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2015Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) dye loaded polymer nanoparticles for gene silencing in pancreatic cancer and their in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility evaluationHu, R; Yang, CB; Wang, YC; Lin, GM; Qin, W; Ouyang, QL; Law, WC ; Nguyen, QT; Yoon, HS; Wang, XM; Yong, KT; Tang, BZ
Dec-2011Damage location identification for bolt looseness at flange joints of leg members in high-rise steel tubular tower structuresQu, WL; He, Z; Qin, W; Xu, YL ; Pi, YL
13-Jun-2011Multiple-mode excitation in spin-transfer nanocontacts with dynamic polarizerWang, N; Wang, XL; Qin, W; Yeung, SH; Kwok, DT; Wong, HF; Xue, Q; Chu, PK; Leung, CW ; Ruotolo, A
2011Three modes behavior of spin-transfer vortex oscillators with dynamic polarizerWang, N; Wang, X; Qin, W; Yeung, S; Kwok, D; Wong, HF; Xue, Q; Chu, P; Leung, CW ; Ruotolo, A
Jan-2013Two-step method for instability damage detection in tower body of transmission structuresQu, W; Song, W; Xia, Y ; Xu, YL ; Qin, W; Jiang, Z