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2010Adjusting learning motivation to promote cooperationZhang, H; Small, M; Yang, H; Wang, B
2003Advancement of the annual traffic census in Hong KongLam, WHK ; Hung, WT ; Lo, HK; Lo, HP; Tong, CO; Wong, SC; Yang, H
2008Aerodynamics of an airfoil at ultra-low reynolds numbersAlam, MM; Zhou, Y; Yang, H
2007Analysis of facial characteristics in spectropolarimetric imageryZhao, Y; Zhang, L ; Yang, T; Wei, P; Yang, H
2012An analysis of the dynamics of ownership, capacity investments and pricing structure of portsXiao, Y; Ng, AKY; Yang, H; Fu, X
2013Application of plug-in electric vehicles to frequency regulation based on distributed signal acquisition via limited communicationYang, H; Chung, CY; Zhao, J
2015A biologically inspired network design modelZhang, X; Adamatzky, A; Chan, FTS ; Deng, Y; Yang, H; Yang, XS; Tsompanas, MAI; Sirakoulis, GC; Mahadevan, S
2004A combined distribution, hierarchical mode choice, and assignment network model with multiple user and mode classesWong, KI; Wong, SC; Wu, JH; Yang, H; Lam, WHK 
2007Comments on "On image matrix based feature extraction algorithms"Gao, Q; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D ; Yang, H
2011A comparative study of ecotourism undergraduate programs in China and AustraliaYang, H; Cheung, C 
Jan-2012Concentration effect on construction firms : tests of resource partitioning theory in Jiangsu Province (China) from 1989 to 2007Yang, H; Chan, APC ; Yeung, FY; Li, Q
2004The convergence of equilibrium algorithms with non-monotone line search techniqueGao, Z; Lam, WHK ; Wong, SC; Yang, H
2016Coupled modeling of anisotropy variation and damage evolution for high strength steel tubular materialsLi, H; Yang, H; Lu, RD; Fu, MW 
2010A critical review of performance measurement in constructionYang, H; Yeung, JFY; Chan, APC ; Chiang, YH ; Chan, DWM 
2010Density dependence in the Chinese construction industry focus on mortality of Jiangsu province(1989-2007)Yang, H; Chan, APC ; Li, Q
Jun-2013Developing a benchmarking model for construction projects in Hong KongYeung, FY; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM ; Chiang, YH ; Yang, H
17-Aug-2012Discovery of a natural product-like c-myc G-quadruplex DNA groove-binder by molecular dockingMa, DL; Chan, DSH; Fu, WC; He, HZ; Yang, H; Yan, SC; Leung, CH
2011Ductile fracture : experiments and computationsLi, H; Fu, MW ; Lu, J; Yang, H
2010Empirical evidence for taxi customer-search modelSirisoma, RMN; Wong, SC; Lam, WHK ; Wang, D; Yang, H; Zhang, P
2009Empirical evidence for the taxi driver customer-search modelSirisoma, RMN; Wong, SC; Lam, WHK ; Wong, DG; Yang, H; Zhang, P