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20135-Fluorouracil-loaded poly-l-lactide fibrous membrane for the prevention of intestinal stent restenosisLi, G; Chen, Y; Cai, Z; Li, J; Wu, X; He, X; Zhao, Z; Lan, P; Li, Y 
2013A 5-fluorouracil-loaded polydioxanone weft-knitted stent for the treatment of colorectal cancerLi, G; Chen, Y; Hu, J; Wu, X; Hu, J; He, X; Li, J; Zhao, Z; Chen, Z; Li, Y; Hu, H ; Li, Y ; Lan, P
1-Apr-2012Analytical analysis and implementation of a low-speed high-torque permanent magnet vernier in-wheel motor for electric vehicleLi, J; Wang, J; Zhao, Z; Yan, W
15-Apr-2012Analytical study and corresponding experiments for a new resonant magnetic charger with circular spiral coilsWang, J; Li, J; Ho, SL ; Fu, W ; Zhao, Z; Yan, W; Sun, M
2009Application of organic nonsolvent in the process of solution-enhanced dispersion by supercritical CO2 to prepare puerarin fine particlesChen, AZ; Li, Y ; Chau, FT; Lau, TY; Hu, JY; Zhao, Z; Mok, DKW 
2013Application of supercritical fluid technique in preparation of active protein microparticlesXie, MB; Li, Y ; Zhao, Z; Chen, AZ
2014Biodegradable weft-knitted intestinal stents : fabrication and physical changes investigation in vitro degradationLi, G; Li, Y ; Lan, P; Li, J; Zhao, Z; He, X; Zhang, J; Hu, H 
2014Biomedical applications of silk fibroinXie, MB; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Chen, AZ; Zhao, Z; Li, G
2013Biomedical functions of keratin peptide and its applicationsLi, JS; Li, Y ; Liu, X; Zhang, J; Zhao, Z; Li, G
2009Characterization of amino acids group from alkaline hydrolyzed woolChen, AZ; Zhao, Z; Han, YX; Li, Y ; Hu, JY
2009Characterization of polypeptides from acidic hydrolysate of woolZhao, Z; Chen, AZ; Han, YX; Li, Y ; Hu, JY
2011A continuous RESS process to prepare PLA–PEG–PLA microparticlesChen, AZ; Zhao, Z; Wang, SB; Li, Y ; Chen, Z; Liu, YG
2013Cytotoxicity and cellular uptake of silk fibroin nanoparticles prepared in supercritical CO2Zhao, Z; Zhang, Y; Li, Y ; Chen, AZ; Xie, MB; Zhang, J
2013Degradation evaluation of a novel composite nanofibrous electrospun biopolymer membraneZhang, J; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Zhao, Z; Hu, JY; Li, G
1997Determination of the piezoelectric coefficient d33 at high frequency by laser interferometryZhao, Z; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2002Development of a fibre-optic sensor for partial discharges in oil-filled power transformersMacAlpine, M; Zhao, Z; Demokan, MS
2014Development of silk fibroin modified poly(L-lactide)-poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(L-lactide) nanoparticles in supercritical CO2Zhao, Z; Li, Y ; Zhang, Y; Chen, AZ; Li, G; Zhang, J; Xie, MB
2016Development of silk fibroin-derived nanofibrous drug delivery system in supercritical CO2Xie, M; Li, Y ; Zhao, Z; Chen, A; Li, J; Li, Z; Li, G; Lin, X
Jun-2000Directionality of an optical fiber high-frequency acoustic sensor for partial discharge detection and locationZhao, Z; MacAlpine, M; Demokan, S
2009Effect of operating parameters on yield and anti-oxidative activity of puerarin in supercritical processChen, AZ; Li, Y ; Chau, FT; Lau, TY; Hu, JY; Zhao, Z; Mok, DKW