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2005Abundances, depositional fluxes, and homologue patterns of polychlorinated biphenyls in dated sediment cores from the Pearl River Delta, ChinaMai, B; Zeng, EY; Luo, X; Yang, Q; Zhang, G; Li, X ; Sheng, G; Fu, J
2013Bioconversion of beetle-killed lodgepole pine using SPORL : process scale-up design, lignin coproduct, and high solids fermentation without detoxificationZhou, H; Zhu, JY; Luo, X; Leu, SY; Wu, X; Gleisner, R; Dien, BS; Hector, RE; Yang, D; Qiu, X; Horn, E; Negron, J
2008A CAD system for multi-style thermal functional design of clothingMao, A; Li, Y ; Luo, X; Wang, R; Wang, S
2010A case-based reasoning system for using functional performance specification in the briefing of building projectsLuo, X; Shen, GQ ; Fan, S
2009A case-based reasoning system to facilitate the use of functional performance specification at the briefing stage of building projectsLuo, X; Shen, GQP 
2009Centralized PSM : an AP-centric power saving mode for 802.11 infrastructure networksXie, YI; Luo, X; Chang, RKC 
2006Chaotic correlations among cycles in human electrocardiogramZhang, J; Luo, X; Small, M
2015Characterizing cycle slip occurrences to Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) data observed in Hong KongLiu, Z ; Luo, X; Chen, W ; Ding, XL 
2008Characterizing pseudoperiodic time series through the complex network approachZhang, J; Sun, J; Luo, X; Zhang, K; Nakamura, T; Small, M
2015Characterizing the cycle slip occurrences of Multi-GNSS measurements recorded in the IGS MGEX ProjectLiu, Z ; Luo, X
2009CLACK : a network covert channel based on partial acknowledgment encodingLuo, X; Chan, EWW; Chang, RKC 
2007Cloak : a ten-fold way for reliable covert communicationsLuo, X; Chan, E; Chang, K 
2013Comparative study of traditional and group decision support-supported value management workshopsFan, S; Shen, Q ; Luo, X; Xue, X
2008A computer-aided FPS-oriented approach for construction briefingLuo, X; Shen, Q 
2007Crafting web counters into covert channelsLuo, X; Chan, E; Chang, KC 
2012Critical properties of nanoscale asymmetric ferroelectric tunnel junctions or capacitorsZheng, Y; Chen, WJ; Luo, X; Wang, B; Woo, CH
2014A decentralized charging control strategy for plug-in electric vehicles to mitigate wind farm intermittency and enhance frequency regulationLuo, X; Xia, S; Chan, KW 
2007Degrading internet services by intermittent false feedbacks and the countermeasuresTang, Y; Luo, X; Chang, KC 
2009Design and implementation of TCP data probes for reliable network path monitoringLuo, X; Chan, E; Chang, R 
2011A design method of magnetically resonanting wireless power delivery systems for bio-implantable devicesLuo, X; Niu, S ; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN