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2003Atomic adsorption of catalyst metals on Stone-Wales defects in carbon nanotubesMeng, FY; Zhou, LG; Shi, S ; Yang, R
2004Automatic acquisition of rules for 3D reconstruction of construction componentsYang, R; Cao, Y; Li, H ; Wang, S ; Shen, Q 
2012Extraction of heavy metals from e-waste contaminated soils using EDDSYang, R; Luo, C; Zhang, G; Li, X ; Shen, Z
2012Influence of agricultural practice on trace metals in soils and vegetation in the water conservation area along the East River (Dongjiang River), South ChinaLuo, C; Yang, R; Wang, Y; Li, J; Zhang, G; Li, X 
2012Metal leaching along soil profiles after the EDDS application - a field studyWang, A; Luo, C; Yang, R; Chen, Y; Shen, Z; Li, X 
15-Sep-2004Multiterminal junctions formed by heating ultrathin single-walled carbon nanotubesMeng, FY; Shi, SQ ; Xu, DS; Yang, R
2006Size effect of X-shaped carbon nanotube junctionsMeng, FY; Shi, SQ ; Xu, DS; Yang, R