, Y; Chan, C ; Zhou, T
2007Orthogonal wavelet-decomposed 3-D vorticity of a turbulent cylinder wakeRinoshika, A; Zhou, T; Zhou, Y
2004Redetermination of 4-nitrobenzenesulfonamideZhou, T; Zhang, Q; Chen, G; Zhou, Z
2008Reynolds number dependence of the inertial range scaling of energy dissipation rate and enstrophy in a cylinder wakeHao, Z; Zhou, T; Zhou, Y; Mi, J
2003Reynolds number effects on 3-D vorticity in a turbulent wakeYiu, M; Zhou, Y; Zhou, T
2004Reynolds number effects on three-dimensional vorticity in a turbulent wakeYiu, MW; Zhou, Y; Zhou, T; Cheng, L 
2010Synthesis and characterization of photo- and pH-responsive nanoparticles containing amino-substituted azobenzeneTang, Q; Meng, X; Jiang, H; Zhou, T; Gong, C; Fu, X; Shi, S 
2003Three-dimensional vorticity in a turbulent cylinder wakeZhou, T; Zhou, Y; Yiu, MW; Chua, LP
2002Three-dimensional vorticity measurements in the near wake of a circular cylinderZhou, T; Yiu, MW; Zhou, Y; Chua, LP
Jan-2010Three-dimensional vorticity measurements in the wake of a yawed circular cylinderZhou, T; Wang, H; Razali, SFM; Zhou, Y; Cheng, L
2006Three-dimensional wake structure measurement using a modified PIV techniqueHuang, JF; Zhou, Y; Zhou, T
2004Wavelet multi-resolution analysis of the three dimensional vorticity in a circular cylinder wakeZhou, T; Li, H; Zhou, Y; Chua, LP
9-Mar-2006Wavelet multiresolution analysis of the three vorticity components in a turbulent far wakeZhou, T; Rinoshika, A; Hao, Z; Zhou, Y; Chua, LP
2010香港孔子學院對外漢語教學網上輔助練習的設計理念Zhou, T; Liu, Y