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2012An analysis of low-latitude ionospheric scintillation and its effects on precise point positioningXu, R; Liu, Z ; Li, M; Yu, M; Chen, W 
2014Author replyLi, J; Yu, M; Hess, RF; Chan, LY; Thompson, BS
2015A bimodal moment method model for submicron fractal-like agglomerates undergoing Brownian coagulationYu, M; Chan, TL 
2011Computer simulation of progressive retinal nerve fiber layer loss in glaucoma : performance of event and trend analysesYu, M; Weinreb, RN; Yiu, C ; Liu, S; Or, MK; Ye, C; Lam, DSC; Leung, CKS
2001Contextual color quantization algorithmYu, M; Lo, K
2005Convenient palladium-catalyzed arsination : direct synthesis of functionalized aryl arsines, optically active As,N ligands, and their metal complexesKwong, FY ; Lai, CW; Yu, M; Tan, DM; Lam, FL; Chan, ASC; Chan, KS
2015Crystal structure, morphology and luminescent properties of rare earthion-doped SrHPO4 nanomaterialsWang, M; Tian, B; Yue, D; Lu, W; Yu, M; Li, C; Li, Q; Wang, Z
2000Design of a transportation system based on information neededYu, M; Chao, J; Li, ZL ; Chen, W 
2013Dichoptic training enables the adult amblyopic brain to learnLi, J; Thompson, B; Deng, D; Chan, LYL; Yu, M; Hess, RF
2015Dichoptic training improves contrast sensitivity in adults with amblyopiaLi, J; Spiegel, DP; Hess, RF; Chen, Z; Chan, LYL; Deng, D; Yu, M; Thompson, B
2012Does partial occlusion promote normal binocular function?Li, J; Thompson, B; Ding, Z; Chan, LYL; Chen, X; Yu, M; Deng, D; Hess, RF
2015The effect of Bangerter filters on binocular function in observers with AmblyopiaChen, Z; Li, J; Thompson, B; Deng, D; Yuan, J; Chan, L; Hess, RF; Yu, M
May-2005Effects of sensor errors on the performance of map matchingChen, W ; Li, Z ; Yu, M; Chen, YQ 
2001An experimental investigation into the performance of GPS-based vehicle positioning in very dense urban areasChao, J; Chen, YQ ; Chen, W; Ding, X ; Li, Z ; Wong, N; Yu, M
2002The factors affecting the correctness of map matchingYu, M; Li, ZL ; Chen, W 
2007A graphite foam reinforced by graphite particlesZhu, J; Wang, X; Guo, L; Wang, Y; Wang, Y; Yu, M; Lau, KT 
2013How best to assess suppression in patients with high anisometropiaLi, J; Hess, RF; Chan, LYL; Deng, D; Chen, X; Yu, M; Thompson, BS
2005Improve map matching techniques on integrity and reliabilityYu, M; Li, ZL ; Chen, YQ ; Chen, W 
2004Improvement on reliability and error recovery ability of vehicle positioning by a new map matching methodYu, M; Chen, W ; Li, Z 
2006Improving integrity and reliability of map matching techniquesYu, M; Li, Z ; Chen, Y ; Chen, W