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2009Beyond point forecasting : evaluation of alternative prediction intervals for tourist arrivalsKim, S; Song, H ; Wong, K; Athanasopoulos, G
2008Bias-correction bootstrap prediction interval for aggressive model : new alternatives with applications to tourism forecastingKim, JH; Song, H ; Wong, K
Mar-2000Biomechanical assessment of plantar foot tissue in diabetic patients using an ultrasound indentation systemZheng, YP ; Choi, YKC; Wong, K; Chan, S; Mak, AFT
2007Comparative studies of standalone environmental reports–European and Asian airlinesMak, BL ; Chan, WW ; Wong, K; Zheng, C
2011A comparison of cold-water thawing options in Chinese restaurantsLo, JY; Chan, WW ; Wong, K
2004A critical review and evaluation of teaching methods of strategic management in tourism and hospitality schoolsOkumus, F; Wong, K
2004Data protection in the RFID eraWong, K; Hui, P ; Chan, A 
2005Enhancement of saponin production in Panax ginseng cell culture by osmotic stress and nutrient feedingWu, JY ; Wong, K; Ho, KP; Zhou, LG
2007Estimation of incremental work time in hotel accounts department : envisaging prospective hotel real estate investment trusts in Hong KongChan, W ; Wong, K
2006Estimation of weight of solid waste : newspapers in Hong Kong hotelsChan, W ; Wong, K
2012Fatigue assessment of suspension bridges carrying rail and road traffic based on SHMSChen, Z; Xu, Y ; Wong, K
2009Hong Kong hotels' sewage : environmental cost and saving techniqueChan, W ; Wong, K; Lo, J
2013Improvement in antibacterial activity of moxa oil containing gelatin-arabic gum microcapsulesLi, L ; Au, W; Hua, T; Zhao, D; Wong, K
2009Indoor air quality in new hotels' guest rooms of the major world factory regionChan, W ; Lee, SC ; Chen, Y; Mak, B ; Wong, K; Chan, CS; Zheng, C; Guo, X
2015Kinesiology tape does not promote vertical jumping performance: A deceptive crossover trialCheung, RTH ; Yau, QKC; Wong, K; Lau, P; So, A; Chan, N; Kwok, C; Poon, KY; Yung, PSH
2012Monitoring highway traffic of long-span bridges based on WIM dataChen, Z; Xu, Y ; Wong, K
2012Performance analysis of protograph-based low-density parity-check codes with spatial diversityFang, Y; Chen, P; Wang, L; Lau, FCM ; Wong, K
2013The relationships between communication, care and time are intertwined : a narrative inquiry exploring the impact of time on registered nurses' workChan, EA ; Jones, A; Wong, K
2011SHM-based F-AHP bridge rating system with application to Tsing Ma BridgeLi, Q; Xu, Y ; Zheng, Y; Guo, A; Wong, K; Xia, Y 
2012A strong two-photon induced phosphorescent Golgi-specific in vitro marker based on a heteroleptic iridium complexHo, C; Wong, K; Kong, H; Ho, Y; Chan, CT; Kwok, W ; Leung, KS; Tam, H; Lam, MH; Ren, X; Ren, A; Feng, J; Wong, W