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2010Active contours driven by local image fitting energyZhang, K; Song, H; Zhang, L 
2010Active contours with selective local or global segmentation : a new formulation and level set methodZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Song, H; Zhou, W
2010AN adaptive L1–L2 hybrid error model to super-resolutionSong, H; Zhang, L ; Wang, P; Zhang, K; Li, X
2015Analysis and modelling of water vapour and temperature changes in Hong Kong using a 40-year radiosonde record : 1973-2012Liu, Z ; Chen, B; Chan, ST; Cao, Y; Gao, Y; Zhang, K; Nichol, J 
2006Augmented Lagrangian method applied to American option pricingZhang, K; Yang, XQ ; Teo, KL
2006Chaos inducement and enhancement in two particular nonlinear MAPS using weak periodic/quasiperiodic perturbationsZhang, J; Small, M; Zhang, K
2008Characterizing pseudoperiodic time series through the complex network approachZhang, J; Sun, J; Luo, X; Zhang, K; Nakamura, T; Small, M
2004Checkpointing in hybrid distributed systemsCao, J ; Chen, Y; Zhang, K; He, Y
2009Condition assessment of structures under unknown support excitationZhang, K; Law, SS; Duan, Z
2001A context-sensitive graph grammar formalism for the specification of visual languagesZhang, DQ; Zhang, K; Cao, J 
2008Convergence analysis of a monotonic penalty method for American option pricingZhang, K; Yang, X ; Teo, KL
2004The design and implementation of a runtime system for graph-oriented parallel and distributed programmingCao, J ; Liu, Y; Xie, L; Mao, B; Zhang, K
Apr-2001Design, construction, and application of a generic visual language generation environmentZhang, K; Zhang, DQ; Cao, J 
2000Direct execution simulation of load balancing algorithms with real workload distributionCao, J ; Bennett, G; Zhang, K
2010A distributed TCAM coprocessor architecture for integrated policy filtering and content filteringCai, Z; Wang, Z; Zhang, K
2015Distributed topological convex hull estimation of event region in wireless sensor networks without location informationGuo, P; Cao, J ; Zhang, K
2003Dynamic configuration management in a graph-oriented distributed programming environmentCao, J ; Chan, A ; Sun, Y; Zhang, K
2013Effect of graphene doping on microstructural and mechanical properties of Sn–8Zn–3Bi solder joints together with electromigration analysisHu, X; Chan, YC; Zhang, K; Yung, KC 
2014Enhancing ZigBee throughput under WiFi interference using real-time adaptive codingGuo, P; Cao, J ; Zhang, K; Liu, X
2012Estimation of static force coefficients of bridge deck from acceleration responsesLaw, SS; Zhang, K; Duan, ZD