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20103D finite element study of transient electromagnetic forces acting on the stator end-windings of a large turbo-generatorZhang, J; Yang, S; Ho, SL ; Yao, Y
20043D urban building modeling based on high resolution satellite imagesShi, W ; Cao, H; Zhang, J
2011An adaptive multi-parameter based dispatching strategy for single-loop interbay material handling systemsWu, LH; Mok, PY ; Zhang, J
2003An adaptive reservation protocol with a pre-emptive priority mechanism for wireless ATM LANsChan, HCB ; Chen, H; Zhang, J
2016Amphiphilic core–shell nanoparticles containing dense polyethyleneimine shells for efficient delivery of microRNA to kupffer cellsLiu, Z; Niu, D; Zhang, J; Zhang, W; Yao, Y; Li, P ; Gong, J
2012Analysis and countermeasure for wormhole attacks in wireless mesh networks on a real testbedZhou, J; Cao, J ; Zhang, J; Zhang, C; Yu, Y
2012An ant colony optimization approach for maximizing the lifetime of heterogeneous wireless sensor networksLin, Y; Zhang, J; Chung, HSH; Ip, WH ; Li, Y; Shi, YH
2014Antitumor effect between anti-tumor drug and antimicrobial peptides loaded in the nanofibrous membraneZhang, J; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Liu, X; Li, Z
2014Antitumor effect between anti-tumor drug and antimicrobial peptides loaded in the nanofibrous membraneZhang, J; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Liu, X; Li, Z
2005Application of 4D for dynamic site layout and management of construction projectsMa, Z; Shen, Q ; Zhang, J
Mar-2003Application of data warehouse and Decision Support System in construction managementChau, KW ; Cao, Y; Anson, M; Zhang, J
2011Assessment of genetic toxicity of neutral wool hydrolyzed polypeptideZhou, DX; Zhang, J; Wang, HX; Gao, XL; Han, YX; Li, Y 
2012Asymmetric cyanation of nitroalkenes catalyzed by a salen-titanium catalystLin, L; Yin, W; Fu, X; Zhang, J; Ma, X; Wang, R
2011Automatic generation of random distribution of fibers in long-fiber-reinforced composites and mesomechanical simulationWang, Z; Wang, X; Zhang, J; Liang, W; Zhou, L 
2003Backward induction strategy (BIDS) for bidding in multiple auctionsZhang, J; Lee, RST; Chan, HCB 
2008A band-weighted method to detect phase synchronization in EEGSun, J; Zhang, J; Small, M
2016Beyond the 'East-West' dichotomy : global variation in cultural models of selfhoodVignoles, VL; Owe, E; Becker, M; Smith, PB; Easterbrook, MJ; Brown, R; González, R; Didier, N; Carrasco, D; Cadena, MP; Lay, S; Schwartz, SJ; Des, Rosiers, SE; Villamar, JA; Gavreliuc, A; Zinkeng, M; Kreuzbauer, R; Baguma, P; Martin, M; Tatarko, A; Herman, G; de, Sauvage, I; Courtois, M; Gardarsdóttir, RB; Harb, C; Gallo, IS; Gil, PP; Clemares, RL; Campara, G; Nizharadze, G; Macapagal, MEJ; Jalal, B; Bourguignon, D; Zhang, J; Lv, S; Chybicka, A; Yuki, M; Zhang, X; Espinosa, A; Valk, A; Abuhamdeh, S; Amponsah, B; Özgen, E; Guner, EÜ; Yamakoglu, N; Chobthamkit, P; Pyszczynski, T; Kesebir, P; Trujillo, EV; Balanta, P; Ayala, BC; Koller, SH; Jaafar, JL; Gausel, N; Fischer, R; Milfont, TL; Kusdil, E; Çağlar, S; Aldhafri, S; Ferreira, MC; Mekonnen, KH; Wang, Q; Fülöp, M; Torres, A; Camino, L; Lemos, FCS; Fritsche, I; Möller, B; Regalia, C; Manzi, C; Brambilla, M; Bond, MH 
2011Bifunctional 3,3 '-Ph-2-BINOL-Mg catalyzed direct asymmetric vinylogous michael addition of alpha,beta-unsaturated gamma-butyrolactamLin, L; Zhang, J; Ma, X; Fu, X; Wang, R
2012The biocompatibility of electrospun wool polypeptide/PLLA composite nanofibers on saos-2 osteoblastsLiu, X; Li, Y ; Zhang, Y; Li, JS; Zhang, J; Han, YX; Hu, JY
2014Biodegradable weft-knitted intestinal stents : fabrication and physical changes investigation in vitro degradationLi, G; Li, Y ; Lan, P; Li, J; Zhao, Z; He, X; Zhang, J; Hu, H