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30-Nov-2003[3/2]-approximation for two-machine no-wait flowshop scheduling with availability constraintsCheng, TCE ; Liu, Z
20033D finite element analysis of monolimb for below-knee amputeeLiu, Z; Fan, YB; Zhang, M 
2001Actuators, piezoelectric ceramics and functionally gradient materialsZhu, X; Zhu, J; Zhou, S; Li, Q; Liu, Z; Ming, N; Meng, Z; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2007Adaptive haar-like MCTF based wavelet video coding schemeLiu, Z; Peng, Y; Hui, CW; Siu, WC 
Sep-2012Aggregating skip bigrams into key phrase-based vector space model for web person disambiguationXu, J; Lu, Q ; Liu, Z
2016Amphiphilic core–shell nanoparticles containing dense polyethyleneimine shells for efficient delivery of microRNA to kupffer cellsLiu, Z; Niu, D; Zhang, J; Zhang, W; Yao, Y; Li, P ; Gong, J
2012The application of bismuth-based oxides in organic-inorganic hybrid photovoltaic devicesLiu, Z; Yan, F 
2012The application of highly doped single-layer graphene as the top electrodes of semitransparent organic solar cellsLiu, Z; Li, J; Sun, ZH; Tai, G; Lau, SP ; Yan, F 
Jul-2003Approximability of two-machine no-wait flowshop scheduling with availability constraintsCheng, TCE ; Liu, Z
30-Nov-2005Approximation schemes for minimizing total (weighted) completion time with release dates on a batch machineLiu, Z; Cheng, TCE 
1-Dec-2007Automated tongue segmentation in hyperspectral images for medicineLiu, Z; Yan, J; Zhang, DD ; Li, QL
2013Axial-flow-induced vibrations of cylindrical clustersLiu, Z; Liu, Y ; Lu, J
2012Bioactive calcium titanate coatings on a Zr-based bulk metallic glass by laser claddingLiu, Z; Chan, KC ; Liu, L; Guo, SF
2004Biomechanical research on endoskeletal trans-tibial monolimbLiu, Z; Fan, YB; Zhang, M 
2016Characterizing traffic conditions from the perspective of spatial-temporal heterogeneityGao, P; Liu, Z; Tian, K; Liu, G
2015Chemical vapor deposition growth of large-scale hexagonal boron nitride with controllable orientationSong, X; Gao, J; Nie, Y; Gao, T; Sun, J; Ma, D; Li, Q; Chen, Y; Jin, C; Bachmatiuk, A; Rümmeli, MH; Ding, F ; Zhang, Y; Liu, Z
2007Classification of hyperspectral medical tongue images for tongue diagnosisLiu, Z; Zhang, D ; Yan, JQ; Li, QL; Tang, QL
2012Combining classification with clustering for web person disambiguationXu, J; Lu, Q ; Liu, Z
2011Construction of a molecular beacon based on two-photon excited fluorescence resonance energy transfer with quantum dot as donorLiu, L; Li, H; Qiu, T; Zhou, G; Wong, KY ; He, Z; Liu, Z
2012Contact force sensor based on microfiber Bragg gratingChung, KM; Liu, Z; Lu, C ; Tam, HY