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2009Diffusion of knowledge across linguistic boundaries : the case of using “Foreign” sources for tourism research in ChinaXiao, H ; Su, D
2002The fatigue properties in Bi4Ti3O12- SrBi4Ti4O15 thin film with La-dopedZhu, JS; Wang, DY; Su, D; Lu, XM; Qin, HX; Bao, ZH; Chan, HLW ; Wang, KH; Choy, CL 
1-Nov-2002La-doped effect on the ferroelectric properties of Bi₄Ti₃O₁₂-SrBi₄Ti₄O[sub 15] thin film fabricated by pulsed laser depositionZhu, JS; Su, D; Lu, XM; Qin, HX; Wang, Y; Wang, D; Chan, HLW ; Wong, KH; Choy, CL
2002Microstructure study of Bi₄Ti₃O₁₂ - SrBi₄Ti₄O[sub 15] and Bi[sub 3.25]La[sub 0.75]Ti₃O₁₂ - SrBi₄Ti₄O[sub 15] ceramicsSu, D; Zhu, JS; Wang, D; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Wang, Y