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2016A 360-degree holographic display system for radiotherapy treatment planningLu, Y; Lee, SW ; Khaw, K; Du, R
2014The application of guided waves for debonding identification in FRP-reinforced civil structuresLu, Y; Li, JC; Lyu, H; Hong, M; Su, Z 
2009Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-based crack identification in aluminum plates with lamb wave signalsLu, Y; Ye, L; Su, Z ; Zhou, L ; Cheng, L 
2013Attendee behavior in business event tourism : a holistic approachLu, Y; Adler, H; Cai, L; Li, M 
2006Auto-disturbance-rejection control for phase-shifted resonant converterLu, Y; Cheng, KWE ; Ho, SL 
2003B-H loop modeling of magnetics based on normal distributionCheng, KWE ; Lu, Y; Ho, SL 
2016Childhood gene-environment interactions and age-dependent effects of genetic variants associated with refractive error and myopia : the CREAM ConsortiumFan, Q; Guo, X; Tideman, JWL; Williams, KM; Yazar, S; Hosseini, SM; Howe, LD; Pourcain, BS; Evans, DM; Timpson, NJ; McMahon, G; Hysi, PG; Krapohl, E; Wang, YX; Jonas, JB; Baird, PN; Wang, JJ; Cheng, CY; Teo, YY; Wong, TY; Ding, X; Wojciechowski, R; Young, TL; Pärssinen, O; Oexle, K; Pfeiffer, N; Bailey-Wilson, JE; Paterson, AD; Klaver, CCW; Plomin, R; Hammond, CJ; He, M; Saw, SM; Guggenheim, JA; Meguro, A; Wright, AF; Hewitt, AW; Young, AL; Veluchamy, AB; Metspalu, A; Döring, A; Khawaja, AP; Klein, BE; St, Pourcain, B; Fleck, B; Klaver, CCW; Hayward, C; Williams, C; Delcourt, C; Pang, CP; Khor, CC; Gieger, C; Simpson, CL; Van, Duijn, CM; Mackey, DA; Stambolian, D; Chew, E; Tai, ES; Mihailov, E; Smith, GD; Biino, G; Campbell, H; Rudan, I; Seppälä, I; Kaprio, J; Wilson, JF; Craig, JE; Ried, JS; Korobelnik, JF; Fondran, JR; Liao, J; Zhao, JH; Xie, J; Kemp, JP; Lass, JH; Rahi, JS; Wedenoja, J; Mäkelä, KM; Burdon, KP; Khaw, KT; Yamashiro, K; Chen, LJ; Xu, L; Farrer, L; Ikram, MK; Deangelis, MM; Morrison, M; Schache, M; Pirastu, M; Miyake, M; Yap, MKH ; Fossarello, M; Kähönen, M; Tedja, MS; Yoshimura, N; Martin, NG; Wareham, NJ; Mizuki, N; Raitakari, O; Polasek, O; Tam, PO; Foster, PJ; Mitchell, P; Chen, P; Cumberland, P; Gharahkhani, P; Höhn, R; Fogarty, RD; Luben, RN; Igo, RP; Jr; Klein, R; Janmahasatian, S; Yip, SP; Feng, S; Vaccargiu, S; Panda-Jonas, S; MacGregor, S; Iyengar, SK; Rantanen, T; Lehtimäki, T; Meitinger, T; Aung, T; Haller, T; Vitart, V; Nangia, V; Verhoeven, VJM; Jhanji, V; Zhao, W; Chen, W; Zhou, X; Lu, Y; Vatavuk, Z
2002Component study of volatile oil and aqueous extract of root samples of rare medicinal plants changium smyrnioides, huanminshen violaceum, Glehnia littoralisLu, Y; Fu, CX; Chan, GYS 
2012A computerized risk evaluation model for public-private partnership (PPP) projects and its applicationXu, Y; Lu, Y; Chan, APC ; Skibniewski, MJ; Yeung, JFY
2010Conjunctive and compromised data fusion schemes for identification of multiple notches in an aluminium plate using lamb wave signalsLu, Y; Ye, L; Wang, D; Wang, X; Su, Z 
2011Design and simulation of a linear switched reluctance generator for wave energy conversionSun, ZG; Cheung, NC ; Zhao, SW; Lu, Y; Shi, ZH
2005Design for the different penetrating power based on wind farm models connected to power gridsDong, P; Cheng, KWE ; Lu, Y; Xue, X
2011Design of a contactless power charger for a functional jacketLu, Y; Cheng, KWE ; Wang, SX; Ding, K; Kwok, KW
2015Design optimization and optimal control of grid-connected and standalone nearly/net zero energy buildingsLu, Y; Wang, S ; Shan, K
2014Design optimization of renewable energy systems in low/zero energy buildings using single and multi-objective optimization methodsLu, Y; Wang, S 
Mar-2004Development of a circuit for functional electrical stimulationCheng, KWE ; Lu, Y; Tong, KYR; Rad, AB; Chow, DHK; Sutanto, D
2009Development of a commercial induction cookerLu, Y; Cheng, KWE ; Chan, KWK ; Sun, ZG; Zhao, S
2002Development of a contactless power converterCheng, KWE ; Lu, Y
2002Development of low permeability transformer based on polymer bonded magnetic materialsCheng, KWE ; Cheng, DKW; Tang, CY ; Ho, YL; Lu, Y
2006Emerging directions in embedded and ubiquitous computing : EUC 2006 workshops : NCUS, SecUbiq, USN, TRUST, ESO, and MSA, seoul, Korea, August 1-4, 2006 : proceedingsZhou, X; Sokolsky, O; Lu, Y; Jung, E; Shao, Z ; Lee, D; Kim, D; Jeong, Y; Xu, C