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2007Accounting conservatism in Chinese listed firms : the influence of standards, incentives, and monitoringWu, D; Chen, S
2011Aggregate quasi rents and auditor independence : evidence from audit firm mergers in ChinaChan, KH; Wu, D
2005Analysis of computerised dynamic footprint parameters of shod moderate Hallux Valgus footLau, CP; Wu, D; Leung, KL 
2014Analyzing Android browser apps for file:// vulnerabilitiesWu, D; Chang, RKC 
2004Anisotropic damage model for an inclined crack in thick plate and sensitivity study for its detectionWu, D; Law, SS
Aug-2012Aromatic hydrocarbons as ozone precursors before and after outbreak of the 2008 financial crisis in the Pearl River Delta region, south ChinaZhang, Y; Wang, X; Blake, DR; Li, L; Zhang, Z; Wang, S; Guo, H ; Lee, SC ; Gao, B; Chan, LY; Wu, D; Rowland, FS
2002Boosting for named-entity recognitionWu, D; Ngai, G ; Carpuat, M; Larsen, J; Yang, Y
2007Characteristics and diurnal variations of NMHCs at urban, suburban, and rural sites in the Pearl River Delta and a remote site in South ChinaTang, JH; Chan, LY; Chan, CY; Li, YS ; Chang, CC; Liu, SC; Wu, D; Li, YD
2010Client importance, institutional improvements, and audit quality in China : an office and individual auditor level analysisChen, S; Sun, SYJ ; Wu, D
2010Concentrated control, institutions, and banking sector : an international studyHaw, IM; Ho, SSM; Hu, B; Wu, D
2005Crack identification in thin plates with anisotropic damage model and vibration measurementsWu, D; Law, SS
2004Damage localization in plate structures from flexibility and its derivativesWu, D; Law, SS
2004Damage localization in plate structures from uniform load surface curvatureWu, D; Law, SS
2004Damage-detection-oriented model for a cracked rectangular plateWu, D; Law, SS
2007Delamination detection-oriented finite element model for a fiber reinforced polymer bonded concrete plate and its application with vibration measurementsWu, D; Law, SS
2009Design and performance of a shunt active power filter for three-phase four-wire systemWu, D; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE 
2009Design and realization of the vehicle-mounted unit for a remote electronic monitoring and calibration systemYan, Y; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE ; Wu, D
2014Do school ties between auditors and client executives influence audit quality?Guan, Y; Su, L ; Wu, D; Yang, Z
2012Effects of asphalt on the enzymatic activity and bacterial community in soilYu, X; Wang, YH ; Wu, D
2002Effects of Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6 self-template layer on the structural properties of sol-gel derived Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6 filmsLi, AD; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Ho, MMT; Tang, TB; Yeung, KM; Wu, D; Yang, SZ