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2012Activation of transcription factor MEF2D by bis(3)-cognitin protects dopaminergic neurons and ameliorates Parkinsonian motor defectsYao, L; Li, W; She, H; Dou, J; Jia, L; He, Y; Yang, Q; Zhu, J; Capiro, NL; Walker, DI; Pennell, KD; Pang, Y; Liu, Y; Han, Y ; Mao, Z
2015Adaptive combined macro and micro-exploration of concurrent applications mapped on shared bus reconfigurable SoCLiu, Y; Carrion, SB 
2002An adaptive dual parametrization algorithm for quadratic semi-infinite programming problemsLiu, Y; Teo, K
2008Advances of computational intelligence in industrial systemsLiu, Y; Sun, A; Loh, HT; Lu, WF; Lim, EP
2012Analysis of multivariate recurrent event data with time-dependent covariates and informative censoringZhao, X ; Liu, L; Liu, Y; Xu, W
2007Antibacterial phenolic compounds from the spines of Gleditsia sinensis LamZhou, L; Li, D; Wang, J; Liu, Y; Wu, J 
2015Application of disturbance of DNA fragments in swarm intelligence algorithmLiu, Y; Niu, B ; Chan, FTS ; Liu, R ; Sui, C 
2007Approaches on developing core-spun yarn and fabric with shape memory polymerLu, J; Hu, JL ; Liu, Y
2004An approximation approach to non-strictly convex quadratic semi-infinite programmingIto, S; Liu, Y; Teo, KL
2007Artificial lotus leaf structures from assembling carbon nanotubes and their applications in hydrophobic textilesLiu, Y; Tang, J; Wang, R; Lu, H; Li, L; Kong, Y; Qi, K; Xin, JH 
2014Assessment of total suspended sediment distribution under varying tidal conditions in Deep Bay : initial results from HJ-1A/1B satellite CCD imagesTian, L; Wai, OWH ; Chen, X; Liu, Y; Feng, L; Li, J; Huang, J
2012Attention modeling for face recognition via deep learningZhong, S; Liu, Y ; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y
2008Automatic identification of semantic relationships for manufacturing information managementYu, W; Liu, Y
2007Automatic summarization of online customer reviewsZhan, J; Loh, HT; Liu, Y
2007Automatic text summarization in engineering information managementZhan, J; Loh, HT; Liu, Y; Sun, A
2009Automating object-oriented integration and visualization of multidisciplinary biomedical data in radiology workflow : compartmental PACS modelWong, AKS; Chan, LWC ; Liu, Y
2014Auxetic composite made with three-dimensional orthogonal structural reinforcementLiu, Y; Hu, H 
1997Balancing torque of singles cotton rotor yarnsTao, X ; Liu, Y; Lu, W
2009Bidirectional visible neighborhood preserving embeddingLiu, Y; Liu, Y ; Chan, KCC 
2011Bilinear deep learning for image classificationZhong, SH; Liu, Y ; Liu, Y