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2010A feasibility study on laser rapid forming of a complete titanium denture base plateWu, J; Gao, B; Tan, H; Chen, J; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP 
2014Global similarity tests of physical designs of circuits: A complex network approachTan, H; Peng, M; Tse, CK ; Wu, F
2015MIO: Enhancing Wireless Communications Security Through Physical Layer Multiple Inter-Symbol ObfuscationXiong, T; Lou, W ; Zhang, J; Tan, H
Sep-2001Performance analysis of brushless DC motors including features of the control loop in the finite element modelingHo, SL ; Fu, W ; Li, HL; Wong, HCC; Tan, H
2015TiO2 nanosheet array thin film for self-cleaning coatingWang, F; Zhang, G; Zhao, Z; Tan, H; Yu, W; Zhang, X ; Sun, Z