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201640 Gb/s mode-division multiplexed DD-OFDM transmission over standard multi-mode fiberLuo, J; Li, J; Sui, Q; Li, Z; Lu, C
2016Advanced multiple response surface method of sensitivity analysis for turbine blisk reliability with multi-physics couplingZhang, C; Song, L; Fei, C; Lu, C; Xie, Y
2014Application of Green Construction Technology in Construction ProjectsYu, Z; Lu, C; San, B
2003Bound solitons with 103-fs pulse width and 585.5-fs separation from DI-NOLM figure-8 fiber laserGong, YD; Shum, P; Tang, DY; Lu, C; Cheng, TH; Qi, ZW; Guan, YL; Lai, WJ; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
Dec-2004Bound twin-pulse solitons in a fiber ring laserZhao, B; Tang, DY; Shum, P; Guo, X; Lu, C; Tam, HY 
16-Sep-2002Bound-soliton fiber laserTang, DY; Zhao, B; Shen, DY; Lu, C; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
2014Chirp and frequency offset tolerant coherent burst-mode receiver using directly modulated DFB lasers for coherent PON systemsHuang, D; Lau, APT; Cheng, TH; Lu, C; Yan, S; Zhou, L
2003Close spaced ultra-short bound solitons from DI-NOLM Figure-8 fiber laserGong, YD; Shum, P; Tang, DY; Lu, C; Qi, ZW; Lai, WJ; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
Jul-2003Compound pulse solitons in a fiber ring laserTang, DY; Zhao, B; Shen, DY; Lu, C; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
2002Dependency of GPS positioning precision on station locationWang, J; Iz, BH ; Lu, C
2013Driving force of urban growth and regional planning : a case study of China's Guangdong ProvinceLu, C; Wu, Y; Shen, Q ; Wang, H
2002Edge detection from edge knots in live plant image processingLu, C; Chi, Z ; Chen, G; Zhang, D; Feng, D
2009The effect of triptolide on CD4+and CD8+cells in the Peyer's patch of DA rats with collagen induced arthritisXiao, C; Zhao, L; Liu, Z; Lu, C; Zhao, N; Yang, D; Chen, S; Tang, JCO ; Chan, A; Lu, AP
2006The effects of triptolide on enteric mucosal immune responses of DBA/1 mice with collagen-induced arthritisXiao, C; Lu, C; Zhao, LH; Liu, ZL; Zhang, WD; He, YH; Chen, SL; Tang, JCO ; Chan, ASC; Lu, AP
2003Energy quantization of twin-pulse solitons in a passively mode-locked fiber ring laserZhao, B; Tang, DY; Shum, P; Gong, YD; Lu, C; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
2014An experimental model of user-generated content on tourists' destination choicesLu, C; Shen, H; Liu, JS; Xiao, H 
2014A framework of decision-making factors and supporting information for facilitating sustainable site planning in urban renewal projectsWang, H; Shen, Q ; Tang, BS; Lu, C; Peng, Y; Tang, L
2001Frequency stabilization of fiber grating laser using interferometric techniqueChung, WH; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS; Wai, PKA ; Lu, C
2007Generalized finite-difference time-domain method utilizing auxiliary differential equations for the full-vectorial analysis of photonic crystal fibersHu, JJ; Shum, P; Lu, C; Ren, G
2014A generic decision model for developing concentrated rural settlement in post-disaster reconstruction : a China studyPeng, Y; Shen, Q ; Shen, L; Lu, C; Yuan, Z