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2012The application of highly doped single-layer graphene as the top electrodes of semitransparent organic solar cellsLiu, Z; Li, J; Sun, ZH; Tai, G; Lau, SP ; Yan, F 
2012Bottom-up synthesis of large-scale graphene oxide nanosheetsTang, L; Li, X; Ji, R; Teng, KS; Tai, G; Ye, J; Wei, C; Lau, SP 
2012N- and p-Type modulation of ZnO nanomesh coated graphene field effect transistorsHui, YY; Tai, G; Sun, Z; Xu, Z; Wang, N; Yan, F ; Lau, SP 
Jun-2011Ni induced few-layer graphene growth at low temperature by pulsed laser depositionWang, K; Tai, G; Wong, KH; Lau, SP ; Guo, W
2012Nonlithographic fabrication of crystalline silicon nanodots on grapheneTai, G; Wang, K; Sun, Z; Yin, J; Ng, SM; Zhou, J; Yan, F ; Leung, CW ; Wong, KH; Guo, W; Lau, SP