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2014Achieving a large adiabatic temperature rise of Gd55Co25Al20 bulk metallic glass by minor Zn additionXia, L; Chan, KC ; Tang, MB; Dong, YD
2015Achieving high energy absorption capacity in cellular bulk metallic glassesChen, SH; Chan, KC ; Wu, FF; Xia, L
2011Adaptive indoor hybrid positioning for lBSXia, L; WU, D; Mok, E ; Retscher, G
2010Analytical solutions for evaluating the thermal performances of wet air cooling coils under both unit and non-unit Lewis FactorsXia, L; Chan, MY ; Deng, SM ; Xu, XG
2005Apodised technique approach for fibre DFB laser designXia, L; Shum, P; Lu, C 
2011Application of WiFi-based indoor positioning system for labor tracking at construction sites : a case study in Guangzhou MTRWoo, S; Jeong, S; Mok, E ; Xia, L; Choi, C; Pyeon, M; Heo, J
2014Buckling of metallic glass barsWang, JG; Chan, KC ; Fan, JC; Xia, L; Wang, G; Wang, WH
2005Building fire codes and performance-based design in China : Mainland and Hong KongChow, WK ; Xia, L
2010A case study on the feasibility and performance of an UWB-AoA real time location system for resources management of civil construction projectsMok, E ; Xia, L; Retscher, G; Tian, H
2013Clinical outcomes of 288 eyes undergoing small insicion lenticule extraction using VisuMax 2.0Liu, Q; Yu, KM; Wang, Z; Yang, B; Chan, YL; Wang, DY; Liu, ML; Wu, JS; Zhang, XY; Xia, L; Zheng, H; Liu, YH
2011Constructal design of distributed cooling on the landscapeXia, L; Lorente, S; Bejan, A
2013Deformation behavior of a Zr-based bulk metallic glass under a complex stress stateChen, SH; Chan, KC ; Xia, L
2014Deformation behavior of bulk metallic glass structural elementsChen, SH; Chan, KC ; Xia, L
2009Dehumidification effects in the superheated region (SPR) of a direct expansion (DX) air cooling coilXia, L; Chan, MY ; Deng, S ; Xiangguo, X
2008Development of a method for calculating steady-state equipment sensible heat ratio of direct expansion air conditioning unitsXia, L; Chan, MY ; Deng, S 
2014Distribution of size in multi-evaporator air conditioning systemsPan, Y; Lorente, S; Bejan, A; Xia, L; Deng, S 
2012Dynamic modeling and control of a direct expansion air conditioning system using artificial neural networkLi, N; Xia, L; Deng, S ; Xu, X; Chan, MY 
2012Effect of minor co substitution for ni on the glass forming ability and magnetic properties of Gd55Al20Ni25 bulk metallic glassWang, P; Chan, KC ; Lu, S; Tang, MB; Xia, L
2013Effect of stress gradient on the deformation behavior of a bulk metallic glass under uniaxial tensionChen, SH; Chan, KC ; Xia, L
2010Effect of the indoor environment on the condensing rate and the air-side sensible heat transfer resistance of a direct expansion cooling coilXia, L; Deng, S ; Chan, MY