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2013Alignment of programme outcomes with subject outcomes : a case of diversity education in higher educationWong, K
2012Alignment of programme outcomes with subject outcomes : a case of personal skills development in higher educationChow, C; Wong, K
2001An analysis of the competitive strategies of hotels and travel agents in Hong Kong and SingaporeWong, K; Kwan, C
2011Analytic hierarchy process method for utility health index developmentMok, E ; Wong, K; Zhai, GN
2014Artrepreneurship practices in Hong Kong - lesson from damien hirstWong, K
2001Assessing economic impact of tourism : an overview of analytical toolsWong, K; Song, H
2007The balanced use of "Thinking hats"Ko, S; Wong, K; Butler, J
2009Beyond point forecasting : evaluation of alternative prediction intervals for tourist arrivalsKim, S; Song, H ; Wong, K; Athanasopoulos, G
2008Bias-correction bootstrap prediction interval for aggressive model : new alternatives with applications to tourism forecastingKim, JH; Song, H ; Wong, K
Mar-2000Biomechanical assessment of plantar foot tissue in diabetic patients using an ultrasound indentation systemZheng, YP ; Choi, YKC; Wong, K; Chan, S; Mak, AFT
2013A case study of biomechanical effect of spinal orthosis on scoliotic spine versus time domanLi, M; Cheung, K; Wong, K; Luk, K; Wong, MS 
2001Case study on tour guiding : professionalism, issues and problemsAp, J; Wong, K
2007Comparative studies of standalone environmental reports–European and Asian airlinesMak, BL ; Chan, WW ; Wong, K; Zheng, C
2011A comparison of cold-water thawing options in Chinese restaurantsLo, JY; Chan, WW ; Wong, K
2008A conceptual framework of the low cost carrier - airport relationship development in Southeast AsiaLin, E; Mak, B ; Wong, K
2004A content analysis of strategic management syllabuses in tourism and hospitality schools/departmentsWong, K; Okumus, F
2004A critical review and evaluation of teaching methods of strategic management in tourism and hospitality schoolsOkumus, F; Wong, K
2004Data protection in the RFID eraWong, K; Hui, P ; Chan, A 
2014Design and algorithm development of an expert system for continuous health monitoring of sewer and storm water pipesMok, CME ; Wong, K; Shea, YKG ; Chen, W ; Cheng, SCL 
2008Does perceived dysfunctional competition matter in research and development intensity in China - the moderating effect of firm performance?Ko, S; Wong, K