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2004Investigation of erbium-doped fiber laser intra-cavity absorption sensor for gas detectionZhang, Y; Zhang, M; Jin, W ; Ho, HL; Demokan, MS; Culshaw, B; Stewart, G
1-Oct-1997Investigation of interferometric noise in fiber-optic gas sensors with use of wavelength modulation spectroscopyJin, W ; Xu, YZ; Demokan, S; Stewart, G
1-Sep-1997Limitation of absorption-based fiber optic gas sensors by coherent reflectionsJin, W ; Stewart, G; Philip, W; Culshaw, B; Demokan, S
1-Mar-2001Multiplexing of optical fiber gas sensors with a frequency-modulated continuous-wave techniqueYu, HB; Jin, W ; Ho, HL; Chan, KC; Chan, CC; Demokan, S; Stewart, G; Culshaw, B; Liao, YB
2002A novel fiber-optic intra-cavity sensing network using a mode-locked fiber ring laserYu, HB; Jin, W ; Liao, YB; Stewart, G; Culshaw, B; Ho, HL
Sep-2002Novel intracavity sensing network based on mode-locked fiber laserZhang, Y; Jin, W ; Yu, HB; Zhang, M; Liao, YB; Ho, HL; Demokan, S; Stewart, G; Culshaw, B; Li, YH