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2015An Advanced Approach for Construction of Optimal Wind Power Prediction IntervalsZhang, G; Wu, Y; Wong, KP; Xu, Z ; Dong, ZY; Iu, HHC
2012An agent-based reinforcement learning model for optimal assessment of competitive electricity marketWu, Y; Ngan, HW ; Tan, Z
2012An alternative model for evaluating sustainable urbanizationShen, L; Peng, Y; Zhang, X; Wu, Y
2009Application of copper(II)-dipyridylphosphine catalyst in the asymmetric hydrosilylation of simple ketones in airZhang, XC; Wu, Y; Yu, F; Wu, FF; Wu, J; Chan, ASC
2012Application of low waste technologies for design and construction : a case study in Hong KongZhang, X; Wu, Y; Shen, L
2006Are firms cross-listed in non-US markets worth more?Sun, Q; Tong, W ; Wu, Y
2015Are happy faces attractive? The roles of early vs. late processingSun, D; Chan, CCH ; Fan, J; Wu, Y; Lee, TMC
2016Assessment of mechanical exhaust in preventing vertical cross-household infections associated with single-sided ventilationWu, Y; Niu, J 
2008Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of ketones with a polyethylene glycol bound Ru catalyst in waterLiu, J; Zhou, Y; Wu, Y; Li, X; Chan, ASC
2014Atmospheric deposition of lead in remote high mountain of eastern Tibetan Plateau, ChinaBing, H; Wu, Y; Zhou, J; Ming, L; Sun, S; Li, X 
2009Benson efficiency of a multi-criterion network equilibrium modelWu, Y; Cheng, TCE 
2002Bezout space-time precoders and equalizers for MIMO channelsKung, SY; Wu, Y; Zhang, X
2005Bounding the power rate function of wireless ad hoc networksWu, Y; Zhang, Q; Zhu, W; Kung, SY
2010Bulk metallic glass composites with transformation-mediated work-hardening and ductilityWu, Y; Xiao, Y; Chen, G; Liu, CT; Lu, Z
2009CASE : connectivity-Based skeleton extraction in wireless sensor networksJiang, H; Liu, W; Wang, D ; Tian, C; Bai, X; Liu, X; Wu, Y; Liu, W
2012Catalyst-free efficient aza-Michael addition of azoles to nitroalkenesWu, Y; Wang, J; Li, P; Kwong, FY 
2006The choice of foreign primary listing : China's share-issue privatization experienceSun, Q; Tong, W ; Wu, Y
2007The choice of foreign primary listing : China's share-issue privatization experienceSun, Q; Tong, W ; Wu, Y
2009Classical duality and existence results for a multi-criteria supply-demand network equilibrium modelWu, Y; Cheng, TCE 
2009Competitiveness assessment for real estate enterprises in China : a model-procedureZhang, X; Shen, L; Wu, Y; Fan, LCN