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2014Aligned TiO2 nanotube/nanoparticle heterostructures with enhanced electrochemical performance as three-dimensional anode for lithium-ion microbatteriesXie, KY; Guo, M; Lu, W; Huang, HT 
2015Aqueous manganese dioxide ink for paper-based capacitive energy storage devicesQian, J; Jin, H; Chen, B; Lin, M; Lu, W; Tang, WM ; Xiong, W; Chan, LWH ; Lau, SP ; Yuan, J 
2005Attacking subsampling-based watermarkingLu, W; Lu, H; Chung, FL 
1997Balancing torque of singles cotton rotor yarnsTao, X ; Liu, Y; Lu, W
2006Blind fake image detection scheme using SVDLu, W; Chung, FL ; Lu, H
2015Bone regeneration strategy inspired by the study of calcification behavior in deer antlerShi, H; Yu, T; Li, Z; Lu, W; Zhang, M; Ye, J
2007Competitiveness in construction : a critical review of researchFlanagan, R; Lu, W; Shen, L; Jewell, C
2003A computer-aided decision support system for assessing a contractor's competitivenessShen, LY; Lu, W; Shen, Q ; Li, H 
2006Contractor key competitiveness indicators : a China studyShen, L; Lu, W; Yam, M 
2016Controllable in situ synthesis of epsilon manganese dioxide hollow structure/RGO nanocomposites for high-performance supercapacitorsLin, M; Chen, B; Wu, X; Qian, J; Fei, L; Lu, W; Chan, LWH ; Yuan, J 
2014Controllable synthesis of Ln3+ (Ln = Tb, Eu) doped zinc phosphate nano-/micro-structured materials : phase, morphology and luminescence propertiesYue, D; Lu, W; Li, C; Zhang, X; Liu, C; Wang, Z
2014Controlled synthesis, asymmetrical transport behavior and luminescence properties of Lanthanide doped ZnO mushroom-like 3D hierarchical structuresYue, D; Lu, W; Jin, L; Li, CY; Luo, W; Wang, MN; Wang, ZL; Hao, JH 
2012Critical assessment indicators for measuring benefits of rural infrastructure investment in ChinaShen, L; Lu, W; Peng, Y; Jiang, S
2014Critical success factors for building maintenance business : a Hong Kong case studyTan, Y; Shen, L; Langston, C; Lu, W; Yam, MCH 
2008Critical success factors for competitiveness of contractors : China studyLu, W; Shen, L; Yam, M 
2015Crystal structure, morphology and luminescent properties of rare earthion-doped SrHPO4 nanomaterialsWang, M; Tian, B; Yue, D; Lu, W; Yu, M; Li, C; Li, Q; Wang, Z
2015Deep ultraviolet emission from water-soluble SnO2 quantum dots grown via a facile "Top-Down" strategyPan, S; Lu, W; Chu, Z; Li, G
2008Detecting fake images using watermarks and support vector machinesLu, W; Chung, FL ; Lu, H; Choi, KS 
2014Direct observation of carbon nanostructure growth at liquid-solid interfacesFei, LF; Sun, TY; Lu, W; An, XQ; Hu, ZF; Yu, JC; Zheng, RK; Li, XM; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y 
2014Dual-modal upconversion fluorescent/X-ray imaging using ligand-free hexagonal phase NaLuF4: Gd/Yb/Er nanorods for blood vessel visualizationZeng, S; Wang, H; Lu, W; Yi, Z; Rao, L; Liu, H; Hao, J