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2014Analytical and experimental study on multiple fire sources in a kitchenGao, Y; Liu, QK; Chow, WK ; Wu, M
2006Building document graph for text summarization : an event-based approachXu, W; Li, W ; Yuan, C; Wu, M; Wong, KF
2015Characterization and thermal degradation of protective layers in high-rating fire-resistant glassWu, M; Chow, WK ; Ni, X
2006CUL4-DDB1 ubiquitin ligase interacts with multiple WD40-repeat proteins and regulates histone methylationHiga, LA; Wu, M; Ye, T ; Kobayashi, R; Sun, H; Zhang, H
2007Development and psychometric validation of the Task-Specific Self-Efficacy Scale for Chinese people with mental illnessChou, CC; Cardoso, EDS; Chan, F; Tsang, HWH ; Wu, M
2011Discussion of "Employing the net present value-consistent IRR methods for PFI contracts" by Y. H. Chiang, Eddie W. L. Cheng, and Patrick T. I. LamWu, M; Chau, KW; Shen, QP 
Jan-2003The enhancement of TiO?photocatalytic activity by hydrogen thermal treatmentLiu, H; Ma, HT; Li, XZ; Li, WZ; Wu, M; Bao, XH
2012Experimental justification on thermal empirical equations for post-flashover compartment firesWu, M; Chow, WK 
2008Experimental study on blocking fire and smoke by water curtainZou, G; Dong, H; Gao, Y; Chow, W ; Wu, M
Jul-2010Formononetin, an isoflavone, relaxes rat isolated aorta through endothelium-dependent and endothelium-independent pathwaysWu, J; Li, Q; Wu, M; Guo, D; Chen, HL; Chen, S; Seto, SW; Au, ALS; Poon, CCW; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMY; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW
2005The Hong Kong Polytechnic University at DUC2005Li, WJ ; Li, W; Li, B; Chen, Q; Wu, M
2006Integrating temporal distribution information into event-based summarizationLi, W ; Wu, M; Lu, Q ; Wong, KF
2005A knowledge-based framework for software development outsourcing decisionWu, M; Leung, HKN 
2006L2DTL/CDT2 and PCNA interact with p53 and regulate p53 polyubiquitination and protein stability through MDM2 and CUL4A/DDB1 complexesBanks, D; Wu, M; Higa, LA; Gavrilova, N; Quan, J; Ye, T ; Kobayashi, R; Sun, H; Zhang, H
Sep-2014Microfluidic reactors for visible-light photocatalytic water purification assisted with thermolysisWang, N; Tan, F; Wan, L; Wu, M; Zhang, X 
2013Modeling stockout risk and JIT purchasing in ready-mixed concrete batching plantsWu, M; Shen, Q ; Xu, M; Wu, D
2012Net asset value-based concession duration model for BOT contractsWu, M; Chau, KW; Shen, Q ; Shen, LY
2005Normalizing Chinese temporal expressions with multi-label classificationWu, M; Li, WJ ; Lu, Q ; Chen, Q
2008Pattern-based opinion mining for stock market trend predictionWong, KF; Xia, Y; Xu, R; Wu, M; Li, W 
2012Perceived interactional justice and trust-in-supervisor as mediators for paternalistic leadershipWu, M; Huang, X ; Li, C; Liu, W